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  1. Good luck this weekend guys! I got a feeling there will be some lou guys txting BBD!!
  2. That might screw up your scent control program Lol! Go get em Jakey and Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the positive feed back guys I am almost 6 foot and I hate to say it but I weigh over 250 lbs and that brute makes me look small lol ! He grossed 120" and he is the first buck I have shot in 4 years so I am one happy guy! The last 10 years I have been waiting for 3 year old bucks or better and that does get frustrating at times but it has been worth the wait!
  4. This thread has been a great read thank you for all contributions. I shot a decent buck on Halloween evening and since than it has been great reading about all your sits and takes on the season.The deer I shot had been eating well it had the largest body of any deer I have ever killed in 40 years of deer hunting. It was shot in Genesee county and it was following and lightly bumping does the evening I killed it. Good luck with the rest of your season and I will try to contribute when I get back out in the woods!
  5. I have them on my Trophy 1802 and I like them a lot. I stack a couple of DR rods on each one and maybe even throw on a cheater. I have the 13 lb torpedo weights and it yanks them up quicker than you would even want them to. I use the clutch to lower them and the auto stop works great. I bought them a couple of years ago online and I think they were under $800 to the door. I would do it again!
  6. Nice Fish and Congrats! Oh and by the way if you don’t want to be a downer and spoil what was an awesome moment for the guy you might just want to start another thread about improved ways of handling Musky’s at the boat, instead of dropping it on his post.
  7. Great Story and Great Buck Thanks for sharing it with us! Hopefully when the boy and I start hunting after the 15th we might be able to share a similar story as well. Who is going to mount it for you?
  8. My son who usually hunts the early season and takes a doe with his bow now told me if he has to let a nice buck walk than he wont hunt early bow or Muzz season anymore. He has been passing 1.5 year old bucks for 2 years now waiting for a nice buck and I know he wont shoot a doe during the rut so the dec just lost a couple of filled doe tags! Good Job NYS!
  9. I bought some on ebay from a guy in florida the quality and price were very good. But I am sure there are some local guys that could make them for you as well.
  10. I wanted to get out and do a little fishing before May and was wondering where I might find some lake trout this time of the year? I will be fishing in the Sandy Creek area in the Rochester area. I don't have planer boards but I do have riggers and dipsy setups. The boat will be going up for sale soon so I wanted to wet a few lines before she so goes? Thanks in advance for any info! Gene
  11. I like the Nikon pro staff scopes 2-7 x 32mm for my shotguns.
  12. You see when you pay back buy sacrificing your bow season for a new hunter the hunting Gods took care of you with a nice buck! Karma does exist! Congrats!
  13. Rough Score is pushing 160 and that is a very rough green score you could have 5 armatures score this buck and come up with a wide range of scores. There will be a lot of deductions but like I always say Nets are for fish! Right now he is just enjoying what it is and I will let you guys know in 60 days what the pro's come up with.
  14. Jakey no congrats for me it was all him we hunt different property’s now but stay in touch and occasionally talk strategy but rest assured he does all he can to put his son and himself on the best deer in the area each and every year, he is a great hunter that is detailed in every aspect of the hunt. He works hard for the wallhanger's he has and has certainly desvered each one he has gotten.
  15. I missed a good buck on Saturday but a friend of mine shot a Monster buck on Saturday in orleans county so I posted a picture of it, enjoy it is truly an awesome trophy!
  16. Very sorry to hear of your loss I am glad you have so many great memories to hold on to. I will pray for you and your family to heal fast and strong so your life will get back to some normalcy which I am sure your son would want.
  17. Great Buck DVD cant wait to hear the details and see the video!!
  18. That's cool Rob good Luck! There are some nice bucks down there in NC I hope you guys get a chance to shoot a couple.
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