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  1. Group one: 18 floating #13s, 10 new in box, 8 assorted. $70 shipped. Group two: 18 assorted AC shiners, SOLD thanks lyteline Group three: 27 #9 and #11 jointed rapala. Mostly new. $100 shipped. Group four: 12 #7 jointed rapala Sold Thanks Fishinman Group five: 5 rebel fast tracks and 2 yo-zuri. $25 shipped. Group six: 5 #11 assorted floaters and 5 #11 assorted husky jerks. $45 shipped. Group seven: 31 assorted #5 and #7 floaters, countdowns and husky jerks. Mostly new. $80 shipped. SOLD THANKS RB
  2. I'm going through all my sticks and selling quite a few. I'v got AC Shiners, original Rebel fastrakcs, a bunch of jointed rapalas, etc. Most have never been in the water or only used a little. Do you want pics? Troutman 87
  3. I'm selling some of my Blue Box Thundersticks. 32 in all-27 juniors and 5 babies. Most have never been opened. These are all pre-rapala. $ 125.00 plus shipping buys all. I will not seperate them. Thanks for looking. Troutman 87
  4. I will have a table with downrigger weights from 6 to 15 pounds. Some are plain lead,some are painted, some are vinyl coated. I have "fish" that are 10 and 14 pounds. I also have an assortment of trolling sinkers from 10 ounces to 40 ounces. I also have round ball drop sinkers-1 and 2 pounds. I have a large Happy Troller plate, coil spring traps,Penn 209 reels, an OMC 6 gallon gas tank and a real nice Victrola copper pulling box. I am set up right across from the food consession. Hope to see you there!
  5. You can forget getting a table at the FLTA show. We are sold out and about 25 more on the waiting list. Troutman 87
  6. I finally got a 14 pound fish mold. They have a top eyelet and another on the tail fin. Painted black are $20.00. Rubber coated are $25.00. I will have lots of them at the FLTA show. Also I have 10 pound fish and round balls 6 pounds-15 pounds. Thanks for looking. Troutman 87
  7. I heard from the "horses mouth" that shocking is scheduled for next Tuesday. But if we get all this rain that is forcasted, it maybe a wash out. Probably have to wait and see.
  8. I could not get a 12 pound fish style mold but I do have a 14 pound fish mold coming. It is supposed to be here early next week. I am going to have to raise my prices a little as lead has gone up over the winter. I will post an ad as soon as I get some made. Thanks for the intrest. Troutman 87
  9. The Finger Lakes Trollers Ass'n. will hold their annual fishing tackle and outdoor show Sunday March 28 th. at the Clute Park Community Center just off East Fourth St., State Route 414 North, Watkins Glen, N.Y. New, used and antique fishing tackle,fishing charters,archery, turkey hunting stuff,etc. There will be about 70 tables set up. (Tables are sold out). Hours 9:00 AM-2:00 PM.Admission is only $2.00 with kids under 10 free. Parking is free. Good food, coffee and cold drinks. See you there and bring a friend!
  10. Replying to your post on wanting rigger weights. I make a 13 pound round ball with a short fin that has a loop for a release. At present I am working on coating them with a plastic/rubber dip. I did a pair of pliers this am and hoping the balls come out as good as the pliers did. I am going to start making balls soon. I'll get back to you and let you know how it turns out. The weights will be $20.00 each plus shipping. Troutman 87
  11. I have 4 15 lb. rigger weights at $15.00 each. They are at a friend of mines house in Webster,NY. I thought I had them sold,but the guy never got back to us. These are round with a fin.There two eyelets- one on top,the other on the fin. These are new,poured by me. If you want I can send you a pic. Thanks for looking Troutman 87
  12. Ray I have got a 4 horse Evinrude probably early 80's that needs complete lower housing,driveshaft, lower unit,prop etc. Upper half and motor seem to be ok. Maybe Hank at L&M could find parts for it. The price is right FREE Yes I said FREE. Also there is a guy over near Lansing-Dick Cook that has a barn full of parts and parts motors but catching him there can be a problem. If you want it come and get it. Harvey Troutman 87
  13. JOHN I make all kinds of lead downrigger weights. I am supposed to get a 12 pound fish weight mold soon. My weights are all $ 1.00 a pound. I'll let you know when I get the mold and pour some weights. Regards Troutman 87- Harvey
  14. Ray Really nice buck but I don't think it will come close to scoring in the 170 to 180 range. The NYS big buck club record for an eight point is 165 . I have a pic of it and this buck doesn't appear to be anything close to it. It takes a heck of an 8 point even to be 140. Get it offically scored.
  15. I just got a 15 pound mold and have 6 weights for sale right now -more when I can get more lead. $15.00 each. For anyone in the Rochester area, I can get them to Webster later on in Nov. Or ship them in a USPS flat rate box. Thanks for looking. I sold all 6, but when I get more lead (probably after deer season) I will repost.
  16. MIKE I tried to get you on the phone a couple times-no answer. Anyway I make 12 lb. finned round balls for $12.00 each. I can ship you 2 in a USPS flat rate box for a total of $35.00. Let me know Thanks Harvey Troutman 87
  17. Going to Cayuga Saturday. Launching Tremaine(I can't get under the bridge at T-falls). I have riggers, dipseys and lead core. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Troutman 87
  18. George The only message I got was from a guy who wanted to buy the spoons and wire. Was that you? E-mail me [email protected]
  19. I'm listing this victrola for a friend. It seems to work fine. The copper wire has some kinks,but with a little work it could probably be saved. The price is $200.00 firm. I am in Watkins Glen,N.Y. Thanks for looking. Additions inculed are 4 brand new pfluger type spoons and aprox. 1000 feet of #21 single strand copper wire that is brand new. Troutman 87 Phone 607 535 2390
  20. Salmonite I make 12 lb. balls. Finned with a loop for releases for $12.00 each. I can get them to the DEC office in Avon. Let me know Troutman 87
  21. I have a like new Happy Troller if you still need one. The plate is 12 in. by 10 1/2 in. I am in Watkins Glen NY $40.00. Troutman 87
  22. Finally got on the water Friday( I had open heart surgery March 9th.) Felt really good to be fishing again. Fished the south end. We had about 15 small landlocks with only two keepers. Flatlining stickbaits and spoons on leadcore. Had to clean lures a lot - a lot of debris floating.The bite died about 10:00 and then a nice boat ride. Troutman 87
  23. JEFF Can you send me a phone # I'd like to talk to you.Thanks Harvey Troutman87
  24. I went through all my t-sticks and found this one. brand new unopened glitter finish rainbow trout. #gj239. it also has suspendots. get back to me if you want it.Thanks Troutman87
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