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  1. Couldn't agree more Sk8man - well stated....... Gotta belief those big Chinnies will march eastward at some point!!! The Salmon River beckons...... Dex
  2. I'm in no way trying to debunk your observations, just sharing experiences in the same general area...... Fished Ginna west to IBay from last Tuesday thru Sunday with the exception of Thursday and there was bait EVERYWHERE from 55'-130' at times depending on the day. BT fishing was excellent with numerous 12-15lb fish landed and Kings up to approximately 29lbs - all of which were fat and well fed. Lakers were everywhere from 100-200 FOW and we all know where there are lakers there is bait (at least close by). The last thing most of us want (IMO) is to spread a belief that the predator to prey relationship is out of balance cuz it just isn't the case. Good fishing!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  3. Brian is top notch!! Congrats Gents!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  4. Agree 100% with Gill-T. The boys in Canada on the south shore (around Dalhouisie) where the Kings usually show first are currently on a eating binge. A local contest in which guys weighed in their top 3 salmon over 3 days had daily winners of over 27lbs each day and the winner over the 3 days top 3 weighed 73lbs+!! They are HUNGRY and eating - go get em' Dex Team Thrillseeker
  5. Classic Division: 1. Shark Tank - Capt. Greg Gehrig 2. Yankee Troller - Capt. Rich Hajecki 3. Thrillseeker - Capt. Vince Pierleoni 4. Free Spirit - Capt. Paul Czarnecki Trophy Division: 1. Shark Tank 2. Yankee Troller 3. Dirty Goose - Capt Casey Prisco 4. Thrillseeker Big Fish - Shark Tank with almost a 24lb king 4 places paid in each division - tough/grind bit for most but pockets of good fishing as well. Only 3 boats all weekend had a 12 fish limit catch (all on Friday). Complete scoreboard viewable at LOU on Instant Reports section...... Dex Team Thrillseeker
  6. Congrats to Yankee Troller (2nd place Main Event, 1st place High Performance Division) and Navigator (1st place Main Event) for great catches in tough conditions yesterday. 52 teams competed with only 13 weighing in 5 fish tournament limit boxes, and out of those I believe only 5 teams had 5 kings in their box. Big fish went to Navigator with a 22.05 lb brute of a 3yr old! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  7. Hands down the best glasses I have ever owned - if you can go 580G do it! Costa's customer service in my experience is 2nd to none and worth the money to send in for repairs if you wish to stay with the 400s...... Dex
  8. Nick and I were drooling......BUT, as Vince stated, if there was one guy (a true gentlemen) I would rather see catch it than me, it is Freddie. Congrats again Freddie!! Dex
  9. Brian, Vince tried to post one via twitter but I don't see it there - I'll make sure he gets one up..... She was a TANK and thought she was a salmon!! Awesome to say the least...... Dex
  10. A huge shout out to Rick (Yankee), Bob (Reel Excitement), Paulie (Free Spirit) and all others who were integral in keeping The Oak a viable tournament port. A few years back when the Pro-Am was dissolved, I'm sure there were many folks concerned The Oak was done as a west event host - not the case! Cool event and great port. Thanks guys! Also, congrats to Yankee and the other top finishers! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  11. Oswego or Sodus Pro-AM on the East end - you know Vince has KINGS on his mind.....65 degrees ambient temp, light south breeze and chop to match with the sun coming up over the Eastern horizon. We set down, the screen lights up with Bait and targets (when in the right water), Nick puts the first rod in, Vin and I work on the divers while Steph drives the Northie, WAITING for the first rigger to pop or the first diver to get CRUSHED. THIS is LIVING!!!! Merry Christmas, Dex Team Thrillseeker
  12. Congrats to the Screamer boys for one heck of a tourney season - 3 wins is darn impressive!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  13. All, you want scary, here are some FACTS..... We fished the Atommik Invitational this last Saturday, and pre-fished Thursday and Friday from Port Bay to the Oswego area. On Thursday we took 2 king bites in 8.5 hours - landing an 18lb and a 7lb. On Friday (our best day), we took 8 king bites and caught 4 keepers - 20" and above with the largest 16lbs. This was for 8 more hours of effort. On Saturday, we took 5 king bites (including skippies) and landed 2 tourney fish - a 14lb and 9 lb king. Among the 43 boats fishing the tourney, 40 kings were weighed in!!! And oh yeah, with 2 fish and 23 lbs we finished in 8th!!! We didn't land a 20lb king the entire 3 days and landed 10 kings (including skippies) in 24+hrs of fishing. On pre-fish Friday, only 4 teams weighed in with a 20lb+ king. As a point of comparison, last year our 6 best kings weighed 158+lbs!!!!!! and average of 26.5lbs per fish. This year's big fish of the tourney was a 26.10lb fish. Chew on these numbers for a bit..... The entire year has been a grind x 1,000!!! There is one heck of a lot of effort occuring with little to show for it. Between the internet, technology, and the average angler being just plain BETTER than he/she was years ago, it's beyond awful. Natural reproduction help supplement numbers in a down year? Not seeing it..... Dex Team Thrillseeker
  14. Pete, I'm not sure if you were a writer in a previous life, or it may be that you are in this one. I truly enjoy your posts. I feel like I'm there! Keep em' comin.....
  15. And while we are at it, the same goes for the Pro side. The masses said no communication and traditional Pro Am rules with regards to observers and box composition. There is no reason the East end shouldn't come alive once again. Between both marinas in O-Town and the neighboring ports in Mexico Bay, there may be more charter boats per square mile then in any other area of the lake. Come on guys, let's see both Amateurs and Pros represented heartily in the years to come!!! Great thread rolmops, Dex Team Thrillseeker
  16. It is a probe, yes. In addition, it shows you actual depth of the rigger you have the probe attached to as current, speed, etc. can influence blowback. Pretty cool stuff!
  17. Ummmmm.........WOW!!! Great job by all. Let's get it on!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  18. Nick aka "wonderboy" could use a kick in the pants - getting complacent in my opinion..... LOL!
  19. By way of simple deduction, whoever told Bill Hilts there was communication was occurring KNOWS who was communicating. Therefore if this someone KNOWS who communicated and how, this person should step forward and reveal the offending party or parties. I'm confident the teams who fished one or both events have enough faith in the current administrators to handle the situation swiftly and appropriately. So PLEASE, whoever you are step forward and NOT thru a publication where public opinion can be swayed in a controversial manner. I'm off my soapbox..... Dex
  20. IMO this is just another attempt at dismissing No Comm as not being possible. Bill Hilts was not at either venue to our team's knowledge. Tom said it right, there are haters and always will be. In a word: RIDICULOUS If comm was occuring the offending parties know who they are. And, if caught, should be condemned. Dex Team Thrillseeker
  21. Rich, Top notch report (as always). Congrats from Team Thrillseeker on a great tourney season! Vince, Steph, Nick, and Dex
  22. Dave and Crew..... Congrats once again from Team Thrillseeker! very well done and see you this weekend! Vince, Steph, Nick, and Dex
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