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  1. Just wanted to congratulate Jim, Bryan and Kevin of the Trout One/Fishchopper team on their Pro-Am win this weekend! You guys Rocked! Matt
  2. Here is a photo of Kevin Keller's derby leading Salmon. Caught on a custom Pro-Troll and Sigg's Blue Dolphin Pulse Fly. Great job Kevin what a hog!!! 31 pounds 7 ounces!
  3. My sympathy to Shirley and Joes family. Joe reached a lot furhther than just lake Ontario. I caught many a fish on joes spoons on Lake Michigan and I never miss a day of reading the reports. Thanks for all you did. Matt Siggeman
  4. Ray, I will not be able to make it to the show so we will have to wait untill spring to hook up. Paul Czarnecki will be manning our booth for us. Stop by and see him he is one hell of a nice guy. Matt
  5. Hey Ray, I just got the rest of the new flashers listed on the site. Our new flies should be up tomorrow. We are going to have some really cool new combos as well! I also wanted to let you know we will have a booth at the lotsa show with all the new flashers plus a cutom color we had made. We will be offering the flashers for $11.00 bucks a piece or 5 for $50.00. This is the best price you will see on these new flashers! Matt
  6. Falcon, I have had great success stretching them back as far as 100 feet. You just have to make sure you have enough horizontal seperation to not tangle with your other riggers or presentations. Even if you just stretch one back that far I believe you will be happy with the results. Matt
  7. Thanks guys. Just think there will be over 20 more new flashers by spring. This is just what they had ready now!!! Matt
  8. For those interested we now have 22 of the new 2009 Protrolls by Michigan Stinger listed on our site. We will have the rest up when they become available. Here is the link and a few pictures of the new flashers. Matt http://www.siggsrigs.com http://siggsrigs.com/2009-custom-flashers.html Attachments http://www.glangler.com/boards/User_fil ... fe6f9.html
  9. Rod, Narbys and Captains cove both carry them. Slippery sinker also carrys them. If you want them unrigged you will have to order them from our site. That is also my favorite fly to run in all!! conditions. http://siggsrigs.com/unrigged-trophy-flies.html Matt
  10. Rod, You just described one of our best selling flies. The Green Hypnotist Matt
  11. Here are some nice ones caught at the Oak today! http://www.attheoak.net/e-mailpics2/BucPics7-3-08.html Matt
  12. Am I the only one who thought he was talking about these? Matt http://siggsrigs.com/clincher-flies.html
  13. I talked to Russell and I do not believe his site will be going this year. I will have stock of some of the custom flashers and also some of the new stinger flashers. I have limited stocks right now but will have more soon. Matt
  14. Rod, If the coho on Lake O are anything like the coho on Lake Michigan you can not run a better set up than a 00 Luhr Jensen dodger pulling coho candy. This setup is responsible for a lot of coho on lake michigan every year. Matt
  15. You guys are making me really jealous with the size of the fish you catch! We catch em like that once in a while but not nearly as much as you do on Lake O. Great job! Matt
  16. Ray, If you do not get your flies back I will send out a care package to help ease your pain. Let me know.
  17. Using fireline is not mandatory. Many people run mono dipsy's. I will run mono dipsy's set on 3 up high for steelies. If you want to fish deeper that is were the fireline and wire come into play. You will get much deeper with less line out than runing mono. The dipseys are much easier to trip as well because you don't have the stretch of mono. I would recomend running the new style snubbers with the no stretch line. They will help absorb the violent strikes and I have a much higher landing percentage with the snubbers. H.I.H. Matt
  18. Ray, Legacy is right on. When running 8 inch flashers I like the lead to be about 23 to 24 inches. When running the 11 inch flashers I will run the flies with leads as long as 50 inches. I usually run this setup as my deepest rigger with 2 colors of lead. This was my # 1 setup last year. Give it a try you might like it. Matt
  19. Ironworker Local #63 Chicago / fly manufacturer. With it being as cold as it has I have been making a ton of flies. Matt
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