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  1. Suzuki's are probably the best engine on the market now.
  2. Rivets are fine. I've known a few Crestliner owner's who's boats had to go back to the factory to reweld busted welds. Take a ride in the boat as opposed to determining whether it has rivets, welds, not rot construction, etc. I've owned 6 Lunds (2 Pro V's, one Grand Baron 2100, couple Adventure models), a few Sylvan's, Polar Kraft, and a bunch of Starcrafts (2 196 Fishmasters, one 196 Superfisherman, and a few others). Currently own a 196 Fishmaster. For a dry and comfy ride in any wave conditions, the Starcraft has the best riding hull out of all those boats I've owned. Never had a Crestliner because I didn't like the layout and the broken welds scared me off. I'm sure their quality has improved drastically since then but your best thing is to hitch a ride with someone and then make up your mind. Some of us can be very biased based on what we own. I used to really like Lund's until I got into a Starcraft hull.
  3. The fin clipping, although conducted over a 3 year period, was only a mere snapshot of the conditions at that time. Natural reproduction will vary with the environmental conditions that are presented each season so to bank on numbers evaluated almost a decade ago on how much stocking is required is silly. One positive - the fishery on Lake Huron has certainly rebounded in the past 5+ years. When Lake O crashes, there will most likely be a resurgence. Gone are the glory days of the 80's and 90's on the quantity of fish that were caught. All of our expensive toys will be traded in for smaller items.....
  4. Wasn't that chuckle on last night? Or was that just a hot mess?
  5. I'm sure you first mentioned COVID and he's just stated that Port Hope indicated this was a major driving force. And I don't read what you are getting out of his responses to warrant your reply. Take it easy and go fishing.
  6. Great looking boat that looks like new and not beat to **** like the other one that was for sale on this site a while back. Starcraft have the best riding boats out there - I also now own a 196 Fishmaster and have owned Starcraft's for many years.
  7. But they are such a beautiful bird...…
  8. Please explain to me how you will get out on the lake with the main motor if you are concerned with the fuel in there as you stated? How does the main motor work one way but somehow the gas goes bad so you can't make it back in?
  9. Not too many people run with a separate tank for a kicker these days. If you feel that your fuel tank in your boat may be compromised, you shouldn't be on the water period. I've run kickers off the main tank for over 35 years without issue. I've had main motors that wouldn't start up due to flat batteries but the kicker got me in.
  10. Tohatsu makes all Merc engines up to 40hp and are good engines. Your 16' boat will be easily pushed with a 5hp Honda or a 6hp of any make. I had both hp sizes on a 16' Sylvan Adventurer and a Princecraft 166 Super Pro. 8hp will be fine but a 6hp will do and just get a 4 stroke to tie directly into the main gas line.
  11. Here is another winner Strangely enough, those phones are not sold in NA.
  12. I would like to thank all of those who replied, especially those that took the time to sign up to this forum and reply specifically to my ad as their first and only post. A special thanks to those who are replying through TapTalk with your phones that are are only sold in Nigeria. I didn't realize that lyman lures were used out there.
  13. Looking for lyman lures to add to my collection. PM me with what you are willing to part with.
  14. Thanks for the replies so far. Still looking for anything glow belly.
  15. Looking for original painted eye Lyman lures in 4" or 5" lengths. PM me with what you have and what you want for them.
  16. Then give it a shot. What do you have to lose? Maybe your boat and a few things for a bit, but then again maybe nothing but a warning and being politely asked to turn around.
  17. All launches are closed on the north shore until who knows when. Current restrictions are until May 14 however I can vision another 30 day extension.
  18. Nice fish. And we can't get our boats out so please leave some for us.
  19. Not true - if you have a launch on your own property, you can go out fishing as long as you are fishing alone or with family members that live in your primary residence.
  20. Maybe on the US side they can see the fine print on the fishing license in the middle of the lake but us Canadians still use these things:
  21. This info is from the Canadian Border Services Agency website; If you enter Canadian waters, you are not required to present yourself and report your goods to the CBSA if you: do not land on Canadian soil and do not anchor, moor or make contact with another conveyance while in Canadian waters; do not embark or disembark people or goods in Canada. Some may give you grief about our social distancing rules however if you follow what is noted above, there is nothing wrong as long as you head back across the lake. Just because the launches are closed doesn't mean fishing is closed.
  22. Friends don't let friends drink and post. 25 years ago there were so many lake trout on the north shore, they used to run rivers to the first set of fast water each fall. Now your rarely catch them in our area.
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