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  1. Check my reply to Drag and Snags post. Troutman 87-I live in Watkins Glen
  2. I make both 12 and 16 pound torpedos. Here on classified go to "most viewed" and my post reads torpedo weights-pic added. Price is $30.00 for 12s,$40.00 for 16s. I ship USPS flat rate. $14.00 for up to 3 12s or 2 16s. Troutman 87
  3. I have about 20 LOCOS. #3,#4.4 lites that are new in package. Call me 607 535 2390
  4. you are right.There are so many to pick from-shop around. I shoot a Barnette Brotherhood-fairly light and quiet.Also depends on how much you have to spend. I got mine off the internet-bow,arrows,and rope cocker for under $500.00. Plus there are a lot on craigs list and ebay.
  5. Want to swap for downrigger weights? I have 12 and 16 pound torps,6 to 15 pound balls. 10 and 14 pound fish.
  6. I am looking for an okuma convector 55 line counter. I was told that they quit making them. Thanks.
  7. Go to classified and click on most viewed- my post is the fourth topic Torpedo weights,pics added. any questions call 607 535 2390. Harvey
  8. 20 Suttons-8 #71,3 #44,2#22,2#31,1 each of #23,33,50,61 and 1 West River. Most are hammered finish,some half silver and brass.All are excellant or very good. $100.00 shipped. Will not split up-don't ask. More info call 607 535 2390 Thanks for looking.SOLD!!
  9. NO- shipping is extra. I ship USPS flat rate 1,2 or 3 for $14.00 in the lower 48.
  10. I make 15 pound round balls with fin- $30.00. 607 535 2390 Troutman 87
  11. I will take the 4 swivel rod holders. Do you want to swap for downrigger weights-12 or 16 pound torps or round balls, all weights. I also make 10 and 14 pound fish. Troutman 87
  12. How about the owasco derby results from this past weekend. Thanks
  13. JIM I have 2 12s for you. Give me a call 607 535 2390 Harvey Thanks
  14. I have a 150 hp outboard on a 24 foot Crestliner and in a pinch I use it to troll and put the trim all the way down and it slows it a little.Going against the wind also helps.
  15. I make both 12 pound round balls and 12 pound torpedoes.The round balls have a short fin with a loop for a release. The torps also have a loop on the rear for a release. balls are $25.00,torps $30.00. I ship USPS flat rate for two or three weights for $14.00. Right now I am working on an order for a tackle shop and am low on lead, but will get more lead soon. You can call me 607 535 2390. Troutman 87 aka Harvey
  16. Call Cliff Davis 607 523 7749. He is the one that has the replated Suttons at the FLTA show in Watkins. Does a great job, better than Sutton does in my opinion.
  17. BOB Give me a call, I have a buddy that is an expert at tying these. Harvey
  18. Up for sale is a collection of 50 Sutton Spoons.I hate to let these go,but my boat needs work. 44's,22's,71's,35's,31's,21's,88's,50's West Rivers,Frisby(1),etc. All are in good shape,some could use polishing. Some hammered. Some have been changed to single hooks. About 20 are Heavy with copper cup. $200.00 shipped.WILL NOT SPLIT UP-DON'T ASK!!
  19. Starts at 9:00 am-the line usually starts at 8:00
  20. TWILL I think I have the dodgers that you are looking for. Call me 607 535 2390 Thanks Harvey
  21. If you are referring to the launch at the Village Marina near the Harbor Hotel,I was just there and it is clear.
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