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  1. Yeah, after hearing the state of the ECO plight I definitely think they need our support. They are not the problem they do the best they can with limited man hours, equipment and lack of upper governmental support. We want them effective then we need to help them.
  2. I believe most of the people who go to the State of the Lake and other meetings and post actively here all want a healthy fishery with all the species treated with respect and managed to the best. We all need to remember that commonality before we make it a us against them proposition. Honestly I think the first step we all need to do is get on our local court systems to enforce our rules. To many fish leave this fishery do to illegal means. Davy you bring up the loss of Browns on the western ends. You don't have to look to far for answers here, there are cases of poaching with nets strung across complete creek channels during brown runs, small creeks wiped out buy gangs of organized poachers who are fishing for profit and not just the bend of the rod. Brown eggs are cherished by these guys and they seem willing to do what ever they need to in getting them. The DEC is running antiquated ticketing system with still all tickets written on paper and not going into the database so prosecutors know they are dealing with multiple repeat offenders. Putting these poachers out of business is a major thing we can do to help both our stream and lake fish. Maybe if we band together and fight the government to help support the ECO's and toughen and support poaching laws instead of pointing our fingers at each other we will all be better way off. We all gain when we work together.
  3. Based on my experience I think pretty much most every spoon would fit into that range. But don't hold nick responsible if I am wrong.
  4. Like you said I would want to speak for him. I asked him the same questions in a PM and the price is pretty variable depending on a lot of things. Basically the spoons condition, does he have to clean up and strip old paint, ect. Glo cost a little more. Best thing to do is PM and he can give you an idea based on what you want for your spoons. He is great to work with and very responsive. Sorry I can't give you a better answer but out of respect for Nick I just don't want to qoute prices he may have to live up to or may be wrong an lose business. I will say custom lures are not a way to get cheap lures, they are a way to bring proven spoons or blanks back to fishing status. I believe in NK's from my first go round in this sport and getting good NK blanks in modern patterns was a big deal for me. I am willing to get the custom treatment for them.
  5. No link has them all but search will find them. Here is a quick recap of what I found. 3rd Annual Fisherman's Flea Market GCBA Sun. March 19th Genesee Charter Boat Association 3rd annual Fisherman's Flea Market, Sunday March 19, 2017, 9AM - 2 PM, Point Pleasant Fire Hall, 55 Ewer Street, Rochester , NY. No early entries. Some proceeds to benefit the salmon pen rearing project. Volunteers needed to help with the pen rearing. Come on down and haggle with the local captains and get some real deals. ELOTSA has one for the Eastern end of Lake Ontario but I think that one already happened.
  6. Check out the fishing flea markets that are coming up. There is one in Rochester this weekend I believe, great source of older rarer spoons and spoons that can be repainted.
  7. They all look great. I really like the gold colored on up top.
  8. Pap, He definitely has a talent either you are born with or not. I am trying to learn to airbrush some of my own spoons and figure I will get good enough to do some simple patterns, like a carbon 14 lol, but Nick will always get some work for me. He simply does incredible work that I know I will never get close to. Any spoon blanks that are rare or proven fish catchers on my boat and need a new paint job will get his paint jobs not my feeble attempts.
  9. I just had Nick paint some up for me. He does an outstanding job. Right now he doesn't have tape for Mags but he did talk about the possibility of getting some. Irregardless of having tape for the mags the paint jobs more than exceeded my expectations. All spoons in the pictures are NKs except four which are blanks I am experimenting with I got online.
  10. Reminder. Great opportunity to ask some questions from the local captains.
  11. 3rd Annual Fisherman's Flea Market GCBA Sun. March 19th Genesee Charter Boat Association 3rd annual Fisherman's Flea Market, Sunday March 19, 2017, 9AM - 2 PM, Point Pleasant Fire Hall, 55 Ewer Street, Rochester , NY. No early entries. Some proceeds to benefit the salmon pen rearing project. Volunteers needed to help with the pen rearing. Come on down and haggle with the local captains and get some real deals.
