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  1. For those of you who have not read the regulation change concerning steelhead on Lake Ontario open waters lowering it to 2. Here is the part of the new regulations that was published. In the justification portion of this document it was stated. “Four of the five proposed regulation amendments result from a series of meetings with a Lake Ontario Fisheries Management Focus Group (Focus Group), convened to determine anglers’ desired fisheries management outcomes and to seek consensus on management actions that will result in maintenance and improvement to high quality sport fisheries. The Focus Group was comprised of 16 angler representatives” I was part of that group and I can tell you that this was not a consensus at least 7 of the contributors including myself apposed this proposal. Here are the new regs: 2. Reduce the open Lake Ontario/Lower Niagara River creel limit for rainbow trout/steelhead from 3 to 2 fish/day -Rainbow trout/steelhead provide the primary sport fishery in Lake Ontario’s tributaries from November through the following spring. This potential change is designed to increase numbers and sustainability of rainbow trout/steelhead in the tributary fishery by reducing open lake harvest when Chinook fishing success in the lake declines and more anglers specifically target rainbow trout/steelhead. 3. Reduce the creel limit for brown trout in Lake Ontario tributaries from 3 to 1 fish/day -This change is intended to prolong high quality brown fishing opportunities through the winter months, while still allowing anglers the opportunity to harvest a trophy fish. Fishing effort on Lake Ontario tributaries can be intense each year from fall through spring and maintaining high quality brown trout fishing opportunities relies on anglers releasing a high proportion of their catch. Let me give you a little history of this new steelhead regulation, a number of years ago (unfortunately I can not specify the date). The tributary angler groups wanted to reduce the harvest limit on the tributaries to 1 because they viewed the fish in the tributaries subject to over harvested of a limited resource (only so many fish will enter the trib. and they are easy prey to anglers). The DEC agreed and we as lake anglers did not support it, but did not oppose it, with an agreement between lake anglers and the DEC Management at the time that they would not impose the same regulation on the open lake. All was well in the fishing world, but we knew in our minds it would only be a matter of time and they would come after an open lake reg on steehead. It started with the minimum size being raised to 21 inches, now they are trying to lower the limit to 2 on the open water, not unexpected. So now we see in regulation proposal #3 that they are going to lower the brown trout limit on the trib. to 1 for the same reason as they lowered the steelhead to 1 in trib. in the past. How long will it be till they come after the limit on the lake too, as they are now doing with the steelhead. Even though the DEC have again promised not to do so as in the past. I have no problem if the tributary anglers want to self-regulate and propose regulations that will limit harvest and size in the tribs. But we as lake anglers in return should be allowed to propose limits and sizes on the Lake. We as open lake anglers must oppose this regulation and let our voices be heard. We still have till Dec. 14, to let our voices be heard. Send your comments to: [email protected]: with this in the subject line: 6 NYCRR Part 10 Section 11-0317-Amendents to Great Lakes sportfishery regulation in 6NYCRR Part 10
  2. After a conversation with the DEC to clarify the format of the input they would like as to the regulation changes, they do want you to comment as to your position, why you oppose the new reg and your rational to support it. So KIngDavey, I stand corrected and your previous post on this matter was correct. But it does not mean that input as far as a simple agreement/dis-agreement with these changes does not or cannot have a political impact. As you and I know the DEC is monitoring this thread, as they always have monitored this board to stay up to date on the fishery. I as well as you have been attending these meetings what seems like forever, and I have seen the science and in the past we have all questioned some of it and agreed with some of it . The science according to DEC supported raising the size limit on steelhead to 21 inches to increase survival and returns to the streams, and according to the science lowering the limit to 2 from 3 will continue to support this. The data used to support these changes is received via surveys both open lake and tributary, which is contributed by anglers, so it depends on that quality of that input. But where the science in my opinion falls apart is, no matter how many fish are released there is no data to assess release survival open lake. From my own personal experience I have released many steelhead having them swim away for a short distance only to have them surface, this then gets counted as a released fish, but did it really survive. I don't know and neither does the DEC, there is no way to get the data. So that leaves a big undefined variable in the equation. Some further personal experience with catch and release, from the Salmon perspective I have caught many salmon, that I believe had been caught before mostly as skippers (1 year olds) the evidence to support this is disfigure mouths on these fish due to poor release practices. I believe that supports the catch and release survival of the skippers only. But I never see steelhead with the same evidence of catch and release survival. Some further information the comment period officially began Oct.16, it is a 60 day period so there is plenty of time to comment on it, I still stand opposed to this new regulation. Please take the time to get your input to the DEC.
  3. You and I both know when these number occur the fish they are catching are Salmon and it is the easiest/safest time of the the year to release them and have them survive, Spring and early Summer. Not MID July, August and Early September. The Salmon we catch during these months also have just as high of a mortality rate as steelhead. Having observed over 40 years of properly releasing fish and the time of the year released.
  4. Last time I checked this is a democracy and every comment (Vote) should be counted (we do not want voter suppression here) weather it is a simple one word "I agree/disagree", it is a paragraph, an essay, or a book stating their posistion. Every stakeholder has a right to comment on this issue in the way they see fit no matter how simple or extravagant and if they choose to quote someone's words they have the right to do so, it is done all the time on fake news. I guess we will need to verify that all votes are being counted at the meeting on Nov. 6th.
