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  1. Finally got on the water Friday( I had open heart surgery March 9th.) Felt really good to be fishing again. Fished the south end. We had about 15 small landlocks with only two keepers. Flatlining stickbaits and spoons on leadcore. Had to clean lures a lot - a lot of debris floating.The bite died about 10:00 and then a nice boat ride. Troutman 87
  2. JEFF Can you send me a phone # I'd like to talk to you.Thanks Harvey Troutman87
  3. I went through all my t-sticks and found this one. brand new unopened glitter finish rainbow trout. #gj239. it also has suspendots. get back to me if you want it.Thanks Troutman87
  4. JEFF I would like to buy the two PENN downrigger rods if you still have them.I live in Watkins Glen but I have a plan on how to get them-easy for both of us Get back to me Thanks Troutman 87
  5. I think there some of the t-sticks that you are looking for on e-bay. Take a look Troutman 87
  6. I'll take those two Penn rods. Ray K says he will pick them up at the LOTSA show. Do you want me to send you the $? Thanks
  7. Are the Penn rods medium action? Will you ship them? Thanks Troutman 87
  8. I don't know what events calender that "tangledline" looked at, but the one here on LOU that I posted on Feb. 2nd clearly states March 29th, as the date of the FLTA outdoor show. Troutman87
  9. I spotted these thinfins on ebay. item # 370157879036- plus there are a lot more on there. troutman87
  10. I'm intrested in your Lowrance. Please send me more info. about it. Thanks Harvey
  11. I will be set up at the FLTA tackle show(for info.on the show go to the events calender) with an assortment of lead weights. Downrigger balls in 6,8,10,and 12 pounds. I have a 10 pound fish weight. All are at $1.00 a pound. Some are painted black,some are plain lead. Also I have Seth Green Rig trolling sinkers from 12 ounces up to 40 ounces.These are 5 cents per ounce. My table will be right across from the food consession. Thanks for looking.
  12. The FLTA annual tackle and outdoor show will be held on March 29,2009 at the Clute Park Community Center, East 4th Street, State Route 414.Watkins Glen,N.Y. Admission is $2.00 with kids under 10 free. Also free parking. Time is 9:00 am-2:00 pm. New this year we will be selling guns and ammo(no carry-ins or walk arounds allowed). We have a great food concession! For more information call 607 765 9866. See you there!!!
  13. I'm looking to buy a new fishfinder. Just finder,no gps or plotter. I like the features,etc. on the Lowrance 515 X. But I know quite a few guys that have had problems with Lowrance graphs in the past. I'd like to get some opinions etc. from guys that have Lowrance finders. Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks Troutman 87
  14. We are coming to Cayuga this Sunday trout fishjng. Have 4 downriggers plus dipseys. Launching at deans cove(can't get under the bridge at tunk)Any help would be really appreciated.Thanks Troutman 87
  15. I'm sorry that I did't get back to you guys sooner, but I have been looking for a way to get them to the Rochester area. I have a friend who is going to fish this coming tuesday with capt.sam zucco out of shumway marina-dreamcatcher charters. his name is joe o'rouke. he is going to have the weights with him.they will be in about 3 pm.his cell phone is 607 742 2828.if this will work for any of you,let me know or call him tuesday. this is the best i can do for now. respectfully,troutman 87
  16. Downrigger weights for sale.I make these myself.Plain lead-unpainted and not coated. 12lb round ball with fin, 10 lb. ball with fin, 10lb herbie/fish, 8 lb ball with fin and 6 lb ball,no fin just round ball. All are $1.00 per lb.
  17. I have for sale a 150 hp evinrude outboard. Power trim and tilt.all cables and controls. I think early 1980's. It was rebuilt with a new short block(the cost was around $2800.00)and hardly used since. It is still on the boat and runs great. $1000.00 and I can deliver it within a reasonable distance.call 607 535 2390
  18. I'm looking to buy a pair of older style Ranger chest waders. Size 9 or 10 only. These were brown in color, all rubber with insulated bottoms.call 607 535 2390 Thanks for looking.
  19. T-D 50 Thanks for the reply My # is 607 535 2390 Best time to call is nights 8:30-10:30 or mornings 6:00-8:00 I have voice mail and will return your call if you don't get me Thanks Troutman 87
  20. BOB Replying to your post on merc parts. There is a guy on the east side of Cayuga Lake-Dick Cook- that has a huge collection of O.B. parts and parts motors. The name of his place is Powerhouse Sports Phone 607 533 8883. He is on Route 34 B near Kings Ferry. A lot of the time he isn't there. I'd try calling him. Its been a while since I've been there, but he has barn full of parts and he is real cheap on prices. Hope maybe this can help you. Troutman 87
  21. I make these downrigger weights and sell them for $1.00 a lb. Round balls with fins-12 lb., 10., and 8lb. Also 10 lb. fish. The balls have eyes on the fins for releases. The fish has an eye on the tail. I live in Watkins Glen NY. Thanks for looking Troutman 87
  22. T-D 50 In case you didn't get hooked up with weights, I make them for $1.00 a pound. I have round balls with fins in 12 lb., 10 lb., and 8lb. and the 10 lb. fish. The balls all have eyelets on the fins for releases, the fish has one on the tail. I live in Watkins Glen so getting them to you shouldn't be a problem. I sell a lot of 12 lbs. to the guys on Lake Ontario-they love them (also the price is right). Thanks TROUTMAN 87 Harvey O'Harra
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