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  1. From the AMSOIL website

    "OK . . .What does a 5W-30 do that an SAE 30 won't?

    When you see a W on a viscosity rating it means that this oil viscosity has been tested at a Colder temperature. The numbers without the W are all tested at 210° F or 100° C which is considered an approximation of engine operating temperature. In other words, a SAE 30 motor oil is the same viscosity as a 10w-30 or 5W-30 at 210° (100° C). The difference is when the viscosity is tested at a much colder temperature. For example, a 5W-30 motor oil performs like a SAE 5 motor oil would perform at the cold temperature specified, but still has the SAE 30 viscosity at 210° F (100° C) which is engine operating temperature. This allows the engine to get quick oil flow when it is started cold verses dry running until lubricant either warms up sufficiently or is finally forced through the engine oil system. The advantages of a low W viscosity number is obvious. The quicker the oil flows cold, the less dry running. Less dry running means much less engine wear

  2. Scratches help catch more fish

    Fish will always bit on lures from a pitiful boat

    They feel sorry for those fisherman

    As in the tv commercial, everyone knows that.

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  3. I would be very interested in how you like it.  I have a plan ready to install the hydraulic steering and get the Lowrance hydraulic AP.  I already have a Gen II touch.  If I hear some positive feedback, it will be kickoff time.

  4. I have a heat exchanger. Block is closed cooling with auto type anti freeze in it. I also have a garden hose fitting on the starboard exhaust manifold which can be used to cool the engine in an emergency by hooking up your washdown pump if you loose your engine cooling on the water. I would not recommend winterizing with that fitting since you would close the seacock valve at the water intake and trap untreated water between the seacock and the the fitting being used. In fact, when I bought the boat (used) the seller said he winterized it by putting RV antifreeze into the hose fitting on the manifold. That was my first inboard at the time and I found cracks and leaking on the seacock valve body and the strainer body on the water intake. They were certainly from freezing of trapped water.

    If you are winterizing by putting the antifreeze in with the fake a lake, make sure the strainer (polycarbonate bowl) is filled with the pink liquid thoroughly or you will be buying a new one in the spring.

  5. look around, you can get the AP for as low as $900. I have a gen II touch and have a Yamaha 4 stroke integrated. No need for Command link or gauges. I would think the integration of the AP should be easy and good.

    I have been considering one myself and adding Hydraulic steering, approx. another $500

  6. The toilet plunger thing works well with a garden hose for running out of water.  For winterizing, I put a small sump pump in a 5 gal bucket with RV anti freeze  and pump it into the water intake with the plunger device.  (called fake a lake).  My block is closed cooling with a heat exchanger so the RV antifreeze goes thru all non closed cooling components and out the exhaust  Pink out the exhaust and you are good  Also use it to pump rv antifreeze into all other water intakes such as washdown, etc.  Never had a problem

  7. Burt. I used a t4 for 5 years. I made mine wireless for less than 35 bucks. If you want more info pm me and I'll give you a shout.


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    I have a friend who is recovering from a rough time with cancer. He has a panther and wanted help in interfacing to his autopilot. What was your method ??

    It may be better than what I had planned.

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  8. 14 x about $90 = ???????????????????. I just bought 6 on sale from a distributor for $30 each. They are the rail mount (single axis). They are the same as the track mount single axis except for the mount plate on the bottom which is removable. I have made exact duplicates of the rail track mount bottom plate since I have access to CNC equipment in a shop. $180 for six Cannon rodholders is my type of price.

  9. I always thought that the plastic area around the lock was very "Cheesy" and would not take much to break it off.  I have the official Cannon locks which look like they are from a file cabinet.  To supplement security I replaced the knobbed 1/4-20 bolts with security screws that have very little way to grip the head and require a special wrench to remove.  Hopefully, thieves are not going around with various security screw wrenches in their pockets.

  10. The holes in the body of a Mag 5 ST or Mag 10 STX will take the conduit or fencing pipe.  The pulley end tube (inner tube) on a current telescoping boom on a mag 10 STX is smaller than the pipe and needs a bushing over the pulley housing stud to fit tightly into the conduit or pipe.  On a Mag 5 ST which is the same as the Mag 10 STX except for no telescoping boom or swivel base, the pulley assembly comes with a plastic bushing to increase the stud size to fit into the 1 5/16 od tubing.  If you bought the Mag 10's new, the bushing may have been included in the parts bag even though it is not used and if you saved it you are in business.

  11. I have a friend with a 2003 40 Merc 4 stroke. Back then it was actually a Yamaha and has the Yamaha logo on the block. It has been troublesome with carb problems. I have also noticed comments on a Yamaha blog about the troubled 4 stroke carbs in that HP and timeframe. Very problematic with ethanol and bad gas.

  12. I also tried the HDS7 touch and I am very impressed. I set up the network to a new Yamaha 4 stroke and have all the engine info displayed on the screen. No need for expensive Yamaha Command link. The variable trolling speed function is not available on the HDS7 but that is easily had by hooking a appropriate switch to the connector that is there for the VTS. Works great. After replacing my 2 stroke I did not need to by any gauges as it is all on the display.

  13. Boats bought new and registered in PA until the mid 90 `s  were not issued a title.  If the boat is still registered in Pa that may be normal.  I had a new 1989 bought in Pa and never had a title.  I transferred it to a NY registration when I bought a cottage on sandy pond and did not have any problems since I had an owners card and proof of purchase.  I do not know what would be involved with a sale within NY.  If the boat is currently registered in NY than it must have a title.  

  14. I get the impression it is a single screw.  Depending on where you will dock it, beware that a single screw inboard is very difficult to control at low speed.  They do not turn very well.  Very difficult in windy situations.  I finally got tired of the trouble and put a kicker on center and only dock with that.

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