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  1. If you wanna so he smile buy him an ice cream!! LOL...... Clearly I'm wanting ice cream cuz my grammar went to pooh!!
  2. If you wanna so he smile buy him an ice cream!! LOL...... Dex Team Thrillseeker
  3. Dave, This very question was asked in Oswego last July during a meeting that was held to sort out the future of the Pro-Ams. The question was never directly answered...... Someone has gotta know!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  4. SWEET!! Looking forward to a formal announcement!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  5. Troy, In a fit of well meant passion I inadvertently called you "Tony" in the 2nd to last sentence above - many apologies.....Dex
  6. In a rocket science world, someone actually incorporated common sense and VOILA! An event the majority chooses to participate in based upon what the prospective players want!! My parents always told me things were cyclical - I hope they are right when it comes to 2 day tourneys on the South side of Lady O!! Back to the basics people..... Don't break it if it ain't broke..... Nice job Troy et al! Here's to shopping at Warren's as a small token of appreciation for what Tony is undertaking and ultimately completes! Better stock up Brother! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  7. Is there or is there not a Pro-Am Committee? If so, who sits on this committee? If these person(s) were the least bit interested in seeing 1, some, or all of the tourneys being saved a reasonable person would think information with regard to next year would be disseminated and prospective competitors polled. It's becoming painfully clear a slow death of the Pro-Ams is in the offing........ While I'm at it where the he** is the old Challenge Cup? Maybe the new Pro Am should read "elimating the past AND the future......" I understand this seems like a rant cuz it is. In a word, I'm frustrated. And, like Brian,off my soapbox......
  8. One word describes this: AWESOME!! Big thumbs up for getting the young one involved. Kids like him are the future of the fishery!! Dex
  9. Cool deals Mar and Brian!! See you guys stateside in O-Town in a few weeks! Dex [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  10. Can you say FIRED UP!!! 5 weeks til Big Fish Friday!! No Communication!! Solid payout structure!! FEISTY Spring Kings!! Well Done Yvan...... Team Thrillseeker will be there!! Dex
  11. Thanks for the info gentlemen! See you in Dalhouise! Dex
  12. Thanks for the info Trannyman. What site did you pull the info from? Is it online registration and payments as has been the case for a few years now? Thanks, Dex [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  13. Greetings from Florida fellow salmonheads!! Does ANYONE have a confirmation on the Spring Scotty going off?? I can't find the dates documented anywhere. Looking at the calendar we are approximately 6 weeks til go time and still no formal announcement - am I just missing something? Thanks! Dex
  14. Ditto to what Andy said..... Dex Team Thrillseeker
  15. TA, I agree with your takes 100%!! IF communication is allowed, by all means USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!! There are a few reasons we still have trouble embracing it: 1. Who can you really trust? Who else is he that you communicate with communicating with? ie: We want other boats not knowing how we are doing - we all love to compete, right? Getting in your competitors heads if part of the battle.... 2. just because boat 'A' is doing it in at the 27 line directly north of port doesn't mean we will - guys just fish different!! (learned this one the hard way at Niagara this year and still finished 9th) - yeah we tried communicating with a boat!! I admit it!! These things being said, there are competitors who have embraced the idea of communication and are thriving (moreso than we are). I do not begrudge any of these boats any success they may have due to communication because IT IS CURRENTLY ALLOWED!! If the last few years have taught us all one thing - the communication age (internet, twitter, e-mail, etc...) have made the competition a lot better....and I LOVE IT!! There isn't a boat who regularly fishes the circuit who isn't capable of winning. Gosh it sucks the Pro-Ams are over!!
  16. The open comm/cheating topic is touchy (sp??) to say the least. Within our team we speak about it often as we do not condone it OR believe it can not be enforced - here is why I'm going off on this tangent - any captain/team that fishes these prestigious events does so for many reasons including the love of competition, a sense of personal accomplishment, etc. In my opinion among the very top of the list is wanting respect from your fellow anglers. Cheating in ANY form will deny yourself and your team of this and is why closed communication IS POSSIBLE!! Caught once and YOU ARE DONE!! This in itself is reason enough NOT to cheat - whether it be shaking off skippers or communicating in a closed communication event. The series we all enjoy thrived with more boat participation for MANY years without communication!! That being said, if communication is to be allowed, we as members of Team Thrillseeker need to learn to adapt and use it to our advantage because it IS allowed (currently) - something we have not been able to do as of yet....('cause we just don't get it!!) Dex Team Thrillseeker
  17. Yankee's a good guy to follow on Twitter - he usually finds them!! Rick when you find them this weekend be sure to let us know!! Dex Team Thrillseeker
  18. I think all us guys who love the sport would agree that when the woman in our life gets involved the whole experience gets even BETTER (if that's possible). Congrats Shawn!! Dex
  19. Congrats to Team Yankee Troller on a few fronts: 1ST AND MOST IMPORTANT - GREAT TO SEE YOUR DAD THERE RICK!! Secondly - great catch on day 2 - way to persevere!! Dex
  20. By the way Rob, congrats on the quintuple!! That is way cool..... Get here weekend!! No salmon fishing in 7 months has got to be a crime.....
  21. Vin.... Would Spring Scotty 2008 qualify?? You were SO flustered we couldn't keep rods in the water, that at one point we had about 6 kings on the deck with blood and shredded tackle everywhere. At this point, with one diver left in the water, it goes!! Vince looks at it getting pounded and says, "what the F**K!!! Hilarious!!
  22. Two words.....mission accomplised!! And for the record, anyone who knows me knows I'm roasting Vince - if I wasn't I wouldn't be me!! Can't wait for the weekend!! Salmonpalooza 2010 is near!!
  23. So Vin..... Now that we have welcomed you to the "technology age" is it possible you can share with the fine folks on this forum HOW TO RENT A FREAKIN' CAR WHEN TRAVELLING?? The man can see in 3D below the water, drink fruity beer til the cows come home, he can even text message (we learned together in June 2007). But renting a car.....FORGET IT!! LOL...... Also, when did the fearless leader of Team Thrillseeker become a socialite? I'm beyond confused and approaching dumbfounded. Something like 120 posts in 4 months?? You don't say that many words in a morning unless a tongue lashing is in the offing!! I'm convinced his next post will read something like this: Hi, my name is Vince and I enjoy God's Country, long walks on the beach, and fruit in my beer. and oh yeah, the only sports team that exists is the New York football Giants.....etc.... When you guys see my captain, please let me know. I'm supposed to fish with him next weekend.....Dex
  24. Gents, Glad it isn't me when it comes to Timmy Ho's on "the other side." For a minute, I thought I was just cranky before coffee (which is good there, Rich), but 10 minutes for a freakin' breakfast sandwich??!! Come on!!!! See you boys in 3 weeks!! Dex
  25. WTF!! I've fished with the guy on charters and tournaments, and I learned more in the last few posts from him then he's told or shared with me in the last 6+ years!! How did this happen??!! LOL......... Signed, Dex a "confused" Team Thrillseeker member
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