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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one....lol!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. To the buyer: you are getting a phenomenal boat from a top notch guy..... just the fact that Hans took the time to take videos and help you with the transition is testament to how much pride Hans took in his vessel! Cheers to both you and Hans Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. There's tons of them - I have a cheap Simmons and it works great. I never range deer "like they do on TV" while bowhunting b/c it's ridiculous and I'm focused on my bow and concealment and keeping my eye on the deer. During gun, all my shots are within 100 yards so there's no need for it. Instead, I'll range trees near my stand and create a mental shooting perimeter and a few shooting distances with the tree landmarks. Good luck - keep it simple Chris
  4. Scott - I've used him twice in a pinch during bow when I couldn't cut one up myself b/c of warm conditions and I had work obligations the next day He's a super nice guy and you can even drop off a deer after hours and fill out the form and leave it in his barn area. He does a good job with deboning and packaging in freezer paper but I had quite a bit of hair He's fine in an emergency pinch Chris
  5. I agree with the "go and hunt" philosophy. That being said, it's not just about putting time in....it's about putting quality time in. I have had a huge success in the past 4-5 years practicing low impact hunting techniques - that is hunting the trailing time after a cold front passes but staying out of the woods on low quality days such as 80 degrees and sunny I hunt low impact stands early on (i.e peripheral stands that do not require me to travel huge distances through my property and leave my scent all over the place), etc. I hunt every day that I can be in the woods (probably 40 sits per year given my busy medical practice and family commitments) but I try and make every hunt a quality hunt. That being said, some of my hunts might not be the most optimal only b/c it might be the only day I have off from work, or the kids don't have a sporting event after school, so I can't be as choosey on some days. You analogy on charter captains is a good one, but theoretically if Captain A puts in twice the amount of time he might not be guaranteed twice the success if his time is spent fishing in poor areas or choosing a suboptimal day to be out. I can honestly say that it has made a huge difference in my success not only harvesting some beauties, but on the quality and quantity of deer that I'm seeing by trying to really practice low impact techniques. I'm a big believer in Jeff Sturgis's readings who talks about this in depth. Chris
  6. Totally disagree on the big buck early morning movement. They will move 1-2 times in the early morning to feed/browse and you can easily score on a nice buck if you can get near their bedding zone during the early season in stealth mode (don't use a climber, get into stand quickly, avoid noise, etc). I think it's a huge myth that big bucks don't move early morning during the early season and you are missing out on a huge opportunity to hunt early morning during early October. I 100% agree with low impact hunting early season and saving a prime stand hunt during late October after a passing cold front I have several nice bucks on my wall that were early season harvests near a prime big buck bedding area. Chris
  7. I finally found one I really like this year - Browning Strike Force HD Pro......best camera I've ever had and I've tried many sub $200.00 and $100.00 cameras...Moultrie, Primos, Wildgame, Browning and Bushnell over the past 13-14 years and they all sucked to be honest Finally this one really seems to be excellent I bought 6 of them from TrailcamPro
  8. This is awesome! I love the rack growth sequence!! Thanks for sharing
  9. Updated prices boys and girls.......somebody take the crankbaits off my hands!!! Chris
  10. Great video and great steelhead. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. UPDATED - tackle box and crankbaits are all that is left Please someone make me an offer on the hard baits!
  12. Hi Pete, I love your videos! Do you have any videos on identifying common NY brush, shrubs, understory plants, especially as they relate to edibles for wildlife including deer? Many thanks, Chris
  13. Sold Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I hear ya....I'm glad that others can enjoy these lures like I did, although many of them are still brand new and never touched the water! It's a sad and happy transition for me over the past few years, from a life of trolling since I was 8 or 9 to a life of land stewardship, food plots, and property management on my "new" property I bought from my Uncle over the past year. Although the land has been in our family for almost 40 years, now that it's mine it needs my time and effort more than ever before Tight lines and happy hunting! Chris
  15. Dear LOU friends, Some stuff for sale. Shipped to USA only. All are priced plus shipping. PM me if interested. FOR THOSE FOLKS THAT BOUGHT STUFF - I CAN SEND YOU A [PIC OR RE-POST THE SOLD ITEMS TO MAKE SURE YOU RECEIVE EXACTLY WHAT WAS ORIGINALLY PICTURED. IN NO WAY AM I TRYING TO "PULL A FAST ONE" BY REMOVING THE PICTURES. IT WAS SIMPLY GETTING TO CONFUSING TO SEPARATE SOLD FROM STILL FOR SALE ITEMS. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT RESPONSE!!! 68 crankbaits: $70 plus $10.00 shipping Plano 9606 tackle box, beads and one dipsy snubber: $10.00 pick up only Please PM me Chris
  16. You can do it through DECALS online - I've been doing it for years. The DMP choices appear after you select all of your licenses. follow the online prompts You can also add landowner privilege online - you put in your Tax ID info directly in DECALS Chris
  17. 100% agree with Whaler.....best post of the thread For you all judging this poor man and his decisions, I hope and pray that you never have a loved one die from texting while driving, while rock climbing the Grand Canyon, a kid drown in your swimming pool, etc etc. and then have everyone pile on and call you stupid and arrogant while you are grieving Horrible choice of words indeed, but trying to justify them twice is even worse Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Agree with whaler....unless you were on his boat, you are making a lot of assumptions. It’s easy for all of all to be a Monday morning quarterback but the bottom line is somebody lost their life. I hope you don’t live in a glass house Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. You have to be kidding me......totally heartless and classless. You must be perfect Paul My thoughts go out to the family
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