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  1. It takes ONE BITE!! Spend the $40 and find a fishing buddy or 2 willing to do the same. You NEVER know!! Great fish BTW. Dex Team Thrillseeker
  2. I LOVE it for selfish reasons and it's awesome!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  3. I like salmon - just sayin'........... BRING ON THE CHINNIES!!
  4. if at all possible, hit up a retail store that has a wide selection of Costas - they make so many frames that trying on several pairs finally landed me on my preferred Corbinas. Down here in Florida where I live there is a tackle shop that has what I affectionately call "the wall of Costas" - literally 100s of pairs!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  5. Rick, We have always respected you and your team's ability to put clients on fish - great trips(s) per usual. I also find it very cool that your clients wanted to put those BTs back to fight another day. Whether or not you had a hand in that, I love the conservative approach taken by your crew when available. As we all know BTs get pounded on quite a bit - good to see 2+ year old fish going back into the system. Hope to see you in St. Catharines, Dex Team Thrillseeker
  6. Gotta Love the PATS Freddie!! Never say die!!
  7. I feel all stocked kings should continue to be clipped to keep track of natural reproduction. The study was done for too short of a duration IMO. Was it done over a banner stretch of natural reproduction and it has changed? Have the natural reproduction numbers dropped? We have the trailer, why not use it to have more data to help manage the fishery? 100% agree with Brian here. If this exercise of clipping fish continues in perpetuity, creel data becomes MUCH more useful and would assist in making year-to-year stocking decisions. Something the DEC stated they would entertain during the meeting I attended.
  8. Couldn't agree more with Tom - had the opportunity to go to a meeting in August. Keep it professional, ask appropriate questions, and give feedback when asked and the DEC folks are much more accommodating IMO. To your point about natural reproduction as per your own experiences Tom, are you at all concerned these numbers are markedly different then what we are being told? Once again I HATE to lose any Chinnies.......Dex
  9. All, Keep asking questions!! Rob Legacy also posted on the LOU For Change forum (and I responded). The DEC is stating up to 50% natural reproduction. I know of the clipped fish "experiment," but is 50% a true and accurate representation? Huge assumption IMO. Gosh, I HATE to lose any Chinnies........Dex
  10. When we factor in the additional wild fish, the equivalent of 6 million Chinook salmon are added to the lake annually. DEC is considering a 20% reduction in Chinook salmon stocking in 2017 (reduce from 1.76 million to 1.41 million fish), which amounts to a 10% overall reduction when wild Chinook salmon are included. A LOT of assumptions concerning wild/naturally produced Chinnies. Can someone shed some light on this picture and validate these numbers? As written, the DEC is assuming up to 50% naturally reproduction. As I understand it, there were attempts to clip fish so as to validate natural numbers, but are we 100% sure the above is accurate? Someone who is better educated on the topic please chime in......Dex
  11. Couldn't agree more Sk8man - well stated....... Gotta belief those big Chinnies will march eastward at some point!!! The Salmon River beckons...... Dex
  12. I'm in no way trying to debunk your observations, just sharing experiences in the same general area...... Fished Ginna west to IBay from last Tuesday thru Sunday with the exception of Thursday and there was bait EVERYWHERE from 55'-130' at times depending on the day. BT fishing was excellent with numerous 12-15lb fish landed and Kings up to approximately 29lbs - all of which were fat and well fed. Lakers were everywhere from 100-200 FOW and we all know where there are lakers there is bait (at least close by). The last thing most of us want (IMO) is to spread a belief that the predator to prey relationship is out of balance cuz it just isn't the case. Good fishing!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  13. Brian is top notch!! Congrats Gents!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  14. Agree 100% with Gill-T. The boys in Canada on the south shore (around Dalhouisie) where the Kings usually show first are currently on a eating binge. A local contest in which guys weighed in their top 3 salmon over 3 days had daily winners of over 27lbs each day and the winner over the 3 days top 3 weighed 73lbs+!! They are HUNGRY and eating - go get em' Dex Team Thrillseeker
  15. Classic Division: 1. Shark Tank - Capt. Greg Gehrig 2. Yankee Troller - Capt. Rich Hajecki 3. Thrillseeker - Capt. Vince Pierleoni 4. Free Spirit - Capt. Paul Czarnecki Trophy Division: 1. Shark Tank 2. Yankee Troller 3. Dirty Goose - Capt Casey Prisco 4. Thrillseeker Big Fish - Shark Tank with almost a 24lb king 4 places paid in each division - tough/grind bit for most but pockets of good fishing as well. Only 3 boats all weekend had a 12 fish limit catch (all on Friday). Complete scoreboard viewable at LOU on Instant Reports section...... Dex Team Thrillseeker