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  1. I am selling my boat without the downriggers. I have 4 Proos electric. 2 with 4 ft.booms,2 with 6 ft.booms that I had made. The 6 ft's. have swivel bases and dual rod holders.4 ft. have singles..Mounting bases for all 4..Plus a ton of extra parts-spools, motors, switches, extra swivel bases,one brand new in the bow, 4 short stop kits never used priced $42.00 years ago, dual rod holders with mounting brackets.a 4 ft. boom. Probably enough extras to build another one. Included will be 5 weights. Everything $500.00. Will help with a non shipping delivery. Sold as is.
  2. If you decide to go with down east holders, I have 5 dual clamp saltys for $20.00 each.
  3. Send payment to me-Harvey O'Harra, 301 Perry St., Watkins Glen NY 14891.I have them already made. I will send as soon as your payment comes. Thanks Harvey
  4. Two 14 pound fish shipped would be a total of $95.00. $40.00 each for the weights and $15.00 shipping.
  5. Still available, where are you located? Thanks.
  6. I will take the two. Please call Tom 607 738 6442. Thanks
  7. No I do not have a ball park figure, I have an exact figure. USPS flat rate shipping on two 12 pound torpedoes is $15.05. Your total would be $85.00.
  8. Def a fisher-too big and too dark to be a marten. Also the tail on a fisher is wide like the one in the pic.
  9. NO- No deals. My price is wholesale to everyone.
  10. For 2 torpedos the total is $85.00.Send to me-Harvey O'Harra,301 Perry St., Watkins Glen NY 14891 I will send them as soon as your payment comes.USPS priority,usually 2 to 4 days.Thanks,Harvey
  11. No pay pal-just checks or money orders in the mail. cash in person.
  12. No pay pal-checks or money orders in the mail or cash in person.
  13. Torpedoes 16s-$45. 12s-$35.00 and finally 10 pound-$25.00. 15 pound balls- $40.00, 12 pound $35.00. 14 pound fish shaped $40.00.Ready to ship-USPS Flat rate or pick up.PM me. Thanks-Troutman 87
  14. TOM I have 12.5 torpedos $35.00 each. Two shipped to Mass would be a total of $85.00. Let me know Thanks Harvey
  15. Chuck I am not sure what you wanted. Call me 607 535 2390 Thanks Harvey
  16. Probably looking for the "needle in the haystack" but I thought I would give it a try. I am trying to find a certain Shakesphere fiberglass Wonderod Purist. It is model No.940 9ft.,0 in.,line no.11 with a 2 inch power butt. Will pay cash or trade for downrigger weights. I have tried the internet and Craigslist with no luck. Thanks for looking. Troutman 87.
  17. Years ago perch fishing on Seneca in front of Glenora Point my anchor hooked a railroad tie. Had a heck of a time getting it in.Dragged it on shore.A gold mine of lures-23 in all. Pflugers, Suttons, Twin Minnows, homemade spoons, cowbell rigs, Flatfish,etc.
  18. Would you trade for downrigger weights?I make torpedoes, 12 and 16 pound, balls 6 to 15 pound and 10 and 14 pound fish.
  19. Want to trade for down rigger weights? Torpedoes, balls, fish style-all weights.
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