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  1. My neighbor has a 1989 GLS195 with the Yamaha 90VMAX and it is great on gas, performs great under all circumstances. That sealed the choice
  2. Just picked up the new motor for this project boat. It's a good day!
  3. I am selling one of my two Yamaha F70LA fuel injected 4 stroke outboards. One is currently on a Sea Nymph GLS175 and has 440 hrs. This is actual hrs as shown by the ECU on the N2000 network on my Lowrance. The other is on a 21 foot Pontoon which has been used very infrequently. It should have under 100 hrs. Both motors are in excellent condition and have NEVER had any issues. Both were bought new in 2014. Non ethanol fuel has only been used in both. All recommended maintenance has always been completed. $5250 for the 440 hrs motor or $5750 for the lower hrs motor. Your choice, but only selling one. Both are currently in storage and will be available in late March
  4. Pulled up the rug today. Ripped out a lot of other items that must go also. One of the previous owners mounted many things with common steel screws, not stainless. Removal was a chore with grinding screw heads off or drilling them out. The floor is riveted down and from from the factory rivets on the console, I believe this is the factory carpet and floor because nothing looks like it was ever removed. This is a 1985 so it is about 38 years old. Unbelievably, the floor is solid, no soft spots or rot anywhere. Some slight surface delamination in a small spot. Considering letting it dry completely for a month or so, repairing the delaminated area, sealing the surface than covering with Nautilux marine vinyl.
  5. It's an 1985 and has a wood floor. I believe they went to aluminum about 92 or 93.
  6. The only reason I'm thinking aluminum is that I have a contact for it and water jet cutting from a pattern, etc.
  7. Has anybody used aluminum instead of plywood for flooring when restoring a Sea Nymph 195? If so, what gauge sheet did you use and what type(alloy)? If anyone has a 93 or later with an aluminum floor, is it possible to check an edge with a micrometer or calipers? I would guess it would be 12 ya (,080) type 5052-H32 so similar. Would be good to actually know rather than estimating
  8. Thanks to all for the encouraging words
  9. Searching for realistic floor material for aluminum project boat. Want to avoid plywood due to the time coating, covering , etc. Came across an item called HercuLean by a company called Nomaco. Sounds like the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel. Has anybody used this or know anybody who has or has it on a boat they bought? I get the impression from the website that they are not geared to selling to the general public but just to manufacturers. I have requested info and am attempting to find out if there are distributors that sell to the general public. Website is https://www.nomaco.com/product/herculean-structural-foam/ Unfortunately this link that they provided responds with a "page not found" on their website. Go to "Products" than click on "Herculean Structural Foam" in the drop down menu to get to the proper place. Play the video. Very interesting.
  10. Nothing out of the ordinary around the transom screws and rivets. I plan to completely strip the inside than put it in the water overnite to check for leaks. Of course cant do that now. Will do it in the spring. Probably coat everything inside with gluvit and replace foam flotation while it is stripped
  11. Since it doesn't have a motor the mounting holes in the transom are exposed. Poked and dug at the wood in the holes, it is in excellent shape. Except for some minor dock rash and faded areas, the paint is ok for now. No dents anywhere. Just complete interior rework is necessary.
  12. Yes, hull is excellent but interior needs complete restoration. Just another project on my list.
  13. Just bought this Sea Nymph 195. Hull is very nice with no signs of loose rivets or corrosion. Transom is very solid also. No motor so the outboard bolt holes are visible and the wood is excellent there. Couldn't pass it up for $900. Interior needs a complete restoration so now the fun begins
  14. I think they would be much nicer at Martha's Vineyard.
  15. Interesting. Perhaps not good contact or hidden corrosion on the steel screw terminals. Does the battery tester just clamp on ? If I't does try a ring terminal with a short piece of cable screwed tightly to the threaded stud. Clamp to the cable for better contact.
  16. Your observance of the characteristics of aluminum is correct. A quick discussion on metallurgy. All metals have what is called an "elastic limit". That means if you exceed that stress or bend the metal will not return.to a useable state. Aluminum has additional peculiarities. Metals such as steel can regularly be stressed near their elastic limit and return with no harm. Aluminum cannot be stressed continuously near elastic limit , it will fail. A few times occasionally is acceptable but not often. Even if aluminum is stressed at 10 % of its limit it will eventually fail. It may be a considerable time but it will fail. Things such as fuselage cracks on aircraft and cracks in an aluminum boat under the windshield area from pounding waves are examples of this. It may take many years but will eventually happen.
  17. I have run into situations like that. Was looking for a hardtop for my Trophy 2052 and came across one online for sale. They were copying and using the pictures from a reputable website. Showed the boat with a hardtop on it in a marina and they said it was to soon be removed. Of course it was a picture they got online. I told them to send pictures of the hardtop removed from the boat and ready for shipment then we could discuss payment. Of course, that turned into a negative response and confirmed my suspicions. So, a quick check is to ask for more pictures of the item in a certain way. If they cannot be provided, it is a scammer just using online pictures for an item they dont have. Not a completely foolproof method but a good quick check.
  18. One party thinks if you dont vote for them it's the end of democracy. I always believed that democracy was when you could fire the politicians that are doing a TERRIBLE job with your vote. Maybe I was wrong!. We will see tomorrow! Smple as that.
  19. I also liked the Advantage Marine bracket but my Trophy 2052 had a few things about the transom that complicated the matter. The transom is vertical about half way down, than a step in and it continues on an angle. That was a problem for the Advantage bracket plus I didnt need to go out so far. Made my own from some 1/4 × 2 x 3 alum angle and some 3/8 alum plate. Bolted 2 pcs of angle on the 2 inch side to the transom below the step. Bolted other 2 pcs of angle to the 1st two, tilted a bit to get proper angle. Used a Panther SS bracket from there. Pather has two types, light for about 100 lbs and heavier for up to about 230 lbs. Of course I used the 230. Still need to ad two more bolts to the bottom of the angles after I bring my angle drill to camp. Trim tabs and out drive in the way for std drill. Added 3/8 plate behind Panther plastic block and bolted them together to have something to bolt motor to. Still a few items to take care of.
  20. That's a little extreme! I also have been using Stabil, fogging and running my boats dry for 50 years, never had a problem. Now when you spend 15 to 20 K for a new 4 stroke EFI outboard, I'll go with the manufacturer's recommendation
  21. If u have newer Cannon's, they draw very low current all the time for the short stop system. This is happening all the time if they have power to the cable. I have a terminal strip which all the riggers are supplied by with a circuit breaker and a shutoff switch which I use when not using the riggers. This is especially a consideration with an aluminum boat that is kept in the water. Not good to have a few milliamps on the downrigger cable all the time.
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