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  1. The 42-second spoon I run is a DW with a glow ladder back first and a silver (I use silver prism) over the top. The original spoon was first run by Tommy Boddi (Screaming Reels) it was called an emerald by silver streak. Dave Siegfried (Tracker) added the glow and it became the 42-second spoon. How did it get its name? The story is that when you put it down it would go within 42 seconds. It has been a staple in the Oak Captains boxes for many years. Tommy Boddi told me today that silver streak use to call it the UGT (ugly green thing) because no one would buy it, how things change? Bob Songin
  2. I have one $325 Gift Certificate for NK lures for sale for $200 and one $100 Gift Certificate for Yeck lures for $50. Call Bob at 585-733-5829
  3. For everyones information: The Don Johannes/Pete DeAngleo Memorial Fishing Tournament to be held May 30th will pay out based on 50 boats entered @$100/boat Big Fish(1-3) $850/510/340 Total weight 3 best fish (1-10) $1300/800/700/600/500/400/350/300/250/200 The Summer 2008 LOC Derby will pay Four divisions, Salmon, Rainbow/Steelhead, Brown, and Lake Trout Grand Prize - $7,500 – Largest fish entered Each of the four Divisions First $1000 Second $400 Third $300 Fourth $200 Fifth place $100 Sixth – 10th $75 11th – 15th $50 16th – 20th $25 The Fall 2008 LOC Derby Four divisions, Salmon, Rainbow/Steelhead, Brown, and Lake Trout Grand Prize - $20,000 – Largest fish entered Each of the four Divisions First $2500 Second $1000 Third $550 Fourth $450 Fifth place $300 Sixth – 10th $200 11th – 15th $100 16th – 20th $50 $100 Daily award for the largest fish in each Division
  4. Dave I am asking a simple question that requires a simple answer, with no negativity. I never said I did not like this event or that I would not enter it and I clearly understand why it is taking place. Please do not put words down that I did not state. It would be great if the pot is growing but there has been no indication to that effect. This event and the people running it have used and continue to employ this board as a vehicle to communicate what is happening (as you can see they started this thread) with the Salmon Slam. I never said they were afraid I said “I hope they would not be afraidâ€
  5. Dear 3dfx, Most Pro/Am’s do not know what the exact amount of money is that will be available in the prize pool do to walk-in entries allowed up until 2 days before the event, so it could grow up until that point. When the deadline for walk-in entries has past and they compile all the figures, they now announce to total prize structure at the meeting pre event because that is when they have all the info. This event was announced several weeks ago with the total prize pool amount already established so unless it has an opportunity to grow pre-event they should have the prize break down available and I would hope they would not be afraid to make it public this would give people more incentive to dock at Wilson. Me personally I have been docked at Sunset (the Old Beccue) since April 24th and I dock there every spring until after the Pro/am it makes no sense for me to leave a dock I have already paid for to move somewhere else and pay again. Bob Songin
  6. At this point in time I am sure you know how the prize structure will be set, can you please post it so we know what to expect. I would like to know absolutes. I know you will be paying 1, 2 and 3 in each division Pro and Am. But what is the breakdown how much cash for each place and how much in prizes for each place. I would believe it would be set by now, with only a week left before the event. Bob Songin
  7. I am now confused, are only the boats docked at Wilson allowed to enter the the event or are all in the pro/am eligable???? Or is it just the party everyone is invited to particpate in. Bob Songin
  8. I agree that number of fishermen in a specific area has a major effect on the number of fish caught and the possibility of large fish being caught increases. At one time there were hundreds of fishermen fishing off the Oak in the spring derby and a lot of winners came from that area. But you must remember that as a very good friend of mine once said “you can’t shoot and Elk in western NYâ€
  9. We recieved 85,000 Kings and 14,000 Steelhead at Oak Orchard if you would like to help feed them, stop by or call Doug and Jan at Lake Breeze Marina at 682-3995, You can sign up for a time to feed with them. Also If you would like to be kept informed of the activites for pen rearing at the Oak you can send your email address to [email protected] and I will place you on the Pen rearing help list. Thanks Bob Songin
  10. sorry guys I was tired when I wrote my last post please discount the spelling. CBS
  11. Guy's it was pointed out ot me that I had a misprint in my message. It should say "It will be even more important this year". Please remember pen rearing was started to support the whole system, we cannot control what people do with their land which provides access to this fishery, but we can support making sure that the fish the state stocks have their best chance to survive, so we can all benefit from resourse. Without fish there is no need for access. No public money has ever been used to support this porject, it has all been done by private controbution (We thank these peolpe). That is what I am currently requesting, if this fishery is important to you, please support it and the activities that support it! If it is not and it is your decision not to support it, so be it. CBS
  12. I will be attending the annual Pen Rearing coordinator meeting On Feb 24th; I will have more information after that meeting and will be glad to post it. Thank you all for your support, I will be even more important this year. CBS
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