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  1. Installed a new Motor Guide XI3 on my Sea Nymph GLS175 last year. Use it mainly for autopilot on spring browns. Had a few gremlins in the gps function from the start. Was notified by MotorGuide (which is Mercury) that there was a program update available. They sent a "dongle" which is the program that is on a memory board that plugs into the nema cable. Followed instructions, downloaded program, tried to calibrate gps as per instructions, nothing worked. Motor was useless. Called service line, they said take it to a servicing dealer. Called dealers from Oneida to 1000 islands, nobody wanted to look at it even though it was warranty. One recommended Schermerhorn near Alexandria bay. Called them, they said bring it in. Took the boat up since it was hard mounted. Richard was the MotorGuide and MinnKota Technician. He had same problem, couldn't calibrate. Reloaded program, same problem. Richard contacted factory, they said put in new gps module and control board. Would be a month for the parts. About a week later parts arrived. Took boat back, in about an hour new parts installed, calibrated and good. Richard was very quick, courteous and knowledgeable. One signiture and I was good.
  2. Also it would be a good idea to turn off the battery when not in use. Rewire automatic side of bilge pump to battery so it works with switch off. If u have separate trolling motor battery, put a switch on that one also and turn off when not in use. Wire downriggers and other external devices to be turned off with main battery switch, especially Cannon's as they are always pulling a few milliamps of current for the short stop when powered up. Only thing that should be powered is the automatic side of the bilge pump when sitting at the dock.
  3. Looks like a Jeep. I wonder if "trail ready" covers this.
  4. Pull the spark plugs than see if it cranks over. Blown head gasket or other things could cause cylinder(s) to fill with water and cause " hydraulic lock".
  5. lrg355

    Sold / Closed 2003 Trophy Pro. 2052

    Been a lot of discussion on the rainwater in the fishboxes on this website. I will forward the info to you that I have when I find it. If you search for other Trophy boats for sale in this site you will also see the info.
  6. lrg355

    Sold / Closed 2003 Trophy Pro. 2052

    I have the same boat and it has an hour meter in an unusual place. It looks like a factory installation but I cant be sure. It is mounted on the transom behind the engine on the port side. A bit hard to notice.
  7. Has a no fee state launch also. Turn left on Stanley Dr off at 3
  8. Sandy Pond is about 5 mi away. Good for bass, pike, panfish etc. Can go out on the lake from there if it is calmer.
  9. Maybe there is a new world record lurking about. I see there was a new IGFA world record brown 44+ lbs caught in New Zealend.
  10. Most outboards recommend manually applying grease to the starter pinion and on the gear yearly
  11. Looks like the seat could use some work.
  12. Make sure the gasket or o-ring on your gas cap is in good condition and doing the job. This is often overlooked. Can leak especially if it is the screw on type on a horizontal surface. I check mine by putting some gas in a small squirt bottle and putting a bit around the cap when it is closed. If it stays for a few minutes, it is ok. If it leaks down quickly, it needs attention. Thing how much rainwater can be seeping in
  13. Very shallow, perhaps at most 2 ft deep on the lake side. On the pond side very shallow south of the channel. On the north side there is a bit more depth if you stay away from the shore and go outside the first sand mound that has formed on the pond side. However, it would be difficult to get out on the lake if there is any swells over a foot or two, especially with a heavier, fiberglass boat. Skeg and prop would be deep in the sand at the bottom of every wave. Looks like the season is shot for Sandy Pond to lake fishing on anything but a smaller aluminum boat.
  14. Had a similar problem on a 2012 Yamaha T9.9. Always seemed to slow down on the pee hole. Was just the fact that the hose to the fitting on the end was a slight choke point that would constantly clog because my slip was in a weedy area. Kept a 6 in piece of stiff wire on board and poked out the hole occasionally, problem solved.
  15. lrg355

    No Gas

    Get ready to send your boats to the junkyard and by a Tesla boat. That's next thanks to the nut running the country. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. You can get a small digital tach/hourmeter online for about $10. Stick it on the front of the motor. Battery powered and is triggered by induction from one of the spark plug wires. Simply wrap the pickup wire around the outside of the spark plug wire a few times. Also monitors hours for oil change, etc. Used on ATV's, outboards, etc Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. If it is a newer mercruiser, it is usually very easy. The tightening mechanism is a small rack and pinion setup. Loosen the outside locking nut, put a box wrench on the head of the pinion and turn it up until belt is tight. Hold the wrench on the pinion until the locking nut is tightened with another wrench. Unless it is in a very confined area it should be easy. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Yes, was good eating. Still have half in the freezer. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Caught this nice 30.5 in walleye while fishing for browns just north of the salmon river. Took a silver and orange Smithwick in about 14 ft of water. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. $20 off marine batteries at Sam's Cub May 8 to 16 Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Compression check to tell location if head gasket Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. Could be either. If it was ever overheated from lack of water flow, probably blown head gasket. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  23. Yikes, if you try that idea of towing it back across the water/border have someone on standby with lots of bail money. I have some experience shipping industrial equipment across the border and it is not easy. Brokers to get thru customs etc. are necessary. More problems with Covid lockdown. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. I couldn't answer most of your questions but I would highly recommend a 24V system. Probably would not get much torque and bat life from 12V. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  25. I had a 112lb 72in.36 volt Terrova on a Trophy 2052.(21ft). It was on the boat when I bought it. Used just for autopilot steering. It was very,, very effective at that. Held position better than any other type system that I ever had and I have had a few. The capability of turning the bow 90 degrees when required is interesting. With the 72 in shaft it was quite deep and didn't have any problem with it clearing the water in any wave height I wanted to fish. My problem was that I fish alone Often and deploying and retrieving it in 2+ ft waves was unsafe. I did sell it and I am putting a 9.9 on the back. Hope I don't regret it. Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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