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  1. RICH I sent your weights this afternoon(Tuesday) Thanks Troutman 87
  2. JIM If you still want 3 torps,I got some more lead and will make them for you. Let me know Thanks Troutman 87
  3. JIM Right now I am out of lead. I have been selling these torpedos like crazy.They are $25.00 each plus $12.00 shipping.You forgot that in your pm. Anyway I will get back to you when I get some lead and get making them again. Thanks for your intrest. Troutman 87
  4. Hunter I did not get an email or pm from you . Try again Regards Troutman 87
  5. Claude I have checked in to shipping to Canada and it is very costly,like $70.00 to ship just 2. They don't have the flat rate shipping price. Sorry Troutman 87
  6. You can call me at 607 535 2390. Best time is early am or evenings after dark.
  7. Rick Would you be intrested in a swap for 4 of my 12 pound torpedos? We would pay our own shipping. If you want to see the torps they are in classifed under making torpedo weights again by troutman 87 Thanks HRO'Harra
  8. Looking for some Mooselook thin fin spoons. Will trade rigger weights or buy outright.
  9. Anyone seen or know if the water fleas are showing up on Cayuga Lake yet? Thanks Troutman 87
  10. The winner of the boat package was S. Landschoot of Phelps,N.Y. who took the $3500.00, not the boat.
  11. I'm going to try Owasco tomorrow. Anyone got any info. or been fishing it lately?We are going to target lakers and rainbows. Thanks Troutman 87
  12. There is a Sporting goods shop in Ovid. It is on the west side of the main st. (rt.414). It is called Brewers sporting goods. It has a lot of "stuff" crammed in a small store. Good prices.Quite a few guns-new and used. If you are near there,check it out. Troutman 87
  13. There was a real good bite on the south end of Seneca on Saturday. Small spoons were the best ticket. Lead core and riggers set fairly shallow. Color didn't seem to matter. There is still a lot of fish in front of the channel. Troutman 87
  14. I have 5 now. Why don't you give me a call and we can set up time and place. 607 535 2390-best time to call is early am or evenings after dark. Don't call tonight until after 9:30 Thanks Troutman 87
  15. I live in Watkins Glen. This coming Wednesday evening I will be in Geneva if that will help. That will be all the traveling that I have planned to do for a while. Where are you from? Troutman 87
  16. Do you still have the rod holders? If so will you take $ 85.00 shipped to Watkins Glen, NY 14891? If so how would like to get paid? Thanks Troutman 87
  17. I make a 15 pound round ball. It has a fin with an eye for a release. Plain lead. $25.00 plus shipping. I can fit 3 in a USPS flat rate box for $12.00 shipping.I will have these at the FLTA Show March 25 th. Troutman 87
  18. I have a Willie bait file box for $20.00. Intrested? Troutman 87
  19. I finally got a good supply of lead and will start making torpedoes again. For pics and info,go to page #8. Troutman 87
  20. Send me a check or money order to Harvey O'Harra,301 Perry St., Watkins Glen NY 14891. I'll send them to you as soon as your $ arrives. Thanks Troutman 87
  21. ADAM 2000 yes I got some more lead and make them about everyday until it gets to hot. Usually5 to 7. If you want some,get back to me. $25.00 each plus shipping. Thanks Harvey
  22. I don't think we ever hooked up I really got over whelmed with these weights and ran out of lead. But I just got more and are making again.I can put 3 in a USPS flat rate shipping box for $11.00. Send me $86.00 and I will mail them the day your $ comes. Harvey O'Harra,301 Perry ST. Watkins Glen,NY14891 Thanks and sorry about the delay.
  23. I want to apologize to all you guys who wanted my torpedoes and I couldn't get them to you. I have tempolary run out of lead and can't fill all the orders I have got. I have some lead coming soon. I'll post up as soon as I get making again. Respectfully Troutman 87
  25. I finally got a torpedo weight mold made. Cost me dearly. They weigh 12 and one half pounds. I use galvanized fence staples for both the rigger loops and release loops. I bend the ends of the the staples so they can't come out. Plus they will never wear out. $30.00 each shipped any where in the USA. USPS flat rate shipping is two or three for $13.00 or four for $17.00. Thanks for looking -Troutman 87
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