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  1. Another vote for the Slippery Sinker in Olcott, if you need something to catch a king, they prob have it
  2. There is a small motel in Youngstown (not bad) http://www.outdoorsniagara.com/youngstownmotel.htm Like previously stated, camping at 4 mile creek is another great option, the Fort Niagara launch is only 5 mins from there as well. If you want to fish the red can, you are best fishing right out of Youngstown. You can't go wrong fishing youngstown to Olcott, but I grew up fishing off the red can so i'm biased
  3. Took 9 Kings in the clear water between 90 & 170 off the can on Sat. Heading back out tomorrow night to see what we can do. North of the can I could see the ball 30 ft down so there was definitely some clear water there. Biggest was 18, avg was around 13
  4. My experience last weekend echoes what you said Bob. I like to use this website, it takes a daily satellite snapshot of the lake. Hopefully we can get a clear sky in the next day or two to get a good shot to see what the mud plume is doing http://www.lakesimcoeoutdoors.com/lakesimcoe_satelliteimages.php The shot from 4/30 really shows the mud pouring out from the mouth of the river
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