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  1. I have only know Tommy for about a year now but I can say he has been been great to me and helped me more than I could ever expect. I was very lucky to get a slip in his marina this year and already feel at home. Tom talks about the atmosphere he wants at the marina and to say it fisherman friendly is understatement, he really want to rally around us as a group and make not just being out on the lake the only enjoyable part of fishing experience but extend that to the docks too. I hope he gets back on his feet quickly.
  2. Jack, Sorry about the weight and probe, tough way to start a season. Maybe you got all of your bad luck out for the season in one shot. Larry mentioned something about the seagull, I thought he was referring to a custom paint job on a spoon, no clue he meant the real thing, Lol. Good luck the rest of the season!
  3. Rob thanks for all the time and effort you and the rest of the Sandy Creek Pen rearing board have put in to dealing with this unfortunate situation this year and making sure we get back in the game next year. It seems that with the fishing the last few years and the possible issues that may come into play the next few that these pen fish are more important than ever and I am really glad there is a future.
  4. Sounds like a real productive start! Nice seeing the Kings making appearances.
  5. I talked to the guy at the Niagara show and he said that he was working on the release system and doing some testing for cores and copper. At that point he was not willing to say they were a good use for those lines but it is something he is working at getting to. He offered to take my name for testing or getting more info but I just had bought some otter boards so was in no hurry to get these until they were proven. I will keep an eye on them for reports in the future.
  6. Read a book called Helldivers Rodeo about the guys that dive of the rigs of of of Loiusiana to spearfish. Pretty crazy stories in that book with a lot of guys underestimating what the fish can do to you down there. But they mention a lot of big fish and a heck of variety to hook into. Sounds like a fun trip.
  7. My understanding is they will still keep all there current welfare benefits from both the state and feds but also now be eligible for rehab, halfway houses and be excused of any crimes they commit. They see this as a win-win situation.
  8. Great video, gets me fired up for the season.
  9. Last year I purchased a center pin combo brand new but have only used it practicing casting in the backyard for about 2 hours. I am need some equipment for the boat so this is the casualty. I paid $220 for the combo without shipping but I am willing to sell it for $160. I would prefer a local sale as shipping rods is not something I am eager to deal with. - Okuma Aventa VT1002 with 2 ball bearing and includes a neoprene case. - 13'6 Okuma Aventa float rod. Breaks down to 3 pieces and come with fabric case. Has slider rings for seating reel.
  10. I just bought Otter Boards this winter so I can't give much of a review but I shopped around pretty hard for them and the best deal on them new I could get was from http://www.anchorexpress.com/ . The boards were $95 each and second keel if you want is $42. There is a guy on the board selling homemade second keels for around $40 to. I have seen the homemade ones at a neighbors and they look pretty good.
  11. I think my mechanic is the same as Scott's and the reason I was told is the condensation issue with non ethanol is not nearly as much concern is how quickly gas breaks down now and running old gas. I was going to top my tank off for storage but was told not to add any more at winterization and he said next year run it down as much as possible in the fall in put new fresh stuff in the spring. He is a respected mechanic and I am just a fisherman, I will take his advice.
  12. I kind of question the solid plaster to as the weight would be a issue I imagine. I have very little artistic ability so the only way I would ever get a wall like this is to hire the guy and all these issue would be his problem. LOL.
  13. I wonder if bigger sections (like the coyote) is done in thinner layers that he builds up in time so he can avoid cracking. I found his actual website with pictures of more projects: http://www.berniemitchell.ca/finished-projects/ Evidently he will be offering tutorials.
  14. This guy does some pretty incredible art with drywall. I am sure a lot of people here would like this in the man cave. www.facebook.com/MadeinShoreditch/videos/1109525895758939/
  15. Love the kype on that first fish. Looks like you had a great day, congrats.
  16. That guy has a very detailed site that he has built up over years. He has gone so far as to retain some scientists to do clinical research on some of the things that go on when you BBQ such as the stall and the smoke ring. A lot of great info and one of the first places I go to do research before I buy any BBQ supplies or gadgets. Good luck on your decision.
  17. Beautiful spoons, amazing how these spoons being made now are becoming art. Will you be making them in other sizes?
  18. Depends on what you are willing to spend. Under $600 there are three very strong choices I would recommend. The grandfather is the Weber Smokey Mountain, they are highly efficient on fuel and easily hold temperature. They last a long time as they are metal inside of porcelain and don't rust out. If you want they have temp controllers like Aubers, Stokers, and DigiQ (Party Q) which are reasonable and all make ones that fit Weber as it is so popular. If you like a little DIY you can get a 55 Gallon drum and make one yourself called a UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker), they have instructions or built ones all over the web. They do a great job and you see many people using them. The last is a newer one called Pit Barrel Cooker, they are similar to the UDS but they are prebuilt and sway you to hang your meat instead put it on rack. Be careful of offset BBQ at sub $700 price range as the metal used is thin and do not do a good job of holding the heat of the pit and thus tends to need a lot of babysitting to keep temperature control. A great website for BBQ and smoker reviews is amazingribs.com
  19. I have always (probably wrongly) thought that these tables somehow indirectly tied to the moons effect on water such as tides. Since freshwater is not affected nearly as much by tides as saltwater I have put little stock in to the Solunar tables. I believe in the full moon affect because of light at night just not the small amount of water difference in tides on freshwater lakes even Lake O Maybe this explains the guy in Oregon has a greater belief in the table.. But I two heard the comment about the tables at the LOTSA seminar and was wondering others opinions on it. I am always trying to keep an open mind when other who are respected in the fishery mentions stuff, but I have to admit it's still sometime hard to budge my opinion and this is a case of that I think.
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