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  1. Thanks for the info guys all good stuff, what I am really struggling with is the best way to hold the fish in the water. Between the gunwhale height, waves and the occasional fish trying to get loose early I often find myself with empty hands and a fish that could be diving down or floating on the surface. My next thought is to get a boga stick and try that but I am hoping there is a better way. Appreciate that video of removing air from the swim blatter, I have read about doing it but I always feared doing more damage with the needle than help.
  2. With all the talk of low king numbers I would like to find out peoples different methods of reviving fish they catch on the boat prior to releasing them. I know there has to be a better way than I was doing as about half the fish took off after I released and the other half seemed to either not do so well or took a bit to get it together. I want to give these fish the best shot possible so these fish survive and contribute some fun again to someone else.
  3. I think the old Tackles on the Bay now Braddocks Bay Bar and Grill I think has a bait/boat rental store behind them that may rent boats also. As far as why some charters will not I don't know. My understanding is to be a legit Charter Captain (Anyone who charge for taking someone fishing on Lake O) you have to have the pass several exams and other associated paperwork and that license does not limit where you can fish on Lake O. Insurance or "Company Policy" would be a better guess but just that a guess or like you said guide vs charter.
  4. I think there is a place on Ibay that rents pontoons. A lot of places that rent boats will not let the boat go on to the lake with there rentals. You have to stay in the port or creek you rent them from, so be sure to ask that question if you find rental places.
  5. I had a half gill plate fish this year and I thought and hoped it was an anomaly due to poor fish handling procedure at the hatchery or the fish being release as a skipper out on the lake. The plate the fish had was very thick so I assumed that part of the plate got folded in an fused. But now that you bring this up this seems like it might be a bigger issue.
  6. Found this article nerding around on the internet. It's a around a Brazilian Biologists take on how to best deal with Invasive species hitting the Amazon and parallels some of our issues. Not sure if is the best solution but it sounds like a decent avenue to research. http://www.ozy.com/rising-stars/marcela-uliano-da-silvas-crusade-against-the-golden-mussel/32937?utm_source=aah1&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=pp&ts_pid=2&ts_pid=2
  7. If all the lake fishing so groups bought in to banding together and doing fundraisers and tourneys amongst other this, maybe a first step towards a bigger picture would getting the DEC to accept a donation of the groups buying and getting here west coast eggs. It might not solve all our problems but it would bring new genetics in and be an finically a first obtainable step for the groups to us as a pilot program. Plus it would a smaller less threading step to get cooperation with the hatchery and DEC guys. It wouldn't have to be just fisherman getting on board as a lot of businesses that rely on the fishery would be wise to add there support both politically and financially. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Brian, Theoretically could a private group source there own eggs/ fry and become a hatchery? I know there would be some regulatory rules that would have to be met but could it be done or is NY State the only entity that could / can legally stock fish in to public waters? Because heck forget the eggs from NY state early runners this type of situation would allow for the influx of some new west coast eggs and there much needed new genetics. Of course this is all pie in the sky because some many things would have to come together with funding, staffing, regulatory approval but it would be nice to have another game in town.
  9. I know this is a niave thought but seeing Powder Mills go from the state to a private non profit is there any possibly of doing this to another hatchery or maybe partnering up with powder mills to add some capacity? Obviously money issues would have to be worked out but would beyond that would something like this be possible or would there be hurdles and road blocks put in by DEC not wanting others in there game? I thought there was on non government hatchery in use in Canada, correct?
  10. Seems like New York State government loves to bend to loud special interests groups. Maybe we can band our member Associations together and get on the radar and start forcing some positive changes.
  11. Based on what I have been seeing and getting on the boat by west you must mean Washington and Alaska.
  12. Couple small Browns over here at Sandy Creek. Otherwise blank screen. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. I had some issues with and 840 I got with the boat I bought. Customer service was very helpful and got back to me same day. They were happy to answer my questions and there answer was dead on correct. Best thing to do is contact them.
