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  1. The south ramp is always the deeper one. Water level is pretty low.
  2. This link shows the ice coverages by day: http://coastwatch.gl...13_2014_ice.dat The ice needs to be at less than 250 sq. miles before they pull the boom.... that equates to about 2.5% coverage
  3. I'm ok with the rule, and not because i'm not a great lake trout fisherman. There were a lot of lakers being taken and weighed in that didn't make the board and then guys were just discarding the fish... Some of those fish are 15 - 20 years old as well.
  4. 28% now.... come on warm weather! Superior is still 77% covered in ice... sheesh
  5. Baitrigger... where did you hear that from?
  6. Check out Tohatsu - same company that makes the small mercury outboards. You can pick up a new 9.8 hp four stroke for under $2000
  7. Thanks for the heads up, Tim. I think it's time i finally made it to one of these. See you there Thursday night.
  8. Latest Sat image of Lake Erie from yesterday.... open water is getting bigger and bigger every day and the ice pack is fractured. The end is in site for the ice boom.
  9. Hopefully some of this rain coming up will help melt the ice down too. Gotta get that ice boom pulled before May 1st.
  10. I have to check out the torpedo wire, my coated cable is a mess.
  11. If you have the room, you can always try putting the probe on its own separate rigger, just pick up something less expensive and keep one rigger only for the probe. I have 4 rigger mounts on my boat, but usually only run two riggers with stackers and keep a third rigger just for the probe. I move the probe rigger up and down looking at water temps to set my rods and usually just keep it 50 down to give me a speed reading.
  12. To me its all relative. If the subtroll (or depth raider which I have) is off from the true speed it really doesn't matter. If I take a nice fish at 2.2 on the down speed, I fish 2.2 on the downspeed. Whether or not that 2.2 is really 2.2 doesn't matter so much as it allows you to repeat your speed at the ball for whats working.
  13. Most of the ice from Lake Erie melts off before it ever reaches the lake. I heard its something like less than 2% of all ice ever makes it to the mouth of the Niagara. That being said, we really need some warmth and some sun to start going to work on all that ice.
  14. Water level is pretty low too... went down to the launch to look yesterday and the water level is way down. I was surprised at that. Definitely would not be able to launch at the fort niagara north docks.
  15. Looks like the Jet Stream is going to be transitioning into a "zonal" flow beginning at the end of this week, which would mean that average conditions will start being the norm. Upper 40's and low 50's look to be in store for us after we get through these next few days. Hopefully get some clear days to boot to start melting down the ice.
  16. In weather like that I keep it tied in the slip and my bite consists of chicken wings. I've fished enough in 4 footers to know I don't like it.
  17. A good rule of thumb, if you see the Wet Net Lund fishing the same grounds as you, you're probably in the right spot.
  18. I run an HDS5 with Lake Insight. Does everything I need it to do, great piece of equipment. Sometimes I wish I had a unit with a bigger screen but all in all, nice piece of equipment.
  19. Modis Imagery http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/webdata/cwops/html/modis/modis.php?region=o&page=1 Looks like 2/22 was the last date with clear enough skies to get a good look
  20. Great show.... Blood Run sold out of their wire really fast, was looking to score a good price on some of their 7 strand to change a few more dipsys over to wire. Picked up some flies, spoons, and a used line counter reel. With a new drag kit from tuna tom it'll be like brand new for under $50. Now all we gotta do is get through these next few months of weather.
  21. Going to check out the LOTSA marketplace on Sunday. I've never been to one of the LOTSA shows so i'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer. Good chance to get out of the house and probably spend too much money.
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