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  1. May get more response if u mention make, model, year, etc.
  2. 5 so far this morn. Two had double lampreys. One had a single lamprey. Crazy.
  3. Caught 6 cookie cutter browns in front of Sandy Pond yesterday morn. All had lampreys on them. Worst I have ever seen.
  4. Found this canvas about 1 mile north of th Salmon river on Rt 3. Looks like a cover for a small boat But unsure. Message me if it is yours
  5. I had a 1987 Fishmaster. I believe it was 22 or 23 ft. Send your phone # as a private message and I will call. I can point u in the direction of things to look for.
  6. On second look, there is probably a brake fluid reservoir under the plastic cap . The fact that the pin with retaining rings is in a slot is a definite sign that it slides to actuate. I have just never seen one like that in 55 yrs of boating experience.
  7. Don't see any signs of surge brakes. See other issues with setup. You should cross the chains so that the tongue has something to land on before it hits the ground if the hitch detaches. Also, it seems the chains are attached way, way too far back and are too close to the ground, possibly dragging. Even if they were crossed it wouldn't help.
  8. I fish the east end also from Sandy pond to Mexico area. If it is a westerly wind and u are willing to take a bit of rough water to get there, the Catfish creek area offers some protection. Doesn't help with NW, N etc winds. I use a 17 1/2 Sea Nymph for Spring Browns. If all else fails, u can trailer to Oswego and fish the harbor.
  9. Must have your years mixed up. Last year was terribly low.
  10. I will take em. Check your private messages.
  11. Any info on the Mexico Launch would be appreciated.
  12. New prop still in box. Never used. OMC part # 386786. 12 1/4 ×15. $65 +shipping or pick up in Mexico area on my next trip in the spring.
  13. Don't know your location but Schermerhorn Marina in the Thousand Island area did an excellent job on my trolling motor when no one else wanted to bother. They are authorized service on Minnkota and Motor Guide.
  14. I believe that is a Suzuki with Johnson decals. Parts should be available but as previously said, if all checks out just run it.
  15. Just buy another transducer. If you have the cable routed properly it will probably not be easily removed. If you plan to route the cable for easy removal it probably.will not be proper for good protection. Best thing to do is get another transducer.
  16. You need to consider going past the kicker, doing a 360 degree loop than into the kicker to the connection for best results
  17. Looks interesting but it is not clear if there is a transducer such as the total scan included. Any thoughts on that?
  18. lrg355


    Well said fisherdude. While the multiple crises are unbelieveable, the one that bothers me the most is the total f up in Afghanistan. 13 service members dead because this senile idiot didn't listen to his military. He personally put the Marines in a no win situation. The real problem will be if we get into a serious crisis like Taiwan with China. All other self inflicted problems will seen trivial. Unfortunately, everyone who voted for Biden knew he wasn't qualified and this could happen but did it anyway.
  19. That would work as long as the outer cover of the rudder end is attached to a stationary bracket and the push/pull cable (inner) is attached to the rudder arm. The cable I used was from Salmon Country Marina and too expensive For what it was. .I knew about it because a.friend of mine did it before me. If I ever did it again I would modify a standard cable such as you did. Most important thing is to insure full stroke of the rudder arm doesn't make the kicker hit the end of its travel in either direction. Move the connection to the rudder arm a bit closer to the Shaft if it does.
  20. As I explained, I hooked a steering cable from the rudder arm inside the boat, ran a loop and thru the transom then to the kicker. The steering cable was a standard setup on one end to go thru the steering tube on the Yamaha 9.9 XPA 4 stroke. So when the rudder arm inside the boat moved. The kicker turned. SIMPLE. If the rudder moved because you turned the steering wheel, the kicker turned appropriately. If the rudder moved because an autopilot was controlling it, the kicker turned appropriately. Care must be taken to attach the steering cable properly to the rudder arm. It must be attached at a proper distance from the center pivot (shaft) so the kicker stops slightly short of full travel when the rudder arm is at full travel in both directions. If this is not considered, something will eventually break in the system. The only drawback is the kicker is always turning when the rudder is turning. You will need to setup the shift and throttle cables to allow kicker to turn when it is in the trim or lifted position and not being used. I didn't find this to be a big deal.
  21. Linear actuator looks interesting but does nothing for autopilot on the kicker. The steering cable setup as I described gets you kicker integration to your existing autopilot and steering from your current helm for about $200. Cant beat that.
  22. My previous boat was a Sportcraft 272 with a single inboard and hydraulic steering with Raymarine autopilot running the rudder. I installed a 9.9 Yamaha 4 stroke kicker that was connected to the rudder arm inside the boat. I used a steering cable that was standard steering tube end at the Yamaha but was unique at the other end. It had a threaded outer shell so it could be mounted to a bracket and the inner push/ pull cable had a clevis that could be mounted to the rudder arm. Was able to order this cable from Salmon Country Marina in Mexico, NY. Never saw it anywhere else. Sold the boat in 2018. Don't have any pics of the setup. Autopilot worked good with the kicker and rudder both turning. Also easy to put in the slip with the kicker. Was a somewhat controlled crash with single inboard when docking before the kicker. Boat is still in use a a charter in the area. If you are interested in the name of the current owner pm me.
  23. Navico is the parent company of Simrad, Lowrance and a few others. Reasonable to assume the same technology is used within the family.
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