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  1. I agree with Nick for sure !! I'm even finding I need Tuesday off as well
  2. You should tell your dad to fix the gas gauge Justin. Thank god for the reserve gas tank!! Who runs out of gas fishing a Pro Am I do ! Even so, we did get our six fish box and it was second largest of the day in the Am division but working that area a little longer woulda been a sweet deal. We hit three browns early between Maxwell and Afro on evil eyes and stingers, then searched for kings and got a good one on an A-Tom-Mik 42 second fly behind a green paddle. Steelhead and Coho both came on a Stinger gator spoon free slid on a 50 rigger.
  3. Luckier Than Rod....that's pretty funny Justin. Welcome to LOU !
  4. Nice fish you two! I head up tomorrow for a couple weeks and your report is a real pick me up !
  5. And lets hope we don't have to again, eh? We just ran 3 riggers and a copper down the chute in that mess in the morning .. I know what you are saying - Divers would have made things very ugly for us lol Hope to meet you at the Pro Am Joe. Looking forward to it !! BTW, they crushed the kings in Oswego today. Looks like 5 on the LOC board including Paul Powers (aka fish nuts) with a 27+ . Nice job Paul !! Screamer put like 4 on the board! Looks like the west wind did it;s thing
  6. Oh c'mon, it wasn't that bad I fished it both days all day with a 14 yr old outa my lil old 24. Heck, Dipsey Ranger won the Am and kicked some butt out of an 18 I think. It was just a tad sporty . I'll never forget setting lines on Sun morning and I only ran 4 due to the weather an it being just me and the kid. I ran a 700 copper down the chute and wham, so here we are with just me and the kid in 8 footers battling a 27+ lb king on the 700 copper. It was awesome ! He had to fight the fish and I tried to control the boat. I never thought he'd be able to keep the line tight as the king rode a wave up and we rode one down - but Justin put it on the deck and it ended up being the big youth fish and second biggest king of the tourney. I will never forget him landing that fish in those conditions. After getting no more king bites, we pounded out to 600 and fished steelhead and had an absolute blast. Feeling safe has to be first, and the gunnels on my old Sea Ray are above my belt and that does give us a false sense of security sometimes I think. Last year was iffy and somewhat risky for sure, but my kid was not going to be okay with sitting at the dock and I never felt like we were in anything the boat couldn't handle.
  7. BFF is normally always $100 cash and sign up should be at Capt. Jacks. I don't know this for certain, but that is what it has always been in the past.
  8. You know the weather was gonna go to snot, the Pro Am's are the next couple weeks. Working on the trophies for Sodus Pro Am today. This may be the final run - so ya best win one
  9. Thanks for these reports Nick, I feel better now because I was a bit bummed I couldn't get up this weekend. Sounds like a replay of last week, huh?
  10. Great to see your out Nick. I was solo today in oswego and had a tough time as well. 2 lakers on the 5 with orange spoon was all the action I saw. Lake is setting up so it's just part of the process but I hope it does it's thing fast ! Picked at kings a couple days ago, and it's been downhill since. See you in Sodus in less than a month:-)
  11. Great detailed report Rick......thanks for the good read and congrats on the win!
  12. Captain oblivious.....that's me ! I got this one though.....6 rods max for the Am Me too Al, And 9 it is The survey we took last year for Sodus was pretty overwhelming for 6 fish for the AM. I like more personally so hopefully others do also.
  13. Exactly !! Well said. I mean the things you can learn and friends you make being an observer are priceless.
  14. I have 10 or so of them I got from Walker when I pro staffed for them before they sold off the fishing side of the business. I have never really found a place for them in my spread, but I can't say that I really ever tried to either. Anyone find a place for these in their Lake O spread ?
  15. Hey buddy, miss talking to ya. Hey, you aren't really missing much. Clean fresh "salt free" crystal clear water, heart pounding screaming drags and 600 foot blistering runs multiple times a day resulting in back pain, noodle arms and - oh yeah, 20- 30 pound king salmon. Steelhead and brown trout fishing has been okay, only 10 - 20 fish a day on average. Nothing like pulling in sea robins and skates all day though Lake trout have become a nuisance fish, Can't keep those 10 lber's off the line some days. No one likes pulling in 600 ft of copper to find a 10-15 lb lake trout attached to the hook. Man.....like sucks up here some days. I'm sure you are having a blast pulling in the flounder and strippers and the Blue Fin fishing late last summer sounded GREAT! You must be eating good down there buddy!! If the BF show up out there in the Chicken Canyon area in good numbers again I wanna go this year, so send me a text!!
  16. I'm sorry Wayne, but to be strait up I think this comment is ridiculous ! Some of the best fishermen on this lake are running smaller boats due to gas savings. Thrillseeker now uses a 25 I think for tournies - so he should pay more for an observer than you by your standards? People are smart enough to know if comfort of a large vessel is more important than learning - than that's the route to go. However, the size of the boat by no way will determine the skill level of the team. You have a 36, right? How'd you do at the Oak tourney this past weekend? Just sayin, as a owner of a 24 foot boat, your formula is ridiculous. Sorry - not looking to be offensive but just couldn't look the other way on this one.
  17. I love that area!! Had a cottage in Chippewa bay for 8 years and I do miss it. Wellesley Island state park is a really great campground. Not much to add, the advise here is all great. You already know to watch the rocks, but so few are marked it can't be said often enough. There are over 1800 Islands above the water, and probably that many again just below the surface. Enjoy, it truly is a paradise !
  18. I am looking forward to the new rules being posted. With the new no-observer rule set in the Am division, I am curious on what the fish limit is and amount of rods limit. I personally prefer more fish than less, but I think the tournament would benefit by lowering the limit to 6 or less. More teams would likely get involved. I don't care on the rod limit, I just want to be sure I get it strait this year. lol Going to be a great tournament. I'm trying to convince the wife to join me and my son and we'll be entering a family team , so Lucky Enuff is in !!!
  19. The am division was changed up and there is now no observer required for am division. This is what we did in Sodus last year also- worked out well. This is what the ams have asked for for years. Get a buddy, your kid or your wife and sign up! Its great fun! Sent from my SCH-I200 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Continuously reinventing yourself Ray = the key to a fulfilling life my friend , as you very well know. You got it figured out bro....hit me up this summer and we'll get out fishing. I totally feel your frustration Yoda. You'll figure out what's right for you. I personally rarely put myself in a position where I must rely on others to get things done, because others rarely meet my expectations - but that's just me. We all have different wants / needs / expectations so what works for me might not work for you, but somewhere there is a happy medium that I'm sure you will find.
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