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  1. We tried it last year with some success. The release we used were blacks and we had no real issues with false releases.
  2. I will stop by the boat once we get them up and running this spring.
  3. Jeez Scott I never thought of Bedazzling my torpedo's, might have to up my game on these.
  4. Pap, I bought a couple of the torpedo's last year and Lowe's had spray on plast-dip. I put 3 or 4 coats on and so far so good after a summer of using them.
  5. Good luck Chad, working in the IT Field I know how even the simplest "upgrades" can be a challenge and go sideways no matter how much you prep. I hope this one of the smooth ones. Thanks for your hard work.
  6. Be careful and be preemptive. My brother in-law had a very similar issue down in the Scottsville area. Same as you the nieghbor gave him permission and the hunter pushed it. When confronted the hunter move back to just outside the property line but hunting my brother in-laws field. After my brother in-law confronted him again the guy called the DEC and the Econ Officer gave my brother in-law a strong warning regarding hunter harassment. Amazing country we're the idiots know how to use the law against the people who should be n the right.
  7. Yeah dying fish are not at the same priority as putting a murderer behind bars but you know what, Uncle Mario has no issue popping people for an overdo registration, or any other small non life threatning vehicle infractions. The City of Rochester had no issue giving Nick Tahou's a citation and fine for missing badges at the Lilac Festival and fighting it in court when he refused to pay. If these can be enforced or in Nick Tahou's case the city spent a lot of money fighting it out in court only to lose, then why can these envirmental crimes be enforced too. Create a special court like Traffic court, these fines will more than pay expenses.
  8. Way to go Larry. Nice McGyver skills on the chiller! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. The Genny Pier thread has a screen capture of a guys craiglist ad selling salmon from the gorge.
  10. That is a bunch of BS. We create laws and rules, we follow them and if we don't like them we try to get them changed. Plus if they think they can do this at the Genny, why would they feel its wrong to do at any other stream or for any type of fish. They going to ignore one rule but listen to others. Today its kings in the Genny, tomorrow are snagging browns and steelies in the puddle creeks. And let's be honest its easier to do in the puddle creeks and some are already doing it.
  11. Problems not just the DEC the courts are the real issue, at least in Monroe County. DEC officer answered questions a few years ago a the GCBA meeting and he said all the tickets they wrote for stream issues, not one got a conviction. I get the DEC officers mindset of why write a ticket if it just going to be ignored. Problem is the same courts that deal with rapist, murders and other physical assault type crimes also deal with these tickets. Most judges just don't care about a snaggers or someone keeping five fish over their limit when the next guy on the docket murdered somebody. They need to separate the courts, I would love to see the DEC tickets have a court similar to traffic court. That way the court just deals with these cases and they don'y get lost in the sea other crimes. Oh yeah, and once hunting season starts, guns pretty much trump rods manpower wise.
  12. Brian: When they showed a chart on Lake Trout abundance and when it showed major declines in the population they made the remark that when lampreys get out of their control is when these major downward spikes occur. Stocking at current levels is probably fine as long as lamprey are in control. The problem is rebuilding the breeding age and size population when the lampreys get out of control. They site the lag time from stocking to maturity to breeding age to be the reason they keep for the current levels. They also basically spelled out very clearly that there is a very large segment of people who support the native species restoration programs, not just lake trout but walleye and others) and we should be careful not to try to make it one sided the way of salmoniods. Basically the native species restoration is going to continue and will trump our wants if push comes to shove. That's why no matter what the alewife situation is, if the lake trout trawls show the lake trout population get below there targets they will automatically restore the cuts they are making and more than likely increase stocking numbers of lakers. Salmon on the other hand only get the stocking cut removed when certain conditions met with the big one being alewife numbers.
