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  1. Hit up the muck farmers they are glade to have you shoot there deer.
  2. Where do you put radar on your 14ft. or my 16ft.Small boaters should have a good compus and a GPS.Watch your compus going out so you know if you are east or west of your harbor.A little common sence will get you back.
  3. I've got a 16 gal.gas tank in my boat,I mix the gas and oil in a 5gal. can and dump in what ever it will take after each trip.My question is, if I don't run the tank down will I get a accumulation of oil build up in the tank?Will the oil seperate from the gas. Any takers on this. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for that come back, thats what I was thinking, had to ask. I use to pound the salmon on copper pirates now I can't by a fish on it.
  5. When you say copper are you talking copper line or copper spoons.
  6. Got the boat in about 7am and headed east,shut down 80fow and check temp. 42deg30ft. down.Set up two rigger with spoons and two wire divers,one with green and crome spinnie and green glow Atomic fly out 100ft. and a meat rig and mag. paddle green out 120 ft. Worked into about 60fow and the spinnie and fly is screeming, I shoved the rod in my partners hand and sat back and watched the fun,it was his first salmon.Love watching the newbe with his first good fish. It seemed like a half hour or so he got it to the boat and safely in the net I didn;t knock it off.It was about 18-20 lbs. Set the diver back up and shortly the meat rig goes, got the rod out of the holder and he was gone. I ended up in frount of IBay, I should have stayed east a mile or two, I had fish checking out the lures, some down 30ft.and some on bottom. 10:30 getting hot things were slow ,pulled lines and headed in before the launch got mobed. It was a nice morning, lake was calm Got 1 lost one, good day for me Don't get any better than that.
  7. Hey guy,I don't rember you but I wear a name tag so I know who I am. I,ll be out there in the morning. Give me a shout, Ch.68 call name whitewhale.
  8. .It would have been nice to have been able to put it on the LOC board.
  9. I don't know anything about the two reels but if you reset the line counters each time before setting it out,it will work fine for you.
  10. I want to tell you it wasn't a pretty sight, I'm glad on one saw it. When I got him in close and saw how big he was I backed off the drag and let him wear him self out or I would never have landed him. The Good Lord must have been sitting up there laughing his butt off watching that show.
  11. I use the cooler whem we go deer hunting for a week,Iput a grate in the bottom to keep the food out of the water when the ice melts, it is still in there.
  12. Left the launch about 8am and headed northeast, stoped at 80fow and checked temp. 45deg. at 60ft. Set up two riggers, one with greendot spinny and glow white fly set at 45ft. and a mag.spoon gold with green halo set at 60ft down. ran a seven color core down the chute with a mag.spoon.started setting up wire when the 60ft. rigger started screeming, wow first screemer this season, cleared the core and for what seemed like forever I got a look at the beast,he said good by and took another good run, I worked him back in to the back of the boat but I couldn't get him into the net, he was whipped so I grabed the line and got him aginst the transom and pulled the net over his tail and got him in the boat. fishing solo is a ball.I couldn't weigh it but I had trouble holding it up for the picture so I thank it was close to or over 30lbs. I set the rigger up at 60ft. again and it took another hit,this time it was a nice brown, around 8-10lbs. I forgot the pic. of it. I have to brush up on my fish ID,it may have been a Atlantic.Both fish came in 75-80 fow down 60ft. The sun was getting hot so I quit around ten. I marked a lot of fish and had some come up and look at the lure. Great day on the lake.
  13. Try casting spinners and worms on the south side of Frenchmens Island in the weeds,the pickeral should keep you moving all day,try orange.You could also pick up some perch with minnows or worms on the edge of the weeds.
  14. I run two mag 10s and the depth finder and motor off one battery, no problem. ( yet). I also have second bat. for bowmount motor not charging off motor. I troll with main motor so bat is allways being charged. Put a car boster bat. in the boat when you go out. Good luck.
  15. It's going to be to hot to sit out on the lake this afternoon, come on down and shoot in the shade.
  16. Good news for you bowhunters with kid starting to shoot,we put in some short range targets for the little people to shoot at.For safty reasons we ask you to supervise them when there shooting. Thank you. Oh there is a playground the kids can enjoy,bring the hole family. Mike.
  17. I'll be there most nights, look for somebody old,names mike, lets shoot a round.
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