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  1. Floyd I sent your weights.Expected delivery Thursday 8/13/20Tracking # 9505 5158 3827 0223 2480 30. Thanks for your order,take care,stay safe! Harvey
  2. Two 16s shipped would be a total. of $105.00. $45.00 each and $15.00 shipping fee. Let me know as I am making everything to order. Thanks,Harvey
  3. The USPS delivery service has gotten really bad as of lately. They are blaming it on the Covid of course. This is the 4th, time in the past month this has happened with one of my shipments.Here is the tracking # 9505 5158 3827 0211 2452 56. You try,I will try. This is all we can do. Stay in touch.Harvey
  4. Shipping cost is $15.00\USPS Priority Mail
  5. Thanks for the tip,I checked and $3.00 a pound. Not for me!
  6. Wes sent your weights,expected delivery 8/10/20.Tracking #9505 5158 3827 0219 2473 06. Thanks a lot for your order-Harvey
  7. Wes Got your ck., sending your weights tomorrow am. I will send you expected delivery date and tracking #
  8. RON Yes I can. You can get the details off this post page.$85.00 shipped-Thanks.
  9. Fishsteelers Did you still want two 12 torps. I am back making. It will be $85.00 and next week.
  10. Floyd I am back pouring. Send me ck. or money order-$85.00. Harvey O'Harra, 301 Perry St., Watkins Glen NY 14891. I will ship as soon as your payment comes. Thanks,Harvey
  11. DP Go ahead and deal. I am selling so many weights that I am going to buy new-good luck.
  12. Floyd I can't help you right away as I just got lead today and have a lot of orders. Could be as long as 2 weeks. Sorry about that,let me know. Regards, Harvey
  13. Rich Here is the tracking #9505 5158 3827 0209 2446 12. I checked and it came up an alert and it will be a later delivery. So at least it is on its way!
  14. I sent that weight on Thursday 7/27/20. Expected delivery 7/30/20.Lately the USPS delivery has been terrible. O have got the tracking# and will check it and get back to you.
  15. Rich What did you order. And your last name?
  16. I am in Watkins Glen NY. What do you have?
  17. Mark Would you trade the spin docs for my rigger weights? Torpedoes, balls, fish.of all weights.I ship at my expense, you the same. Thanks Harvey-Troutman 87
  18. It is going to be a while as I am short on lead and long on orders. I will let you know when I can get you 2 12s
  19. Yes I got your ck. and sent your weights . Expected delivery Friday 7/31.Thanks for your order.
  20. WES It will be next week before I can make you 2. I will get back to you when I get pouring again.
  21. Keith Your expected delivery date is Wed, 7/29/20. Thanks for your order.
  22. Got your ck. yesterday, sending your weights Monday. I will send you an expected delivery date. Thanks for your order
  23. Looking to trade downrigger weights for trail cams. I have the torpedos, balls and fish of all weights.Need a couple of good cams. Thanks for looking.
  24. Not built in,I can put a good size screw-in eyelet in them
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