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  1. They tell me that tadpoles/pollywogs are no longer legal bait until bass season open. I have heard that from a lot of fishermen. Fact or rumor? Troutman 87
  2. TONY I'll bet your mother just loves that trout on her kitchen table! Harvey
  3. ICE I got home too late to return your call. Try again tonight-Harvey
  4. Sean was right-the canal is full of landlocks. The guys spinning from shore were slamming them Fri. and Sat. One guy had a 10 pound brown. Most of the Salmon were 5 pounds and up. Little Cleos. Troutman 87
  5. One good thing about the Fast Trac in Ovid is that they are open 24\7
  6. I just bought a bunch of new Michigan Stingers that don't have split rings on the nose. Should I put rings on them or run them the way they are? Your opinions are greatfully appreicated.
  7. Ice Fisherman I have checked on shipping to Canada and the USPS does not ship to Canada for the flat rate of $14.00. The regular rate is very expensive-like $35.00 or $40.00 for one 16 pounder. And I don't do pay pal. Harvey
  8. Joe Lets hook up and I'll get those rigger weights. Give me a time and location. Harvey
  9. Doug I have and also make what you are looking for,but no jigs. I think I know where you can get them locally.Call me 607 535 2390 Troutman 87
  10. Anyone have any Apex lures that they no longer use or need? I will buy or trade for downrigger weights. Also anyone know of a tackle shop that carries them? Thanks Troutman 87
  11. The village marina launch by the hotel is open but with this snow storm coming you might not be able to launch or get out as they don't plow it. I will post a report after the storm passes.
  12. Brewers Sporting Goods in Ovid has them-just the peanut,unrigged. You should call. She is not always open 607 869 5890
  13. Both of the Seneca ramps are iced in. The canal at Clute Park is froze out to the bridge. Village Marina is froze all the way to the breakwall. This was as of Thursday at 4:00 pm
  14. The FLTA fishing tackle and outdoor show is Sunday March 30th.
  15. Lot # 1 are Oakie Dokies made my the Great Lakes Lure Company owned by Milton "Junior" Oakes located in Elmira New York. No longer in business.
  17. I make a 14 pound fish shape for $25.00 plus shipping-USPS flat rate $14.00. I ship as soon as your payment comes(have several on hand). Troutman 87
  18. I fish Seneca and the fleas are bad. A know-it all that fishes Ontario told me to get power pro and that would end the flea problem. BIG MISTAKE!! Respooled with wire-no fleas.You know what you can do with that p-p.
  19. Those bouys are DEC nets. They are sampling lake trout. The nets are 20 feet high and 350 feet long. They are on the bottom. They move the nets every day. They will be done this Friday.
  20. Piscataquis If you and Meals-On -Reels can't make a deal on the rods I have a selection of downrigger weights that I make to trade.Let me know Troutman 87
  21. I have a friend who fishes Seneca for lake trout with a spin doc and spoon.He does very well.I think the spoon is a Sutton.
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