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  1. Thanks Matt!! I KNOW you're 100% committed to fairness and transparency - all we can ask for.... BTW, this change in scoring happened well before Matt took the reigns. Your work is MUCH appreciated Matt!! Dex
  2. I still like the simple scoring system...... Maybe I'm just simple.....LOL Dex Team Thrillseeker
  3. Tim, Thanks for posting. There are MANY variables: size of field, placing versus others by day and by event, winning an event, etc......When this model was adopted, it was done so in the spirit of a NASCAR scoring system - that is how it was first explained to us. EXAMPLE - DAY ! NIAGARA 1st place - 100 pts 2nd place - 97 pts 3rd place - 94 pts etc..... The same scoring model is then used for Day 2 AND for the entirety of the event. There are bonus points for winning an event and finishing higher in a bigger field. Years ago, it was as simple as adding your total points for each day fished in all cup eligible events. Said another way, if you DIDN'T weigh you took a zero. We miss this "simple" scoring system. I'm sure Vince can chime in and give a more detailed answer. Dex Team Thrillseeker
  4. Rob, As our friends to the North would say: "Nice shooting"
  5. i LOVE that your son is in to it!! So is mine!! Best of luck Dex Team Thrillseeker
  6. I like tournaments......just sayin' Dex Team Thrillseeker
  7. Fishbowl, Paul Czarnecki - Tri State Taxidermy who is a member of LOU did a 17.5 lb Atlantic for me and it looks fantatstic! I highly recommend him....... Dex Team Thrillseeker
  8. Discuss this before casting off!! Saves friendships and potential hard feelings when you nab the big one!! Gambler dead on when it comes to taxes as well.......
  9. we were fortunate enough to land one about that size (but 32") and girth a few years back and ours weighed in at 17.48lbs. So my guess is 15-16lbs. Dex Team Thrillseeker
  10. It takes ONE BITE!! Spend the $40 and find a fishing buddy or 2 willing to do the same. You NEVER know!! Great fish BTW. Dex Team Thrillseeker
  11. I LOVE it for selfish reasons and it's awesome!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  12. I like salmon - just sayin'........... BRING ON THE CHINNIES!!
  13. if at all possible, hit up a retail store that has a wide selection of Costas - they make so many frames that trying on several pairs finally landed me on my preferred Corbinas. Down here in Florida where I live there is a tackle shop that has what I affectionately call "the wall of Costas" - literally 100s of pairs!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  14. Rick, We have always respected you and your team's ability to put clients on fish - great trips(s) per usual. I also find it very cool that your clients wanted to put those BTs back to fight another day. Whether or not you had a hand in that, I love the conservative approach taken by your crew when available. As we all know BTs get pounded on quite a bit - good to see 2+ year old fish going back into the system. Hope to see you in St. Catharines, Dex Team Thrillseeker
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