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  1. They are back.They were on our 6# line...not enough to interfere with landing our fish but they were there and it will only get worse.,.....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  2. Shaun,when are you going from Dean's again.Cyn & I would like to see your boat.That model going to be out retirement gift.Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  3. Strike 3 will be on Cayuga Lake and to answer an above post about why most choose to fish Cayuga for trout....look at the years past winners.A huge % of the $$$ fish come from Cayuga.....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  4. Way to go Scott.It's good to have a Cayuga Lake guy doing well.Glen is great as well.He gave you a tip but he gave us his all time #1 goto lure on the Fingers.Thank you Spoonfed..............Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  5. Split....team Strike 3 is in and to set the record straight......we've never fished the LOU-ALL.......Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  6. I know nothing...............................
  7. 2 tickets,Sec 115,Row 50,seats 5-6.$125.00 firm.607 759 3960
  8. Thanks all for the well wishing.Cyn and I got to the BAR Sunday am and my belated present was looked to be at least 5' er's.All is ready to go and we'll do an afternoon /evening trip.Actually...Cyn has given me this BAR trip for the last 3 years.Hank has a present for me(us)also.Thanks so very much.I don't know that STINGER person but have seen his pic on Cayuga's most wanted posters many times .Thanks again.....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3) Split......we're in to win this weekend and it will be the 300' rod....Thanks
  9. No need for a raod trip....www.tamiron.com.We just received a large order from them.Quick ship and great looking spoons......Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  10. Yes Split...we run the Jolly Rodger BUT Stinger runs this .Stinger...where you been????Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  11. Hi Frisco....I've heard that unlawful trollers frequent the waters south of Long Point.There is another place that is on the west shore where the lawbreakers gather.I beleive its called Bum's Beach.We'll let you know if we have any sightings of the PERP in question......maybe he won't be on the water as much as he thinks.Have a Happy Easter....Z & C
  12. Hey Split.....Looks like you've got a victim all set and ready to go............Z & C
  13. Well,well,well."Capt.Too Many Rods" has finally let my secret out.HOWEVER....Mike "Too Many" has a SECRET too.Cyn and I know what it is.This "Perp" is also our friend so no in reporting in here......Capt Mike...Good luck with EVERYTHING in 09'.....Z & C
  14. Areyounuts...you will be able to recogonize STINGER'S boat when you are in the Long Point area.It's the one that has 12 or MORE rods being used AND a maniken or two in his boat seats
  15. SJ....How big is your boat.Our bud has been launching a 19' Lund Tyee all winter with no problems.////Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  16. Come on Slider....the top and bottom are northerns and the middle three are brookies.All fish were caught on Needle Fish.....#2's.................Zeke & Cyn (strike 3)
  17. Both fish are salmon.Both Slider and his partner from that trip both have been Fingers for years.Now,with Rusty chimming in on the correct ID,the fish are salmon.Thank you Scott.........Zeke & Cyn (Strike 3)
  18. The launch is clear,bubbler is working and the lake is as low as we've ever seen it.Maybe with the warm weather,it will come up abit.......Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  19. Mike,our proposal will be open for DISCUSSION in 2010.If.in the eyes of the DEC it merrits a regulation change,it will become a law in 2012.As I understand,changes are only enacted every two(2) years.Enjoy your retirement....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)
  20. Erby,I have exchanged several e mails with Steve LaPan,Unit Fisheries Director for Lake Ontario.Our letters have been read and the 3 rod issue will be addressed.The downside is that we are too late for the 2009 season.Our proposal will be submitted for discussion in 2010.It will then have a 45 day window for discussion among the various stakeholders.If it does merit a regulation change,it will not be enacted till 2012.One thing he did say is that the main opposition is not from the DEC but rather the Conservation Council.we'll just have to keep hammering at this until we get ti done...Thanks for asking.....Zeke / Cyn (Strike 3)
  21. SBJ....years ago,the dorsal was used by the DEC as a marking clip......Zeke/Cyn(Strike 3)
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