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  1. Koi The boat has never been modified. I know the original owner and this boat since new. The pics show the drain/ overflow for the fishbox. It is out the side about even with the windshield area. The fishbox fills when the overflow tube is put in and drains when removed. Sea Nymph made a different style 175 a few years earlier. Had a completely different transom on it. This is a 93. This style continued under the Lowe name into the late 90's.
  2. Update on mysterious leak!. Over the last few days I have been taking my granddaughter to th beach. I am located on Sandy Pond and have been using this boat to the beach. I have been pulling into the sand in the Sandy Pond channel, pushing the bow about 5 ft out of the water. I dont usually use this boat for that as I have a pontoon boat for that type of activity but haven't put that in yet. Probably set the Sea Nymph in the sand about 6 times this week. LEAK HAS STOPPED!!. Go figure. I am sure it will start again after a run in 3 ft or so waves. Some kind of intermittent leak in a forward seam??
  3. Motor/splashwell holes are well above the waterline at the dock.
  4. That's interesting. This time when filling ith water I will be jacking it a bit off the trailer bunks, especially when tipping side to side.
  5. Bilge hose discharge is very high above waterline. As for the livewell/fishbox fill pump, it is in the transom below the waterline. I have plugged it an ran a while like that. I dont use it much anyway. No difference, still leaks. Keep in mind, leaks the same amount weather sitting at the dock or out fishing.
  6. I will pull it from the water after next week. Let it set for a week so the outside is dry. Fill it with water and food coloring. Tip it severely so all water moves to rear, wait a few hours tha tip to move water to bow, wait than tip side to side. Maybe I'll see something that way. Not at the camp now but will be monday. Will take pics of inside. Removing the gas tank is not a big deal because it has it's own screwed down cover. I have had it off before to replace the sending unit. Yes, I do troll with the 70 and use the electric motor on the bow for autopilot.
  7. The shame of it is that it has an aluminum floor so I had never planned to pull it up. If necessary to do a proper Gluvit job I will. Probably will pull the gas tank first to get a view of some of the hull. The gas tank has it's own removable, screwed in floor and takes up a considerable amount of the cockpit area. Pull the tank and run it from a 5 gal tank, put it in the water and see what developes.
  8. This leaks just sitting at the dock when the water is well below the splashwell.
  9. That was happening many years ago. Got rid of the pickup and tube. Just use gps speed now.
  10. Went from a 115 Johnson to a 2014 Yamaha F70LA. It is enough power and gets great milage. Johnson was about 290 lbs. F70 is 257 lbs. Lighter than most 70 2 strokes.
  11. Discharge from the fish boxes is up front and about 4 inches above waterline so it wouldn't be that. I plugged the intake in the transom but was no help. This is a GLS 175 which is different than the GLS 195 in that area. Going to look into Rolmops idea.
  12. Lower motor bolts are below water line and were well below where I filled the boat with water. Had it filled for a few hours and nothing came out there. You can also see the bolts and nuts when looking in the bilge, nothing apparent coming in there. When the boat was filled nothing came out sny transducer mounts, fittings , etc. I guess it may be a good idea to reseal everything anyway.
  13. I have a 1993 Sea Nymph GLS 175 that I use for early spring browns, bass, walleye etc. Put a new Yamaha 4 stroke on in 2014. It has developed a significant leak late last season. Takes on about a gal an hour. I pulled the boat, let it on the trailer for a week to let it dry out inside and out. Put the plug in and disconnected the battery to kill automatic bilge pump. Filled it with water nearly to floor level which is above water line. Had one small leak at a rivet, about 6 drops a minute. Replaced it with a closed end rivet and 3m 5200. I have replaced a few rivets in the past few years. Filled again a day later, all good. Put back in water, still leaking at the dock. Plugged the intake for the live well pump in the transom just in case that or the hoses were leaking. Still leaking. Live well drains are out the sides and about 4 inches above the water line so it wouldn't be there. No apparent leaks visible from inside the boat in the visible bilge area. Totally stumped at this point. Any suggestions ??
  14. May get more response if u mention make, model, year, etc.
  15. 5 so far this morn. Two had double lampreys. One had a single lamprey. Crazy.
  16. Caught 6 cookie cutter browns in front of Sandy Pond yesterday morn. All had lampreys on them. Worst I have ever seen.
  17. Found this canvas about 1 mile north of th Salmon river on Rt 3. Looks like a cover for a small boat But unsure. Message me if it is yours
  18. I had a 1987 Fishmaster. I believe it was 22 or 23 ft. Send your phone # as a private message and I will call. I can point u in the direction of things to look for.
  19. On second look, there is probably a brake fluid reservoir under the plastic cap . The fact that the pin with retaining rings is in a slot is a definite sign that it slides to actuate. I have just never seen one like that in 55 yrs of boating experience.
  20. Don't see any signs of surge brakes. See other issues with setup. You should cross the chains so that the tongue has something to land on before it hits the ground if the hitch detaches. Also, it seems the chains are attached way, way too far back and are too close to the ground, possibly dragging. Even if they were crossed it wouldn't help.
  21. I fish the east end also from Sandy pond to Mexico area. If it is a westerly wind and u are willing to take a bit of rough water to get there, the Catfish creek area offers some protection. Doesn't help with NW, N etc winds. I use a 17 1/2 Sea Nymph for Spring Browns. If all else fails, u can trailer to Oswego and fish the harbor.
  22. Must have your years mixed up. Last year was terribly low.
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