  5. Gentlemen if you did not know there is a proposed reg change to the steelhead limit on LO to lower it to 2 in the open waters. The DEC currently has a comment period on this change for a 45 day period which already commenced last week. If you would like to read it the info is at http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/115977.html and http://www.dec.ny.gov/regulations/34113.html If you would like to comment the email address is: [email protected] In the comment line you mus put: 6 NYCRR Part 10 Section 11-0317-Amendents to Great Lakes sportfishery regulation in 6NYCRR Part 10 This is my input, feel free to use any our all of my comments I am opposed the changes in this regulation in regards to limiting the possession limit of steelhead and rainbow trout to just 2 on the open waters of Lake Ontario. I believe that this change will do more harm to the populations survival of this species than good. Most steelhead are caught during the warmer months of the summer by the process of trolling baits, when the surface waters reach their highest temperatures and lowest oxygen content. The stress these fish endure during the process of hooking (in colder deeper water) and landing in these conditions, plus the fact the netting and removing of the hook is a process that must be completed out of the water (unlike the streams where the water temperature is lower and oxygen higher when these fish are available, along with the fish never having to be lifted from the water to be released), puts undo stress on this species especially when handling larger fish. Having an overall limit of 3 fish of any species with only 2 being steelhead, even makes the situation more intolerable since at this time of the year Salmon can/may be harvested in the same open lake waters. Anglers will continue to fish in the same area hoping to catch salmon and may/will continue to catch steelhead and have to release them after the exhausting event of landing them, most likely causing a higher mortality rate. The fact that there are multiple derby’s at this time of the year with the lower, limit it may cause anglers to cull already dead smaller fish if they land a large one that may be eligible for prize money, this will be virtually un-enforceable by the econ-officers since when checked the anglers will only have the 2 fish limit per person on board. With the recent cuts in salmon stocking the past few years, their availability could be drastically reduced forcing more anglers to target steelhead in the coming years putting more pressure on the steelhead population. By lowering it to 2 while still having a 3 overall for the combination limit could/will keep anglers catching steelhead and releasing mortally wounded fish, while if it remains at three most anglers will stop fishing when they reach their combination limit. This will be especially true for professional (Charter Captains) fishermen. So in conclusion this regulation change will cause more mortality in the open lake steelhead population than its intended purpose of trying to increase survival. Bob Songin Forgot to add that anyone can comment on this issue even out of state license holders
  6. 62171420_1137504836373304_3586775533041483776_o.jpg.432931c674e8fa5fdfcb8ce158a04c65.jfif
  7. County Launch is Open on the East Side of the Oak but the State Launch on the West side is closed
  8. The issue is that no captains have received a ticket in recent years or the community would have known about it, the captains are a close group and it would have come up. Almost all of them know about the issue that happen this year.
  9. Dave I know of this event there were 4 legal fishermen on the boat that day and the eco witnessed and talked to 2 legal fishermen getting off the boat though he did not ask either of them for fishing licenses, he also witnessed the other 1 get in his vehicle and drive away. The group had caught 10 fish then were driven of the lake by bad weather, do to the windy conditions and safety the captain chose to drop them off where he had picked them up and take the fish to his dock to clean and delver the fillets to them when he was done. That is when the eco came to his dock and ticketed the captain for over limit, the captain offered to call the fishermen the eco had witnessed get off his boat back to the boat but the eco refused to let him. The thing about this is your timing of the event is a little concerning since I do believe the steelhead pens were put together the same day as the salmon pens were which was March 30th, they were in the water April 8th, fish were delivered the same day and moved to their permanent docking spot. This event happen on April 12th so how could he discuss this event with you before it happen?
  10. Simple a 21 inch 2 fish reg will kill more than save I dont need to explain why I am sure you can figure it out.
  11. My clients found this Steelhead at Burt dam it had been cut open for its eggs then tossed back. So the question is why are they proposing a 2 Steelhead limit on the lake? video-1554892322(1).mp4
  12. 9 Tekota 600LC reels for sale New Drags last year $120 each free shipping. 4 Left 0 Left Bob email:[email protected] Text:585-733-5829
  13. 6 BWD 1101 8' 3" Ugly Stix trolling rods for sale very good condition $20 cash each. Will ship at your cost, if paid by paypal you must cover fees. Bob Songin text or call 585-733-5829
  14. Which two and when can you come over. I live off hover road by ridge and 390.
  15. l still have the rods, I am in Rochester.
  16. 2 Ugly Stik USBWD1101 8'3" rods $25 each 2 Shimano TDR-80M2B Rods for Sale $20 each Call Bob 585-733-5829
  17. if you mean did i maintain them yes
  18. Rochester but I will at the Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo in 2 weeks all weekend.
  19. 7 Tekota 600LC reels for sale. Drags replaced last year $100 each 2 Ugly Stik USBWD1101 8'3" rods $25 each 2 Shimano TDR-80M2B Rods for Sale $20 each Call Bob 585-733-5829
  20. We will be receiving our Salmon for the Pens on Thursday April 5th at about 12:00 PM hope you can make it to give us a hand. See you all there. Thx
  21. NIck, just to be clear so there is no confusion the KOTO events weigh-in does not end at 3PM you must be in line by 3 basically that is the time it starts.
  22. Need team mates for Orleans Open Any one looking to join a team and fish the Orleans County Open June 9,10 and 11 call Matt at 585-297-4895
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