  12. Scott, I agree with you and have not used scents while trolling, but every so often I see the downrigger camera videos people post. I start to wonder when I see fish stalk a bait for quite awhile and the fact that the speed these fish can swim makes our trolling speed a non issue. Maybe they can and do pay attention to scents, heck they can smell there home rivers thousands of miles away. A lot of people run meat because they believe in the natural scent the bait brings. Maybe this year I will do a few experiments and see what catch rates show. Problem is how to do a real good test. You hear people say I put two lures down at the same time and had scent on one and not the other and one out caught the other. Well sometimes I have two lures down that are the exact same with not changes to lead length, depth or anything else and one out catches the other big time. Maybe its the blank, maybe its the micro difference in speed because there position on a turn, who knows but it happens like that with everything seeming the same. Hard to do a good scientific test on this type of thing. Probably becomes a gut thing after running your experiments.
  13. The SWR is not just about adding depth to the rigger line but also taking advantage of the way leadcore moves through the water column. It imparts an action that other lines types just don't do. Having said that I have not used tadpoles but you can get mini dipsey divers that are about a 50 cent piece size and hook those to you line, let them out and then hook them to your rigger for a "down and out". It's another option but not a true replace to of a SWR.
  14. Same tactics for the most part. We use a lot more green lures here and a lot less blue, so that maybe something you want to adjust to.
  15. Once I got some Geezer's from ASB last year they were by far my most consistent spoon. I got both the original Moonshine ones and a Stinger imitation and both did lights out. But my meat catch went up pretty good last year, Big weening tribal flashers really shined there.
  16. Jerry, Bob and Russell, You all did a great job and worked together great. I left the class with some new things I will definitely be trying on this season. I really appreciate the way the handouts where done and that made life much easier just being able to add notes. The great thing is now matter how different you guys run things on your boat you hammered home what I have always been told, that how close you pay attention to the details, no matter what your program is, will lead to your success. The "different ways work and catch fish" is a great thing for all of to remember,. We don't need to try to imitate someone else's program but look for success patterns in our own and duplicate those. Thanks for the time and effort you all put in to making it a great class.
  17. Found this recipe on the web. It is the favorite one for us all in the house for whole muscle meat jerky. BLUE RIBBON JERKY INGREDIENTS 1 pound lean beef sirloin tip, beef round, or flank sliced into 1/ 8 inch strips 2/3 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup pineapple juice 1/3 cup liquid smoke 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon onion powder 1 tablespoon garlic powder INSTRUCTIONS 1. Mix all the ingredients except the beef in a saucepan. Heat until the brown sugar has all melted and no crystals remain. 2. Pour marinade (while still warm to the touch but not hot) - over beef and refrigerate for at least 5 hours - the longer the better. 3. Dehydrator: Cover trays with strips without overlapping . Dry 4 Hours at 140 F. Turn strips and rotate trays. Dry another 6 to 8 Hours. Well-dried jerky should be dark and fibrous looking and Brittle enough to splinter when bent in two. Oven: Lay strips of marinated meat in rows over trays being careful not to overlap strips. Dry at 110 F until strips will splinter on the edges when bent in two, 12 to 18 hours.
  18. My problem is this is kind of like playing chess online where the computer make all your moves and you just throw your arms up in victory. Not skill needed, no learning about what you are chasing and why they are at the location they are during each season or weather pattern. Just automating a hobby. Sad thing is like most games you have cheat codes for, after the initial rush of being unbeatable you lose the fun of playing the game. The challenge of getting better is what drives a lot of our pursuits in life.
  19. Only good thing is no boat no blow days
  20. I am a tech guy and I have to say I feel like this is crossing a line. I don't mind most of the electronics we have because they are passive. They tell us what is underneath the water or the temp and speed we are going but they don't themselves find the fish or provide the solution to hooking the fish. That is still the skill and art we need to master as fisherman and hobbyist. According to another article about this thing it says it can detect fish from some distance away and move to those fish. This thing chasing fish down and all but dropping the bait in their mouth is just to much.
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    Seminars are free with admissions except for a few higher end ones such as LOTSA Salmon School and Ultimate Electronics Clinic for Fisherman. If you sign up for LOTSA School ($85) admission on Saturday and Sunday are free I believe, other wise you buy tickets online at the website we gave you ( http://niagarafishingexpo.com/) or I believe at the door. Adults are $10 a day or a weekend pass (all 3 days for $20). Kids 10 and under are free.
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  23. Glad things are going well and thanks for all the hard work.
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