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  1. This time of year, you'll be able to get bass from shore with some walleye in the lower river at night fishing from shore. The trout and salmon have moved offshore for the most part with the rising water temps.
  2. I worked the can Friday night, managed 4 fish in about 3 hours. Decent bait pods but fish are real scattered from the East winds. Biggest King was 14 lbs. A few days of set up westerlies should help this week.
  3. Its an Atlantic Coho
  4. Good temp, a lot of debris so be careful motoring out. Good water color. I went out last night, marked some good bait and some decent hooks, but got skunked. Worked from 5:30 - 8:00pm out there.
  5. Without knowing the year, a 16' Starcraft likely would have level flotation right? If something happened, the boat wouldn't go right to the bottom?
  6. Not bad at all... just have to keep an eye out while motoring but completely fishable.
  7. http://wivb.com/2014/05/15/agencies-search-for-missing-boater/ Terrible situation, pray for a happy ending. Those storms that kicked up yesterday afternoon were pretty intense.
  8. How intact is the coating on the cable? Is the connection on the cable to the probe taped really well? How fresh is the 9v battery in the probe?
  9. Good report... similar to what I had as well. Glad to know it wasn't just us, although I figured that as we didn't see any other boats really hooking up. We worked the exact same area Fri and Sat.
  10. I believe you are referring to one of these http://www.shortbusflashers.com/ There are a few companies that make them. I'm giving them a shot this year as well... running a spoon on 20# floro about 4 feet behind the flasher.
  11. Not the best right now, Lakers are there but the Kings are not.... at least for us.
  12. Lower river is at 40 degrees as of yesterday.... slowly improving.
  13. I've heard the smelt are pretty thick in the lower river now.
  14. Looks like the boom is about 60 - 70% out. There is still some ice that was blown into the eastern basin by Sherkston and still some by whats left of the boom. There really isn't a whole lot left, a few more days to be safe and i'll be putting the boat in.
  15. I believe it is right near the Boathouse restaurant
  16. Lower river is icing up now. Whirlpool is full of ice, Launches in Lewiston, Youngstown and the fort starting to see ice. Starting to look like a minefield out there.
  17. The only have a portion of the boom out, it comes out in sections so the bulk is yet to come
  18. Here's a couple photos of what the boom is and does: Army Corps ice survey flight and upclose view of the boom
  19. I would bet early June will be fantastic this year.
  20. With the weird west end temps this spring, i'm wondering if there might be some fish sitting deep that can be enticed to strike.
  21. Are you talking about the new one on Rt, 78?
  22. The barge and crane have begun removing the boom. I'll raise a glass to that!
  23. I dock in Youngstown too, do not put your boat in before the ice flow gets down. If they start pulling tomorrow, it will be a few days before it is clear. On the bright side, traveling the upper river, rapids, over the falls, and lower rapids, the ice takes a beating so a lot of it gets busted up and melted down prior to making it to Youngstown. There is currently about 250 sq. miles of ice on Erie, and that number is decreasing daily.
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