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  1. I have seen were guys would pour doe sent on the tires to lay a scent trail on the way to there stand. I guess you would have to ride past your stand for it to be effective.
  2. I put them on my trophy 1802 and it helped a lot with getting the boat on plane and keeping it there at lower speeds. The down side to them is it is difficult to control the direction of the boat when backing up.
  3. Congrats to all the successful hunters on this thread! As always this is the best read on the internet thanks to all that have contributed. Last night was my first sit i had a great encounter with a real nice 2.5 year old 8 point and some does he was bumping around the woods in front of me. My son Cam has been putting in a lot more time and effort than me but other than 1 real nice 140+ inch buck on camera he has not seen anything he wants to shoot yet. He is 17 now and he is holding tight to wanting a nice buck this year and I really hope he gets it done! Good luck to all Hunt Hard and above all hunt safe! Always look around and appreciate the things we have been blessed with!
  4. Great Job Rob nobody deserves it more than you, you have worked your butt off for that one Congrats!!
  5. Congrats to Pap and DJ great stories and great memories!!
  6. Wow awesome season! That Gun buck is a stud!
  7. Wow that is nice! That is a Great price! Good, Fast and Cheap I always say pick two nobody can give all three but I think you got all of them!
  8. Thanks for the positive comments! It has been a great season and since I haven't shot a deer in 4 years let alone over 10 years since I shot a buck with a gun, has made it even sweeter. I am fortunate to have solid property to hunt on the last 8 years and a great group to hunt with, So much to be thankful for especially time spent with family and friends.
  9. It was a slow morning until this guy showed up around 8 am. He was all buy himself and I dropped him in his tracks with my 270. I have killed a few nice deer with my bow but this is my best buck so far with a gun. It also was my first rifle kill in NY! Our group has done real well this year so I have to say thanks to my Friend Tom (land Owner) and to God for this awesome world he created for us! Good Luck guys we are still seeing good deer on trail cameras so hunt hard there are plenty of deer left out there.
  10. Great job! My sons first deer was a very exciting time as well!
  11. Awesome job hunter those are both great kills!
  12. Awesome story Congrats to you and Mom!!!
  13. We hunt 3 small property's all are under 35 acres. The surrounding locations are the key they are thick and swampy. Our food plots help a lot also.
  14. We hunt 3 small property's all are under 35 acres. The surrounding locations are the key they are thick and swampy. Our food plots help a lot also.
  15. Pap, We hunt WNY farm land as well and we plant a bunch of food plots which are our main kill areas. We let the kids shoot 2.5 year old bucks until they get a couple and than we hold everybody to 3.5 year old or better deer. We run a bunch of cameras so we know what we have for target bucks and that helps everybody to have patience because they know their are good deer in the area. I think western NY has gotten better quality of deer due to more hunters are passing 1.5 yr olds, there is a lot of food as far as agriculture and I think the last few winters have been mild as far as snow depth which has helped. Even with all these things on our side I only shoot a buck every 3 to 5 years and that is okay with me.
  16. Quinn said to say thank you guys for all the positive comments! She passed up a couple of 2.5 year old 8 points that I don't think many would to shoot this deer. Their family and ours works hard at the food plot game and we stay out of bedding areas heck more than half of the property we don't ever walk on. Her dad and I had a bunch of trail Cam pics of this deer and we were hunting him hard but I could not be happier that she was the one who shot him! We love seeing the kids have success and keeping their interest in the sport is very important to both of us. Now that gun season opens and I have been out of the woods for a few weeks I am excited to get back in a tree stand Saturday! I hope my son can score on a nice one or my buddies son who is coming back from college can have some success as well it has been tough on him missing the archery season while away at school. This game of deer hunting has turned into a real team sport for us and we all celebrate each others success which makes it way more fun for all of us!
  17. My Friends daughter shot a very nice buck tonight on our hunting grounds with a cross bow! It was chasing does all night but she waited him out and got it done! She is 16 and she shot a nice 2.5 yr old buck with a muzz last year and now this one, she is one great huntress!
  18. Good Job Longspurs! That's a real nice buck!!
  19. Congrats to your Dad Rob! I love it when the old guys score, it gives me hope that I might be doing this for awhile longer!
  20. Not a single deer so far this morning in 8g Monroe county! Report is from my 16 year old son who is still in the woods. He passed a basket rack 8 last night, he really wants to shoot a nice 2.5 or better this year! I am pretty sure any mature doe that goes by him would get one as well.
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