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  1. I spooled a couple of reels with 40 lb. Stren Brute Strength.It is fairly limp and tied a pretty good knot. Ran it on Seneca last Sunday-no fleas. Also ran 30 pound Flea Flicker that had fleas. I was never a believer in Flea Flicker anyway. And to me that proves it. Now if we could just get rid of the weeds. Ha-Ha. Troutman 87
  2. I have used jug rigs for years with great sucess. As for the "jug" itself the best thing I have used is a 2 liter soda bottle.They are very light so you don't have to set your drag very tight. Take and spray the inside with flouresent paint so others can see it behind your boat. Troutman 87
  3. Check out Warrens Hook,Line and Sinker in Sodus Bay (formerly Chases and Harhes)Great people and great prices plus a ton of good used tackle.
  4. I am selling this for my fishing partners widow. An older but really nice victrola,double spring with crank. Included are 6 original USA Pfluger #4s,3 #5 USA Pflugers,1 USA #3 pfluger,3 Elmira NY "ACE" #4 pfluger type(2 are new),2 lucky strike type pfluger #5,1 Mlller #22 and 2 homemade jerk spoons. 12 assorted twin minnows-good colors and 10 flatfish assorted colors and sizes.2 finger guards. $350.00 for all-will not seperate. For more info call 607 535 2390.
  5. Selling mixture of 30 mooselook, speedy shiner, flash king, and ace spoons. Most have single hook, some are new, some need repainting. $40.00 for all shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for looking Troutman 87
  6. Selling 40 assorted rapalas, mostly floaters, a few countdowns. Most have never been in the water, just out of the box. Will not seperate. $200.00 reduced to $160.00 for all shipped to the lower 48.Troutman 87
  7. I'm selling a nice collection of 50 original sutton spoons. An assortment of sizes.44,88, 31, 35,22, 71, 50,33, etc. A couple of the heavy ones. All have single hooks. Most are plain silver-some hammered,some half silver and brass. $225.00 shipped to lower 48. Will not seperate. For more info call me 607 535 2390.
  8. I'm selling this group of thundersticks. All are pre- Rapala. 36 juniors and 7 babys. All are excellant shape, most have never been in the water,just out of the boxes. A great assortment of colors and patterns. Will not seperate. Sorry no pics. $175.00 shipped to lower 48. For more info call me 607 535 2390
  9. Yes Nick I also have 12 pounders ready to ship-$30.00 each, same shipping $14.00. Total of $74.00. Let me know Troutman 87
  10. NICK Two 16 pounders would be $94.00 shipped. I will send them as soon as your check comes. Thanks Troutman 87
  11. Look in the classifieds for "Torpedo weights coming-great price" and you will see description and pictures.
  12. I checked the south end of Seneca about 6:30 am-not pretty and no boats. Troutman 87
  13. H-H Two 12.5 pound torps with shipping would be a total of $74.00. I have them ready to ship.Troutman 87
  14. We are intrested in the bracket. Can you call me Harvey 607 535 2390 Thanks Troutman 87
  15. PAP I make two torpedoes. One weighs a little over 12 pounds the other a little over 16 pounds.If you go through the classified I have a picture of my torps in my original ad. Yes they have a release loop on the back end. You will see it in the pic.The 16 pounders are $40.00 and the 12s are $30.00 plus shipping. I ship USPS flat rate which is $14.00 for two no matter which weight. Get back to me if you want some.Thanks Troutman 87
  16. PAP I have four older Proos riggers that won't handle the heavy weights,so use 10 pound torpedoes off my two side riggers and 10 pound balls off my back two. I hardly fish more than 100 feet down here on Seneca and Cayuga. The 10 pound torps run very well. Plus I fish slow for lakers with them. Sometimes I use 8 pound balls off my back riggers and run them shallow. I have never heard much about the pancakes. But the way they are shaped,you would think they would cut the water good and run without much blowback. You are probably going have to do some more expermenting with different weights. Good luck. Troutman 87
  17. PAP I don't run either of these weights myself,I just make them. Everyone that I have sold torpedoes to really likes them. And I have sold a lot of them. I believe the way the torpedoes are shaped it would seem less blowback than the fish. My 14 pound fish weights have a straight tail and putting a bend in them might be tough as they are kinda thick. The 10 pound fish I make can be bent easily. Also I don't think that you could bend the fin on my torpedoes. Hope this helps. Troutman 87
  18. DICK Yes I do. 16,20, 24,28 ,32, 36 and 40 ounces. They are .05 cents per ounce. The 36 and 40's are finned. Right now I have quite a few of all sizes. Thanks for asking. Troutman 87
  19. PD Please send a check to me. Harvey O'Harra,301 Perry St., Watkins Glen,NY 14891. I will send them to you as soon as your payment arrives. Thanks very much! Troutman 87
  20. I got my 16 pound torpedo weight mold done and starting making them. They look just like my 12 pounders only a little "fatter". $40.00 plus shipping. I can ship one or two for $14.00,three for $17.00. For more info call me- 607 535 2390. Thanks for looking Troutman 87
  21. I do very well on land locks and browns here on Seneca with the perch x rap #8. Also do good on lakers with perch pattern spoons Troutman 87
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