  13. Brian one point they made last night about the lakers is if they see the very large lakers being taken of the out system big numbers they most certainly expand laker stocking. There whole target number system is based on larger female they get in netting studies. They loose the mature females then they up laker stocking to make up for that production. They say if we want laker population removed through keeping fish that we would be more effective in catching the smaller ones so we don't trigger their stocking "alarms"
  14. Jerry maybe I misunderstood about the eggs from Canada. They are asking Canada to take extra eggs in case we need them but from what I heard they are not overly eager to actually take them unless they absolutely need to. They talked about the fact that for legal / regulation reasons we cannot directly give Canadians our eggs and while we can take theirs, it is a regulatory headache. So my understanding is that things have to be pretty bad on our side of collection / eye up for them to want to go through the hoops to get those eggs. So while I would love to see those Canadian eggs in injected in to our stocking I was under the impression the chances were fairly low in the big scheme.
  15. Brian it went pretty much like you would imagine. They laid out the trawl numbers and how there were two year classes that for all purposes are missing. They had some number of them in the trawls but the numbers were small enough that they pretty much show as missing in a bar graph. Therefore they are purposing a 20% cut across the lake reduction in Kings and Lakers. Actually the numbers are really a 12% cut to Salmon River and a 21.9 to every other port. They are justifying the salmon river number under the we need to ensure there is enough fish available to get our eggs. Discussion about the Laker cut pretty much summed it up as they were throwing us a bone. With Laker growth rates and prey diversity any cuts they do now would have no impact for 5 years. But since there target laker population is high enough right now they are willing to do it. But at the first sign the population goes to or below there target they stocking levels go back to original numbers. King stocking levels will only go back when conditions are right. Mainly alewife levels are back to "normal". They also announce current pen numbers are going to stay but any movement of ration between direct stock and pen the pen will count as 2 fish. Another words if we currently have 100,000 pen kings and 400,000 direct and we want now to have another 100,00 added to pen that means they remove 200,000 fish from direct stock for that move. They also stated that as they are wrapping up pen study that they believe that pen fish and direct stock fish are equal in there homing of there stocked streams. Or conversely the stray of the pen fish and direct stocks to other stream and rivers than where they were release is equal.
  16. Found this boga earlier in the year. I don't trust the scale but has worked great for reviving fish and under $14 with free shipping if you have Amazon prime. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013659FY2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  17. Very Nice, I really like the camera work. I think I like see that type of picture better than the ones were the fishing is being held by the angler.
  18. I have done it for Salmon and trout size inlines, sizes 2-5. It was not hard at all, only tool I used was needle nosed pliers. I decided to do it after reading a book by Jeb Davis on spinners in tribs for steelhead. Big thing was the book stressed silver plated components which you were not buying a commercially made spinner with. Silver has a much better light reflection than nickel or chrome and definitely triggered more hits in the winter when there metabolism slowed down. The other big thing is I could make them cheap enough that I would throw them places I would never think of throwing ones bought for the store. It did help my catch rate go up and when the trib regs changed to single hooks I just made the new ones with good quality single hooks.
  19. I agree, but that one is on the Army Corps. The Daniele's will have caviar pricing for docks, miss out on catering to the target audience and will most likely get mired in zoning issues trying to pull some crazy upgrade they feel need to do but isn't needed for that place to be successful. Every project they have has had issues like that, car washes, resturants, condos. Unfortunately this whole thing could have been a boon for the lake but because of the issue you mentioned and most likely how this will go down it is going to be a bummer.
  20. How come I get the idea with these guys running the place the slips will be the most expensive ones in the area and be mired in controversy trying to get anything done. All there projects turn into a circus. http://www.whec.com/news/daniele-management-development-will-operate-braddock-bay-marina/4229891/?cat=565
  21. What ever happened to the STR? Would be good to figure out what my copper and lead core are doing on a day.
  22. That Northern Light Northport Nailer has been outstanding!
  23. Rules only apply to rag flyers when it works in their favor!
  24. Metric! LOL Glad it got fixed and you are up and running.
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