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  1. When it comes to fishing nothing is better than what is in that picture. Congrats and thanks for spreading the joy to the next generation.
  2. Never done it myself. Kind of like you, bow fishing for Carp is not a catch and release game. But I have no issue with someone doing it if the have a use for the carp or the carp are over burdening the body of water they are in.
  3. I used to fish that area for Walleyes. I would hit it after it rained and work the mudline where the Oatka and river met. I have had some luck with Smallies at Black Creek on Scottsville Road where it empties in the Genny. Used to hit them with crawfish crank baits.
  4. Saw a lot of fish splashing around on the backside of Long Pond on my ride in this morning. To be more exact the south side area on the other side of the parkways. Must of seen 15 or 20 active ripples.
  5. Using Google for Telephone number you get this: NATURAL RESOURCES PROVINCIAL SERVICES DIVISION FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICES BRANCH FISH CULTURE SECTION FISH CULTURE STATIONS RINGWOOD FISH CULTURE STATION [Telephone Directory] General Inquiry: 905-640-6204 Fax: 905-640-6206 Address: 13232 Hwy 48 Stouffville ON L4A7X3
  6. My wife and her sisters have a cottage they inherited early,on the West Side of Conesus lake down towards Cottonwood point that we have used for the last 15 years or so. Taking the kids fishing for whatever will bite and some bass fishing have dominated most of my fishing there since we got it. Short of throwing out some pike minnows and hoping to get a pike or walleye I have not really fished for walleyes in the lake. If anybody would be willing to offer up some hints I would appreciate it.
  7. Wow Nice Catch - Thanks for the conversation yesterday, I missed talking about the big lake, and it made my day.
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