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  1. Mark...We hope there will be a season 2 for the C/S League.It sounds like alot of fun and plenty of room for b'busting.Keep up the good work and hopefully we're in next year.We'll be from Dean's on Sat. but not in Barney/Bear.Only a part day trip,back to camp and pack.Leaving for Wilson early Sunday AM...Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  2. Our first shot at Photobucket.This is the beach area shortly after lunch.As rough as we've seen in awhile and the wind was down from Saturday nite.....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  3. Micky P....that imfamous "Middle of the Lake " is now POSTED so the RAT will find another place to play ....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  4. I just called Happy Landing and they have changed to E-10.
  5. Hello Fred,great to hear from you.That gas station is Happy Landing.Fishing has been very good @ the south end of the lake.....lots of big browns.Unfortunately,we aren't the ones catching them.Have a safe trip back and be sure to tell Fred we said hi.......Take care.....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  6. Redeyes...you were on Cayuga.We fished from 7 AM - 1 PM.Lots of talk bout nice browns being taken but none by us.Did 4 short salmon and 2 short browns.No lure really stood out for us.Saw some boats from the board..Bobber Down,Frisco and Dbutts.We'll be back out on Wed.......Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  7. You sandbagger...... .....Zeke & Cyn
  8. We saw it too but this year its gonna take more than some RAZORS to repeat. Â Strike 3 is in to win.Gotta spank all the new CAPTAINS...Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  9. Hello Erin....great to hear from you.Sorry that you can't make the BAR this spring.Cyn & I enjoyed meeting you guys last spring.You will love the fishing @ the Oak.it's a great place to fish from.When you get there,we'll be leaving.I hope we'll have a great report for you guy's.Hi to all & keep in touch..........Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  10. Cyn & I would like to offer our congratulations to all of the new Captain's from this board.There are now more Captain's than fisherman on Cayuga. Well done guy's....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  11. Thanks Dkh8 ....We have Kwikfils here but they all have ethanol.The marinas will be selling nonethanol in our area.Might also be a Sunaco station in Owego NY too.....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  12. Hey Chris....remember.....Split is from PA
  13. The dates are posted on the bottom of page 3 of this thread.....................
  14. Jennings....might that be just before the turnoff for DEANS COVE when heading north?????Thanks....Zeke & Cyn
  15. Non ethanol stations are getting scarce.Are there still any in the southern tier or Ithaca area.Thanks very much...Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  16. Hey Rod,those lakers must have been September strain.Do you think Cyn & I can get a few to try on the May fish???That fly looks great.Thanks.....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  17. Hey Rod...what lakers liked the fly....the Senaca or Cayuga or both.....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  18. I'm with you Scott....Split should be studing.......Z & C
  19. There are 2 launchs @ the south end.they are off RT 41.Turn left in Scott and go to the bottom of the hill.The 1st is a town launch and the 2nd is @ the old motel.We've never launched at either but @ the motel launch,there are boats and pontoons slipped in docks that are the same size as yours.......Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  20. The 2nd and 3rd spoons from the right look like R & R Razors...........
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