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  1. Rick, Sorry to hear the going is slow. Your Dad and entire family are in our prayers.....Dex
  2. Never been a Yankee fan, (Big Sox booster), but in this case I will make a heart felt exception: To the Hajecki clan, let's get your Dad better and soon!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  3. Dex

    spin dr

    Vin's gonna be ALL OVER YOU Tom!!! LOL....... Dex
  4. Way to go Jerry!! That's a hog ANY year!! Especially in recent years........Dex
  5. Trophy!! Congrats and good luck on the new business Tony!! FYI - Tony typically fishes as the captain aboard the Strike Team amateur division entry in the stateside pro-am series. He is a former police officer and all around great guy. Stop by his place and take a look during the Niagara pro-am weekend!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  6. Brian, Salmon only tourneys in Canada brother!! Vince took a 32lb earlier this week in Olcott - is a 40lb gonna win the LOC?? On the Lam....I was not doubting your level of integrity, just starting a conversation with Brian - no harm meant....Dex
  7. 37 lbs?? Brian, has this been verified?? That is what I'm talking about!!
  8. Yankee, Agreed!! Let's get to fishing!! Are any of you guys making it to the Spring Scotty?? Brian, Where can I check out a pic of the new ride?? I knew you were in the market after last year's debacle(s)!!
  9. Andy, BTW, don't ever refer to Vince's hair as a mop (at least not to his face)....That is his most distinguishing feature!!
  10. Andy, read the post you loser!! (just screwin' with ya)....25lbs. OK Brian, tell your woman GAME ON!! What shall we bet?? Andy, you and Tom want some action?? Is it spring yet?? Dex
  11. Brian, Is this you?? I had to beg for permission - notice you can't make out any tackle in the picture....it had been sanitized!! LOL
  12. We caught this specimen the day before the Sodus Pro-Am during pre-fish. It weighed 25lbs!! Check out the anal fin. Much different than a Chinook!! Vince identified it as a "Chinho" - a cross between a Chinook and a Coho. Pretty cool!! I'd never seen one....anyone else care to chime in?? We speculated as to whether or not the fish was naturally reproduced and/or possibly sterile?? At any rate, I'm getting it mounted.....Dex Team Thrillseeker [/img]
  13. Holy cow!! They fished 15 tournaments in 2007 (if I counted right!!) That is how it should be done....Nice!!
  14. Gentlemen, I wanted to congratulate Yankee Troller for their win from all of us with Team Thrillseeker...nice work guys!! Boat troubles caused us to be late on day 1 by 6 minutes, costing us 60 points (ouch) - I won't go into details (cause they are UGLY) ....we made up for it on day 2 with a 243 point catch. We fished mostly outside of Yankee Troller and a bit east both days. 8 fish on day one for 157+ points (minus the 60) = 97+ points 12 fish on day 2. As we neared our limit on day 2, we focused on larger salmon rigs, and took out some lines that were producing 2 yr olds primarily since we needed a big box to compete. Good call on Capt. Vince's part as fish #10 and 11 were 18 and 19lb kings. At this point it was approaching 12:30 with a 1hr and 10 minute run back to the Oak. We put our hot smaller fish rigs back in and had our limit with a 7lb. king @ 12:37PM!! For those of you thinking of fishing a tourny, give it a shot!! There is nothing like it, and the comraderie is great.... See you guys @ Sodus (I don't think I'll be @ Oswego)... Dex Team Thrillseeker
  15. Freddy, Good to hear Doug is doing well....tell him to stay awake next time!! Great to see you guys again.... Jerry, see you on the east end, and don't forget the chocolate. I got the peanut butter!! Dex
  16. Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.....my work has moved me from Western MA to TX, but that doesn't stop me from making my way to Lake Ontario 4-5x a year. Since 2004, I've been a member of Thrillseeker Sportfishing tournament team (Captain Vince - our fearless leader), and look forward to saying hi to you guys on the circuit this year - I'll be fishing Niagara, Orleans, and Sodus....Can't wait til late April - we'll be @ St Catherines for the Scotty Tourny this year - come on spring!! Man, I gotta move back!! I have the sickness!! Dex
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