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  1. RR,it looks real fine and plenty of room for the STRIKE 3 to boot.Might be a good way for us to get that LOU ALL trophy in August.....Zeke?Cyn(Strike 3)
  2. I do beleive that you are telling the Truth,a part of the Truth and nuthing but a some of the Truth.If you aren't busy......call me in the afternoon.....Zeke(Strike 3)
  3. Ok Huntfrisco....we've all read Stingers report.The only part I beleive w/o hearing from you is the " FRIG NEWT'S " were good.If you have room I'll be ready to try again in 3 weeks.Looking forward to YOUR report.....Zeke(Strike 3)
  4. When we come up to visit...which dock should we use?Yours or Sawbellys...................Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  5. To whom it DOES concern....you didn't run BILLY on the reel I have for you.........
  6. Huntfrisco and Stinger....by the time I'm ready to go again,we won't need heaters.Thanks guys for a great time and do get ahold of me before the weekend for the reel....Thanks again....Zeke/Cyn(hobbled)....Strike 3
  7. Sliderman,I'm with you on the PM'ing.Ask Huntfrisco or Splitshot.We'll share with anyone who wants what little we know but we stopped posting years ago.Way to go out there......Zeke / Cyn ( Strike 3) FOR SPLITSHOT...............108 >>>>2 HR>>>>>118
  8. Rapala,I sent you an e-mail............Zeke(Strike 3)
  9. Styx....where are you filling up?????My Tundra is just fine and so is Cyn's . Rav 4.Yesterday,I trolled for hours with Huntfrisco and his Honda kicker ran flawlessly.We've all read the horror stories bout ethnol....maybe its finding to the southern tier.Lets hope that it all works out before April......Zeke(Strike 3)
  10. I had the pleaure of doing a trip with HUNTFRISCO and STINGER.Being the newbie on the trip,I was put in charge of the Fig Newtons.I of course left them home.I also lost one of HUNTFRISCO"S board releases.Fishing was very good with fish taken over all depths and a wide variety of colors.The quality of the brown trout is excellent and the undersize salmon from the summer have grown very nicely.And yes....."Billy" was on his game today.There were a few tangled lines of which I had no part.STINGER will prolly own up to those.Thank's guys so very much to a awesome start to the 08 season.....Zeke ( Strike 3 )
  11. Vince,there is not a word of truth to the ALL FEM LOU TEAM.Truth be known that W / O Cyn,I'd have problems gettin' the STRIKE 3 off the trailer.She is the brains ( arch ) and the beauty ( 2nd GPS ) of our team.Love ya Hon.....Zeke(Strike 3 )
  12. Most other $$$$$$ Derby's have a lunker pool.Seeing our LOU ALL is for fun,Strike 3 would be honored to donate a Lunker Trophy.It would look good next to the 08 LOU ALL Trophy.....should we be the lucky boat that wins......Zeke/Cyn/Hunter (Strike 3)
  13. Split....way to pick up the lead in the 08 LOU ALL.The Strike 3 is in for either week but prefers the Aug 2 date.We have a new team member.....Hunter...... who'll be wanting the Kids trophy.Split....last 3 AM'S were 141.....129 ......122.Can't wait to get going.....Zeke & Cyn ( Strike 3 )
  14. jay.....read the STICKY above your post........Zeke(Strike 3)
  15. Ken,we can't fault STINGER for being a rod hog.For the most part he fishes solo so for him there is no "WE or US" just I.Let me know if there is a spot.Hsppy Holidays.....Zeke(Strike 3)
  16. I can steer,set lines and I don't really care to reel in the fish,SO.....if there is a 12 / 29 trip I'd love to go.I'll bring the Fig Newt's......Zeke(Strike 3)
  17. Hi Vince,I don't usually post on the board but after reading STINGERS post and him inviting you aboard the "Little BUDDY",I had to set something straight.Yes.....do fish with Stinger if you want to eat FIG NEWTON's and drink coffee and pop.If you want to catch fish,go with the STRIKE 3 or the (NEW) BLUE MOON.Those two boats will square off in the LOU ALL 08'.Cyn and I wish youself and the CAPT. a very Happy Holiday season.Do keep in touch......Cyn & Zeke (Strike 3)
  18. Cited myself and Cyn for angling other than rod and reel...meaning we ran 5 poles stead of 4.If I had noticed the name on the summons I'd have told him I learned that program from his Mom and Dad.Seems like a great kid....you guys should be proud.Let him know that the STRIKE 3 crew are good people................Zeke
  19. Vince....As of today,Strike 3,Sweet Lou and Sawbelly are in.I beleive that RustyRat is also...................Zeke(Strike 3 )
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