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  1. Somehow the messages got mixed up. Should be $60.00-Sorry about that!
  2. Your total with shipping is $85.00. Send me a check or money order,I don't use pay pal.Harvey O'Harra, 301 Perry st., Watkins Glen NY 14891. I will get them made and send as soon as your payment comes. Thanks,Harvey
  3. Troutman 87 will be donating 2 of his torpedos to the raffle.
  4. Yes they hang that way too keep the tail fin a little lower in the water so they track straight.Also if you use a release in the rear loop, it will pick it up straight. Hope this answers.
  5. Paul Sent your weights-expected delivery Wed. 7/08/2020. Thanks for your order. Good fishing and stay safe! Harvey
  6. Bears Bait in Trumansburg and at Myers Point on Cayuga Lake.227-7512
  7. Send me a check or money order-$85.00. Harvey O'Harra, 301 Perry St., Watkins Glen NY 14891.
  8. I am making everything to order. I can make you 2. Do you need them shipped or pick them up. I am in Watkins Glen.
  9. I can make the weights and ship them but I do not use pay pal,just checks or money orders.The total would be $141.00.
  10. Dave Your total shipped would be $90.00.
  11. BRIAN i don't make 14 pound torpedos,just 12s and 16s. !2s are $35.00, 16s are $45.00 Shipping for 2 weights is $15.00.
  12. Two 10 pound torpedos shipped would be a total of $65.00. Yes I can put a screw eye in the back.
  13. Two shipped to Hilton is $85.00. Send info and payment to me-Harvey O'Harra, 301 Perry St., Watkins Glen NY 14891.I will get them done and ship as soon as your $ comes Thanks Harvey
  14. I can make you 2. Do you need them shipped? If so total of $85.00.
  15. To Walnut 109- Sir.I have quit fishing and after going through all my boxes (about a 40 year collection) I found a Sutton Spoon stamped 777. It has the Sutton company stamping but not the stamped numbers that most Suttons have.I took it over to Sutton store and the lady never heard of it. It is shaped like an 88 or 23 but a little smaller. I would like to donate to your collection. Also wondering if anyone else has ever seen one of these. RSVP 607 535 2390-Troutman 87
  16. I have 12 8 in. luhr jensen and gold star and 2 4 in.dodgers. Most of them are pretty rough shape-need painting, polishing etc. $20.00 plus shipping if needed. I am in Watkins Glen.
  17. I have quit fishing and am pretty sure have some tackle that you are looking for. Those names were quite popular here on the Finger Lakes.I have cowbells and dodgers and maybe some spoons.I am selling stuff cheap so it can be used again. I will go through my boxes and see what all I can find. Do you want pics?
  18. I am making everything to order,low on lead. A 10 and a 12 torpedo shipped would total $75.00.
  19. Anyone know the Owasco derby results?
  20. You said they were using cast nets.They are illegal on the finger lakes.
  21. A good friend of mine bought this boat. I went up Sunday to check it out. He did't buy it,he STOLE it. What a boat! Troutman 87
  22. Sent your weights this AM- Tues. Expected delivery Sat. 5/23. Thanks for your order. Harvey
  23. CHAD I sent your weights. Expected delivery Mon. 5/18.Thanks for your order. Harvey
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