  14. I thought crocodile but it looks thin for one, at least the ones I have or seen. Mine are smaller ones off the pier in spring for browns so maybe the bigger ones are thinner.
  15. Fished out of Sandy Creek (Hamlin) this weekend and for us at least the fishing was some of the toughest for us this year. Saturday: I got my ticket for LOC already but my wife didn't get hers until this morning so we knew today was not for tourney fishing but for fun and our 9 year old "observer" could participate in the fun. Got started about 9:30 ran out to 70 foot of water and put the spread out, heavy on FF and Meat. No bumps as we trolled around for two an a half hours and worked our way out to 250. So we picked up the gear and ran deep. We hit the 32 line and set up heading north, working our way to a finger of structure that went from 560 to 460, which I am guessing is part of the Scotch Bonnet. I was hoping once we hit that bump we would have some action, but a sweep through there showed quiet screen and stationary gear. As we left the area and came back to 490 feet we got a small rip on a dipsey Spin doctor fly in Mountain dew that ended up being about a 8 lb King. A half our later our starboard rigger running meat down 80 feet went off and started to take a little line. Up until now my 9 year old has been catching the fish off the everything but the dipseys, and she has been doing it with mom and dad helping her, doing a majority of the rod lifting while she reels. I figured today was the day she did it all by herself, to prove to her that she was capable landing a fish all by herself. She fought the fish for a longggg time and by the end the 13 pound hen pretty much lay exhausted on the surface as it slid in the net. We are extremely proud of her as this is my wife's and her first year fishing the lake and her only other exposure to fish over bluegill size was a trip on a charter last spring. For me seeing her do this and the pride she showed and the confidence she gained made my whole season. The fish was way to exhausted to revive so we kept it and as I filleted it I notice it gill plate was deformed. Almost like it got folded in and fused exposing most of the gills on the fish. I kind of wonder what the story of this was. Sunday: Got out a little before seven and setup in 40 feet hoping to get a brown that we could put on the scales for LOC. We work the 40 - 90 foot range for a majority of the morning with just one 6 pound brown that cam of the dipsey FF combo to show for it. So we swung out to 160 and picked a teenage king on a rigger rod with a moonshine mag green and white head glow spoon. Not to long after that the sun finally made an appearance and most of marks disappeared. We did mark a lot of bait clouds and fish in the shallows this weekend but just could get anything to go.
  16. Congrats on a great day. A great day like this lasts more than just that day because the confidence you gain setups you up for that next great day.
  17. Wow what a trophy! Fish Hands were definitely not needed!
  18. Thanks everyone, I will give Tom a call and see what he says. It would be convenient having him winterized the boat and store it. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Hate to have to think about this but I hate doing things last minute. Can anybody give me some offer up some information on storage possibilities in the Hamlin Area. I already got information on the storage place in town behind the gas station but I am wonder what else is out there. Thanks
  20. Long lining techniques and combat trolling are not a great combo.
  21. Can't tell you much directly about Force but I do know that Force was the new name of Chrysler Outboards that came from the sale of Chrysler Outboards to Bayliner. I have a 1975-80ish 85 HP Chrysler Outboard on boat which used to bethe boat I used on the Lake for the first go around with this fishery. I was not impressed with the Chrysler outboards, few people worked on them and parts were available but a struggle to get. The motor always seemed to be struggling to start and always seemed to be on the verge of having a new issue with it. Now I am not sure how the Forces grew out of that sale to Bayliner but first thing I would look at is availability of parts and a mechanic that will work on them, especially locally. You don't want to be sitting on the sidelines waiting for mail order or crossed fingers with ebay purchases. Sorry I can't give you more direct information on a Force motor itself.
  22. Fish are not staging. They are pretty scattered if you look at reports from around the lake and in most cases going 350+ has been needed to get what meager amounts of fish are hitting. Hopefully the pattern changes but right now no matter where you are you have to work hard to get some takers.
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