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  1. I'll be curious to see the next satellite photos after the East wind these few days and see if it helped break up the ice pack a bit
  2. rule of thumb, if you see seagulls standing on the surface of the water in front of you, slow down and turn
  3. http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/region_map.html
  4. Corps of engineers said Monday might be the day based on the current rate of ice loss.
  5. Water temps not time trigger the run. Definitely a few weeks away still from that.
  6. Yup.... down to 5% now. Going to be a lot of debris on the water all around the bar for a bit once that boom gets pulled so everyone be careful motoring out.
  7. I guess if everyone followed that logic, after this generation of Charter Captains are gone, the industry would die. Are there some people who take the same view as Fathobbit... likely. I wouldn't paint everyone with the same brush, however. Competition will always exist and the Captains who consistently put clients on fish will find more work than those who don't.
  8. Reports are saying Monday, 4/28 may be the day http://wivb.com/2014/04/23/ice-boom-may-be-able-to-be-removed-april-28/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  9. I run the ones from Harvey, but the one size smaller....12.5 or 13 lbers, can't remember exactly what they are. They are great, they track well and blowback is pretty minimal down to about 90 feet for me. The deepest i went with them was 115 and they got down there. I run manual riggers so if I ran 16 lb weights, i wouldn't be able to lift my arms at the end of the day.
  10. You'll likely need to run to Port Dalhousie and work west from there. In addition to the license, you need to have passports on you and call customs prior to crossing over.
  11. If its tangling, like Bazooka said, you're likely dropping them too fast. As for Fluoro vs Mono for the leader, i've always run fluoro just because either that's what was rigged from the manufacturer or I had fluro leader already when tying my own. I do know guys run 50lb big game mono as their leaders with success.
  12. My season doesn't start until that ice comes past so selfishly I need that to happen.
  13. Down to 10% as of today. 70's tomorrow and 50's - 60's rest of the week, that should just about do it I would imagine.
  14. Agreed, I also have the HDS5 Gen 2 with lake insight.... the contours are pretty much spot on with good detail.
  15. Quite a bit of fracturing. You know we all have cabin fever when we are monitoring satellite photos.
  16. I use 7 strand 30# wire. The key is it has to be spooled TIGHT. Whenever i spool one up, i'll have a buddy put a screwdriver through the line spool and wear some gloves to put a lot of resistance on it. Then, when you head out to the lake, take a tripped dipsy, let it almost all the way out and retrieve it. Then you should be good to go.
  17. Remembering back to my teenage years, a funny thing happened. The older I got, the more my Dad knew what he was talking about.
  18. Harvey makes great torpedo weights, i run 3 of them now.
  19. Well that's the opposite of good.
  20. Imagery from today Good news.... the ice pack is greatly diminished. Bad news, what's left is probably pretty thick ice.
  21. Well said Baitrigger. Pulling in a nice laker is like pulling in a log. Don't get me wrong, its still fun, but its not like pulling in a spring king.
  22. Down to 23% coverage. Getting the boom pulled for me is the #1 factor determining when my season starts. My slip is in youngstown, and the docks don't go in until the ice goes past.
  23. Digging up an older post here, but i want to re-tie my flies this week... i have 40 lb. Pline CFX Fluro leader sitting at home...it looks like most run 50lb leaders, so i'm curious what are the thoughts on using this 40 lb leader. I would imagine the 40lb would be plenty capable of doing the job right?
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