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  1. Thanks Chris! Yes this was a Byron Bergen buck and if ya let em get to 3 or more years they start looking pretty nice!
  2. Nice Buck ! Thats awesome especialy with only one day to hunt! Wish I could hunt with my 270 on saturday but I hunt in a shotgun only zone.
  3. Thanks for all the positive feed back guys!! Good Luck hunting this weekend be safe and have fun!!
  4. Well he is not the biggest buck I have seen this year but I am very happy with him. I have not shot a buck with my bow in a few years, mostly watching little ones walk by within in range and Monsters not cooperating as usual LOL! There must have been a hot doe on the block yesterday 11/13 because there were bucks running everywhere and this guy chased of a smaller one and gave me a nice 22 yard shot. He took one through the right lung and top of the heart for a stress free 50 yard recovery!!
  5. Congrats on a great hunt and a great deer Ray!!!
  6. Very Nice buck I love the mass!! Congrats!!
  7. Great Story! Enjoy every minute you can with him, I had a similar realtionship with a Great Dad as well and he passed away last year unexpectedly I miss him more than I ever thought I would. I would give up alot to see him reel in one more salmon on my boat or to see him climb into a treestand with his bow one more time!! Tell Him Congrats and I can only hope my son appreciates me one day as much as you do your father.
  8. Thanks for the kind words and Cam has read all your comments and really does appreciate them all! He was shooting a Mission Craze bow set at 42 lbs, with a draw length of about 24", Carbon express arrows, with slick trick broadheads 4 blade 100 gr. It was a great shot he took out the bottom of the right lung and center punched the heart then drove the broadhead into the far shoulder if he did not hit that shoulder I believe it would have been a complete pass through. The shot was very close to 20 yards give or take a few. He shoots 4" groups out to 25 yards but does start to get erratic when he shoots more than about 2 rounds of 4 arrows. I dont think it is the draw weight I think it is the weight of the bow on his left arm that causes it.His first couples of arrows at 30 are good but I told him we will try and keep his shots down to 20 yards. I shoot well to 50 when practicing but I love 10 to 15 yard shots on deer and almost never take a shot myself out past 30.
  9. Thanks Capt Vince I do feel rich even though my bank account does not show it.
  10. 4 different friends shot there best bowkills ever yesterday two were in the 110 to 120 range and the other two were slob 8 pts in the mid 140 range. All these deer were shot in a different county in wny within 50 miles of rochester. Take that for what it is worth but i think it is starting to heat up right know! I have all of next week off not sure i will be waiting that long to take some time off from work after yesterday! Good Luck Hunt Hard and Hunt Safe!!
  11. Thanks for all the great comments guys I am not sure even shooting a B&C Buck with my bow could get better than that morning with my son! Total Chaos, Cam already has his sites on a bigger buck next year and I will keep the camera rolling I hope to get some more hunting footage this year as well and i will share it with you guys. Cam was in a stand filmimg for me last night we saw 15 does and couple of little bucks but no shooters. A good friend shot a mid 140"s 8 pt last night and I heard of a couple more decent bucks dropping this weekend so I think I will need to start using some vacation time next week. Good Luck guys Hunt Hard and Hunt Safe.
  12. Nice Buck Bill and it being a family scouting mission makes the story that much better congrats!!
  13. He doesnt look that excitied but he told me later that he was kind of shocked and in disbelief . I did not get the shot on camera because the buck came in real quick and I did not want to get busted standing up and swinging the Camera arm. But I am very proud of the shot he made especialy at 12 years old and it being his first deer.
  14. Nice Buck and your right when hunting in NY it is hard to pass that buck up unless you are on a very good property.
  15. Wow that looks like a great time !! Congrats on a great day afield!!!
  16. Hi Guys , Thanks for all the great comments!! Cam say's thanks as well, he also reminded me he has 2 doe tags to fill so he is not done yet!! Ya got to love his enthusiasm!! Happy Hunting! Gene and Cam
  17. Well my son Cam made a great shot on his first deer and it was a buck with a bow! He is 12 years old and an awesome son we had a geat time time this weekend. Thanks goes out to Phil Race at Indian Mountain Archery for setting Cam up with awesome gear!! The autopsy shows the poor deer died of a heart attck !! Great shot and a fun stress free recovery!! Here is the after shot interview and recovery of Cam's deer.
  18. First off Congrats to your son !!! I wanted to let you know your son can hunt from a treestand as long as he is hunting with a bow only when he turns 14 and is hunting with a gun he must hunt from the ground. You will use your own judgement on that I am sure, I know I will. Here is a cut and paste from the dec web site FAQ Q: Are Junior Bowhunters also required to wear hunter orange and hunt from the ground? A: No, these requirements apply only for Junior Hunters and their mentors when hunting deer or bear with a firearm.
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