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  1. Good report as always. I'm finally getting the boat in the water this week, wondering if I should stay on the bar off Youngstown or head towards Wilson.
  2. I wouldn't be too scared away by the June transition. Yes, fishing may change, but there are still Kings to be caught. I've had some of my best days on the water in June.
  3. I have no love loss for guys running big boards way out during the derby in the pack. I've also been cutoff by guys running autopilot to their waypoints in the pack, regardless of traffic. Apparently a 30 ft boat always has right of way vs. a 24 ft boat.... and it wasn't anyone in this thread.
  4. Good News.......Ice Boom Removal starts this morning at 11:00
  5. Looking at the Ice Boom Camera.... There's a chunk of ice the size of a football field behind the boom, and that's it. The rest is all open water. The ice pack has all but melted in the rest of the lake, with just a little bit of slush pushed west into the open water. If they don't start pulling the boom in the next day or two (wind/waves permitting) then the NYPA is just trolling us. http://www.iceboom.nypa.gov/ EDIT - The boom removal starts this morning at 11:00 am - Great news.
  6. Except for me: My slip is in the lower Niagara, and they don't put the docks in until the boom is pulled. Trailering it is not an option either, so Boom is definitely a four letter word for me.
  7. The water temp of lake Erie at the buffalo pumping station is now above freezing at 33f. Everything is moving in the right direction.
  8. Lake Erie is down to 28% coverage and decreasing pretty quickly. The ice pack is fragmented so these temps this week should do some good work on it.
  9. Another side effect of the ice boom, once its released and the ice flows come through, there is a significant debris field that also comes with it. I put the boat in the slip last year a few days after the last ice came through, came down the next day and there was a telephone pole sized log floating next to it in the slip. Had to dodge a floating picnic table heading out to the bar. There's a lot of standing seagulls on the water this time of year.
  10. The problem is, the ice in the Eastern Basin by Buffalo is typically the thickest. I'm optimistic like you but realistically, i'd bet that it is closer to the 24th that the Boom starts to come out. I'd love it to be much sooner.
  11. http://lakeviewmotelandcottage.com/ Here you are sir. Its only a few miles down Rte. 18 from the launches in Youngstown. Plenty of room to park your rig. From all accounts its a nice clean place to stay.
  12. West end on the Bar was tough for Kings for us last spring, like the others said, off the Genny seemed to be the place to be. That ice water will be flowing out of the Niagara again this spring...
  13. My usual suspects are Craigslist, boattrader.com, boats.com. I picked up a new boat a few years ago and found the listing for it on Craigslist.
  14. In the west end, I expect to see bergs floating down the Niagara until at least the first week of May
  15. Just went through this thread again..... Good therapy for a loooonnnggg winter
  16. I spent my first 20 years salmon fishing out of a Blue Fin- we sold it a few years ago but a lot of good memories in that boat.... and a lot of really wet runs out to the bar in it. If you didn't feel like showering that day, just go about 20-25 mph in anything over 1.5 footers and you'd get all the water you want.
  17. Haha... the hamstring is good enough to hold the scorebook and the beer!
  18. Bad - normal for this time of year, but definitely fouling all the lines. They are sticking to everything, including the wire and 30 lb mono on the riggers.
  19. Haven't seen any reports from the Bar in a long time. Headed out after work and got set up around 5:00PM. For a nice summer evening, there were not any boats anywhere, no pleasure boats cruising the shore, no trailers at the Fort Niagara launch, basically had the lake to ourselves. We Set up deep to start in 285 ft, which is about 6.5 miles out. Blank screen. We decided to troll into our usual waypoints that go from 215 - 95 ft. As soon as we hit the 215 waypoint the wire dipsy goes off. A 16 lb King put up a nice battle, stripped off 150 ft on the first run and 10 minutes later he was on the deck. Mtn. Dew spin Dr. with a green hammer. 175 back on a mag dipsy w/ring. From there it was all spoons on the riggers, NBK, Green Thunder, and a bunch of other spoons i forgot the name of but they were all green and black. Every rigger fired and when at one point as we got one on the deck, two riggers fired and we had doubles. We run two riggers with stackers up 12 ft. Deepest rigger was 80 stacked to 68 and the other was 60 stacked to 48. We dropped a real nice fish off the 80 rigger and dropped another nice one off the wire dipsy. Picked up a 9 lb steelie, and a bunch of kings ranging from 6 - 15 lbs. Pulled up around 8:30 PM and headed in. All in all, we ended up 9-15, one steelie and the rest Kings. The fleas are bad, but other than that it was a great night. Only ended up snapping one picture of one of the fish.
  20. I haven't been able to break 12 lbs so far this year.
  21. Thats a great point... I keep thinking my typical waypoints out there are going to produce and they're not yet, but I sure am wasting time trying to hit them from every direction.
  22. Tough fishing (at least for us) continues. Set up north of the red can around 5:20 and started the troll. Worked 100 ft - 230ft east west north south. Bagged it at 8:45. We were the only boat out there. Ended up 2-3, with a skippy and a 12 lb king. The 12 lb king came off a NBK 55 down over 125. Didn't mark a whole lot out there fish wise... which brings me to the next point. BAIT BAIT BAIT. I have never seen bait clouds like that out there in 20 years. We had clouds that started at 15' and extended down to 100'.... and there were tons of them. We were marking at least one cloud every few minutes, watching the rods you could see all the riggers start jumping when we went through the clouds. In past years we would mark some hooks on the back side of those clouds and get some strikes as our lines worked through... but there weren't any hooks with most of these clouds. There seems to be plenty of prey but not enough predators out there. Surface temp was 61, 50' down was still 52 degrees on the probe. Washing lures and burning gas.
  23. Its not so much the SOG that you see on your GPS, its the speed your lures are running at. With the Lake O currents, it changes. Sometimes i need to be running almost 4mph on the GPS for the lures to be at the right speed, other times the GPS and probe are almost identical. It all depends on the currents and directions you are headed. Let the cables and lines tell you when you're at the right speed.
  24. WNW at 10 will be very fishable in your boat. One other thing to keep track of, your speed. If you don't have a probe, then the next best way to judge is by watching your downrigger cables. For me, the ideal speed running spoons and flashers is when the cables are at a 30 degree blowback angle (I run 13 lb torpedos). This translates to 2.2 - 2.3 at the ball on my depth raider. I would recommend running at least one Spin Dr or Protroll combo in your spread (Slippery Sinker right there in Olcott has anything you will ever need).
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