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  1. Hey Chum Bucket,why would you need a doll when you could have Klause??????....Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  2. Hey Chum Bucket...We did support the Town of Lansing BUT not as much as you did!!!Must be they don't like our $$$$$$$.Happy Holidays....Zeke/Cyn
  3. Hello Spoon Fed.You are so kind in including Cyn and myself with the likes of Rusty,Traveling Man,and Stinger.Very good teams there.Our trips have been way down the last 2 years but we've never had so much fun we we did get out.Our favorite set is 3 riggers and 2 wire dips.Maniac has crafted us a rigger board made from ash.Most of the time we wouldn't need the 6 rod that we would gain.There are links on the Open Discussion section with the contacts we need to let the DEC know what our wishes are.If you guys get a free minute,please fill them out.....There is a team from the above list that even 3 rods/person wouldn't be enough.Can anyone guess who that might be? Happy Holidays....Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  4. There is a thread in the Open Diccussion tab bout the possibility of allowing 3 rods/person.It appears that it is for the Lake Ontario water.The Finger Lakes people also need to let the DEC know that there are alot of 1 and 2 person teams that would love to run an extra rod or two.The contact links are on that thread.Please take a moment to let the DEC know our wishes.Thanks and Happy Holidays............Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  5. We are a husband/wife team and would love to see 3 rods/angler.We fish alone the majority of the time.Would catch rates really be impacted?????I don't know but I do know that there are alot of 2 person team's out there that would love the extra rods.If the musky guys are opposed,than make it a rule specific to trout and salmon trolling in Lake Ontario and The FINGER LAKES too.Please don't leave the Finger Lakes people out.Let's hear from more of the 2 person team's too....Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  6. My wife and I fish Cayuga Lake most of the time and spend a week at the Bar in May and another week at the OAK in July.We would love to see rods / person increased to 3.This is not to run 3 lines each but rather run 3 riggers and 2 wire dipsys and be legal in NYS.We've always wondered what is the difference if we catch our fish with more that 2 rods/person so long as we don't exceed NYS catch limits.We are catch and release people most of our trips.Just our 2 cents..... Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  7. Hi Grey,great looking ride.We know you've been looking for awhile.All the best to you and thanks for all.....Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  8. Hi Stan,our thoughts and prayers and with you and your family.We wish the best for you guys.Take care......Zeke/Cyn (Strike 3 )
  9. Yes,it was Butch.Coasties came out with the white suits and masks.Must be they know the routine.We're just leaving camp for the Fort.I call you tonite,,,,,,,Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  10. A sad fishing report.After fishing inside the Green Can for few hours an other FISHSTYX pulled lines and headed alittle deeper to try for some Kings.They did a decent coho and then came upon a body.They called the Coast Guard for assistance and 5 boats responded.A grim reminder to all to please be safe.........Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  11. Split,we hope to have a 8 yr old with us.Should be fun to watch Cyn and Hunter battle for each release........Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  12. Strike 3 is in for the 2nd.Also FISH BUZZARD is in too.....Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  13. I just got off the phone with the Border Patrol at Niagara Falls.As long as we DO NOT DOCK for any reason in Canadian waters,we DO NOT need a Form I 68.We do need to have our Ontario Fishing License....Launch at the Fort...go into Canadian water...return to the Fort WITHOUT DOCKING in Canadian water.....We're good to go.Number for the NF Border Patrol....716 284 5174..............Zeke/Cyn (Strike 3)
  14. Please don't follow the STRIKE 3.We don't cash checks,don't catch fish and we don't have any trophys.No need to even look our way.The RAT will lead you all to the TROPHY water.Tomorrow we'll be following STINGER and HUNTFRISCO around the south end.They are the team to watch......Zeke/Cyn (Strike 3 )
  15. Moto,we just bought a Garmin 376C and had no trouble locking from inside our house.You should be fine.....Zeke(Strike 3)
  16. Back in the 80's or early 90's,a Capt from Fair Haven had a Thompson HT.One day he went down to his slip in Frost Haven Resort and the boat had sunk.I beleive that it split along the centerline.As with any used boat...hire a good surveyor.Good luck to you.....Zeke/Cyn (Strike 3)
  17. Well....well.....well.Nuthin bout the FRIG NEWTS?????No tangles?????Lets hear bout the Big Buddy that wouldn't work.Remember that the reports are the Truth,whole truth,some of the truth and the truth as we all know it couldn't be.Huntfrisco....can you plaese start doing the reports again???? We are glad you guys did have another great day.Happy Easter....Zeke/Cyn (Strike 3 )
  18. Split....We'll be out alot........7 day - 112 14day - 121 30day - 128 HA1C 6.4 Got a good grip and hope to have it on that LOU Trophy too.........Zeke
  19. Well,RR is right bout August.He showed us the way and we haven't forgot.Scott,thanks so very much.I'm sure that we won't need binocs to see each other.......Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  20. Much luck to you on your scouting trip.From what I've read Rusty Rat is locked on to the LOU All trophy and he ain't letting it go.Is the Little Buddy hiting the water or is the 195 going.Happy Easter to you guys......Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  21. Split,Hunt,Ray,Stinger,Hermit and all others that either fish solo or with only one other person.How bout getting something started with the NYS DEC that allows more rods when trolling.My idea would be the 2 rods / person PLUS 1 extra per boat.In 2007 I know ALOT of us donated to the " Fishing by means other than angling " or running too many rods..What to you all think.......Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
  22. Ken.....2nd Chinook on the Simrad.....bought one and it has done everything we wanted it to do......Zeke/Cyn (Strike 3 )
  23. Yes,it sits on the dining room table.Thanks so very much for the heads up.Let us know when Ethan is done playing ball and we'll bring it down.If its more convenient for you,we can drop it off and you can do it at your leisure without us being there.Let us know.....Zeke/Cyn (Strike 3)
  24. Eric,From an article on core from GLA the Diawa SG47LC is a good choice for up to 5 colors.Listy goes as follows........... Shimano 700 - 800 10 to 20 colors Shimano Charter Special 2000 up to 5 colors Okuma CV45D up to 10 colors Cabelas DepthMaster Gold DMG45 up to 10 colors Diawa SG47LC up to 5 colors Pfluger Contender 30G up to 7 colors Penn 330GTI up to 10 colors Penn 345 GTI up to 20 colors Won't be long now......Zeke/Cyn (Strike 3)
  25. RR......I USED to know where you fish and I USED to know what you fish with.......my memory ain't what it used to be sooo I'll never tell ............Zeke/Cyn(STRIKE 3)
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