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  1. Sea lion, I think I have the Ducer and power cord that will go with that unit. Can we get together and check it out, I am also in Penfield. Any time would be good for me. PM me. Mike
  2. I'm thinking Pap is right about a complete rebuild,the top of the cylinder bore on a motor that old most likely will have a good ridge from ring wear. Before you spend more $$$ you will have to pull the pistons and check the cylinder bores for out of round and tapper. if either is to bad you will not be able to clean up the bores with a hone. that means that you will have to have the block bored out over size and go for over size rings and pistons, thats getting into some big bucks. A short Block would have been the way to go, if you could even find one. Thats something to think about. Lots of luck. Mike.
  3. I stacked my divers over the ball, one rod off the ball and then stack the diver 10 or 15ft. over the ball out about 40ft.,that puts the lures in the depth you want, it also lets you run your diver or slide diver on mono.and still be able to release the diver to retrieve it. Its best to have duel rod holders and point the upper diver rod out and the bottom rod pointing in, that will keep the lines from getting crossed on a release. good luck.
  4. I saw one down there on Rattlesnake Hill 5=6 yrs ago standing on the shoulder of the road watching us watching him .
  5. Fished 113 this morning 35to40fow, marked lots of fish had a few hits no hook ups. Nice chop. Well its back to Erie Monday.
  6. I also shoot 85gr.thunderheads at 50lbs they get the job done and they tune great, same as a field points.
  7. I know where your coming from, when its like that it can go bad in a heart beat.Smart move.
  8. Hit the ramp about 5:30 am and ran out to 100fow and checked out the temp with my old Mac Jac hand held temp gage. dropped the probe to the bottom and found 50deg +or- a deg. Set up two riggers and to divers, all spoons,Blue dolphin mag. black glow green mags.down 90and 110 ft, divers out 250and300ft. Headed north.Had to go north my FF quit me,fish finder powered back up in 210fow, no hits. Hey I forgot to put in the sliders,so I dug out a dirty white boy and a sea sick waddler and mupped them 10ft over the balls down 125 and 115ft.FF off again,oh well.Hey fish on small king on white boy,set back up 125 down,same rigger fired again,nice fish, on for a minute and its gone . Not sure what it was on. set back up and the other rigger fires, had to kick partner in the ass to get him to grab the rod,to late fish is gone. Thats all folkes,starting to pick up a nice chop,time to head in. Its getting better I'm up to 1for 3 now,don't get any better than that. Sea Ya .
  9. Checked it out this morning, lots of DW style spoons, finger lake size. Browns and steelhead collors .
  10. Had a holder snap but I was watching when it snaped and grabed the rod. Now I use a safty line on the depsies .You have to keep the drag lose on these wirers .
  11. After you've checked out all the connections and if you still have problems if you have the short stop circuit boards and one is stopping in the middle of the cycle the board may be going bad.I by past the board on mine with a toggle switch{ four prong]. The riggers were slow enough I didn't need stops. The boards are $75 and the switches are $23. Good luck.
  12. Thanks for the report, not manny coming in from the bay. Nice fish .
  13. Make sure your cross rope is short enough so it can't get into the prop.Have a second rope tied to the bottom of the pail to pull it in with. Put the motor in neutral before you try to bring the pail in. Good luck.
  14. I gave it another try yesterday, set up in 95 fow ,checked temp found mid 50degs around 70ft. down. I set up one rigger two divers,the switch on the other rigger went bad. I ran all spoons black green purple combo.Trolled out to 145fow and the port diver went, after a good work out my partner landed a shaker king the diver didn't release . Got out to 200fow no more action, switched the divers to spin Doc and flies out 250 and 300 and changed the rigger out with a black glow green mag.spoon and a green dallpon slider 75ft.down and worked back in to 100 fow. it was getting hot out there so we started to clear the divers and the rigger rod fires,the fish was off as quick as he got on. Oh well 1/2 is better than a sharp stick in the eye.I only saw two other boats out and they were way east.
  15. Moog, I also took my only two hits on black and green, I don't have down temp and speed so I'm playing a guessing game with the current and my hand held temp. gage was way off, bad batt. so I was way out of temp. I got lucky.
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