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  1. Believe it or not,I use weed wacker string.Your releases slide down easily and it will not break.
  2. R F 38 I have a guy working on the 16 pound mold right now. I am hoping it will be done this weekend. I will pm you as soon as I know more. Thanks for your intrest. Troutman 87
  3. SIR How wide is the bench seat and what is the base made out of-wood or plastic? Also where are you located?
  4. This Sunday at the FLTA Show I have two tables across from the food concession. 75 downrigger weights from 5 pounds to 15 pounds-round balls,fish shaped and torpedos. Over 200 trolling sinkers-12 oz.to 40 oz. 70 flutter spoons-Pine Valley(some new), Miller,Clark,Kausch, O&M, Vine Valley,etc. New Alpena Diamonds and Locos. A nearly new Cannon Easy-Troll downrigger. Tackle boxes and a Willie box. 30 dodgers different sizes and colors. Bass jigs,colored and plain. Few stickbaits. Flatfish and Twin Minnows. Mitchell 300 deep spools. Several Woolrich chamois shirts size large. Woolrich wool hunting pants 40 waist. Turkey calls. Docking lines. Anchors with chains. A pair of 24 inch sea bags-new. Gun scopes.Several knives. Some odds and ends. Free stuff-old rods,pair of side planers and a box of misc. spoons. Try to make it to the show.Thanks for looking. Troutman 87 PS- The food is great!
  5. Cliff doesn't have a website. He sets up at the tackle shows more as a hobby.He also makes great rods especially long heavy trolling rods. He will have about 300 Suttons at the FLTA show in Watkins Glen next Sunday. Troutman 87
  6. Yes that is him and he will be at the Watkins FLTA show. Troutman 87
  7. WE have a guy that comes to our FLTA Outdoor show that replates Suttons and I think they are as good as new at half the price. New hooks and split rings. He has about 200 to choose from. Troutman 87
  8. I have both 12 and 1/2 pound torpedoes and round balls. The pics of the torps are in the classified under "16 pound torpedo weight coming soon". The round balls have a short fin with a loop for a release. The price of the 12 1/2's are $30.00 each plus shipping. I can put up to 3 in an USPS flat rate box for $14.00. I will have them at the FLTA show in Watkins Glen. Troutman 87
  9. I have checked the cost to ship weights to Canada and it is very expensive. About triple of the flat rate prices to ship here in the US. Troutman 87
  10. I ship with USPS flat rate boxes. One or two in a box for $13.00, three in a box for $17.00 anywhere in the US. Best and cheapest way. Troutman 87
  11. I am in the process of having a 16 pound torpedo weight mold made. It will look just like my 12 &1/2 in the pics. I am hoping to have it made soon so I can have weights at the Finger Lakes Trollers show on March 24 t I will post it as soon as I get some made. Thanks for looking Troutman 87
  12. 30 dodgers mostly luhr jensen and some gold star.some brand new. plus 8 that need painting.$75.00 plus shipping for all.
  13. MIKE M I am in the process of getting a 16 pound torpedo weight mold made. It will be just like my 12 and a half (it is in the classified page 4 or 5). It is going to be about half the price of the torps that are out there now. I'll post when I get some done. Regards Troutman 87
  14. I live close to the peir in Watkins Glen and go over there almost every day. They are catching a few perch and bluegills,mostly small. Once in a while some crappies. I have not seen a trout of any kind or a landlock salmon caught off the peir in the last 3-4 months. There is not even anyone fishing for them. I don't know where the DEC gets their reports, but somebody is giving out wrong info. about the peir. I know the boaters are doing very well. Especially brown and landlocks. Troutman 87
  15. CAPTAIN VINCE I will take the Proos parts for the $35.00.I imagine that you want me to pay the shipping. The parts should fit in an USPS large flat rate box for $16.00. Whatever the total is let me know and an address to send payment. Do you prefer a money order or is my personal check ok? I will send payment as soon as I hear from you. Thanks-Regards Troutman 87
  16. Capt Vince I would like the Proos parts. I'll swap you for two of my torpedos. We will pay our own shipping. You can view the torps at classified under torpedo weights-Troutman 87.Let me know wnat you think.Thanks Troutman 87
  17. Rick If you are inquiring about the torpedoes,yes I am still making them. They are $25.00 each plus shipping. I can ship one, two or three for $12.00. Four shipping is $16.00. A money order is fine. Shipped to Watertown is no problem. Let me know. Thanks Troutman 87
  18. A group tried a fall sportsmans flea market show in elmira ny similar to the trollers show in watkins and it was a complete failure. Hardly any vendors and almost a no show for buyers.
  19. JOHN Did you ever find the PROOS downrigger parts that you were looking for? I'm looking for the same-line counters and the rubber wheels that go on them. Please let me know how you made out. Thanks Regards Troutman 87
  20. I know a guy that replates Suttons.He does a great job-they are as good as new.You can call me for more info. Harvey 607 535 2390.
  21. NICK I've got a 150 Evinrude on my Crestliner that I've had for 20 plus years. I got to know them pretty good Get ahold of me. Harvey-Troutman 87
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