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  1. Stan I found 10 brand new spring clips like the ones pictured from Fisherdude. You can have them too.
  2. Stan I have 10 of them you can have if you can't find any. Send me your address. Harvey
  3. Anyone have a pic of the final results overall?
  4. Also there is a weigh station at Clute Park campground in Watkins Glen-all three days.
  5. Saturday I will be at the National Lake Trout Derby weigh-in at Clute Park campground most all day as I am chairman. Sunday I plan on watching some of the Indy 500.You can call me 607 535 2390.
  6. Anyone know for sure if it passed. It was in the budget that was finally approved.
  7. What length in inches are the size you are looking for? I have a lot of them that I will sell cheap as I have quit fishing. Some are new,some are not so new.
  8. It will be next week,I am just getting started and have lots of orders. I will let you know.
  9. Not doing any 16s yet, I am way behind on 12s. I will let you know.
  10. I am in Watkins Glen NY Harvey O'Harra, 301 Perry St, Watkins Glen NY 14891 $85.00 total
  11. Scott I am going to start making this weekend, do you have my address?
  12. I don't have any 16s and won't have any until the weather breaks in the spring as I have to make them outdoors.The total will be $105.00 shipped. Get back to me when it warms up.
  13. This probably won't get you in time It is 11:00 am Wed and I have not gotten a call from your dad. I have to leave at 12:30.
  14. Sounds good. My # 607 535 2390. I get there around 6:45 pm. Have him call during the day. The total is $ 220.00.Thanks Harvey
  15. No I don't travel that way. I will be in Geneva on Wed. Sept. 16th. in the evening if that will help. Shipping on 4 would be $21.00.
  16. Yes the USPS Priority mail delivery has gotten really bad as of lately Expected delivery 2-3 days,how about a week to 10 days. Of course they are blaming it on the Covid.Not much can be done, at least they are still shipping.
  17. It sometimes all depends how deep your pockets are I am a Barnett man and really like them. I am now helping a beginner with a Wildgame 370 made by Barnett. A nice starter bow for $200.00. E-Bay. It is fast and fairly quiet. The scope that comes with is not bad, but the arrows need replacing. Just my take. Troutman 87
  18. Sir I did not get a pm from you-maybe try again.
  19. Does it have the Pro-view 3 x scope?if so, I'm not trying to insult you,but would you take 5 big ones?
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