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  1. I will donate two of my torpedoes to the raffles. Harvey- Troutman 87
  2. I inherited my dads Belgium Browning a-5 12 gauge 3 inch mag. with 3 barrels-32 inch full choke, 24 inch deer barrel with rifle sights and a 28 inch vent rib modified.the 32 barrel and deer barrel match. The gun is pre 1960. My question is where can I find a honest appraiser. I have taken it to 3 gun shops and all I got was insults and nit-pick low ball prices.Thanks in advance.
  3. I have 10 pound finned balls for $20.00, 8 pound finned balls for $15.00, and 10 pound fish shaped weights for $20.00. These are new, I make them.They are painted black. I can meet you in Geneva Wednesday evening.
  4. There are no FLTA tourneys in the month of August.
  5. I think you have the wrong building. The Community Center Building is in the campgrounds.Look for the sign at the entrance.You will see the vehicles in the parking lot.Also the line waiting to get in.
  6. It will be well worth it-bring your wallet!
  7. 10 pound fish are $25.00. I have 8 made for the show.
  8. Yes. I can save two for you if you are coming to the show or I will be in Geneva on March 20th. in the evening,which is better for you.
  9. I have over 100 downrigger weights made for the FLTA Fishing Tackle and Outdoor Show-.March 31st. at the Clute Park Community Center, Watkins Glen NY. Torpedos 12 and 16 pounds, Fish shape 10 and 14 pound, Round balls 6 to 15 pounds. I am working on getting a new design 10 pound torpedo that will be done soon.It will be my "Show Special" at $25.00.I will post pictures when it is done. I have over 200 Seth Green trolling sinkers and about 200 pounds of small sinkers.If you need lead this is the place to get it.PS I AM NOT SELLING ANY MORE WEIGHTS BEFORE THE SHOW-PLEASE DON'T ASK
  10. Quick reminder. The Finger Lakes Trollers Fishing Tackle and Outdoor Show will be held on March 31st. Clute Park Community Center, Watkins Glen NY. 9;00 am to 2;pm. $3.00 admission,under 12 free. 75 tables. Good food.See you there,bring your buddys.
  11. I heard from a good source that the target for opening is June 1st.
  12. The FLTA fishing tackle and Outdoor show will be held on Sunday March 31st..2019 at Clute Park Community Center, Watkins Glen NY., 9:00 to 2:00 pm.
  13. The FLTA outdoor show in Watkins Glen is the last Sunday in March unless that day is Easter Sunday and then it is the previous Sunday.I will check with the park today and see when we have the center reserved.
  14. NICK How are the fleas? HRO-Thanks
  15. I don't do pay pal-checks or money orders. Did you want 12 or 16 pound? !2s are $35.00,16s are $45.00.
  16. I don't do pay pal. 16s are $45.00 each.I see you are from cortland Do you want to pick them up? We could meet somewhere.
  17. Please give me a call,I may have a plan. 607 535 2390
  18. Anybody have any results from today on the Owasco derby? Thanks.
  19. What are you looking for in the cowbells? I have quite a bunch of the older style. Les Davis, Dave Davis, 3 blade,5 blade, 7 blade -silver ,brass,copper etc. some half and half silver/brass. Big blades,small blades, probably 12 to 15 sets.Let me know Thanks
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