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  1. I had the same problem a few years back got a good deal on a center console I just pumped it dry let the rest of the fuel evaporate did my best with a small shop vac and just change filters after about 2 filters all was good if your near dansville I'd be happy to help you out
  2. Yeah that's me in the Trojan have owned it for about 10 years just started using it as my charter boat this year cdogcharters.com tired of it sitting in the slip and it's great to fish off of
  3. Such a relief after last weekend great fishing today one lake after another fished till about 10 no other boats out on the north end
  4. I have one 125 includes cable Chad 585-704-6903 text or call
  5. Does anybody think there's anything going on out in 250 feet of water out of I bay steelhead or kings
  6. Try the dec there's a pond there right of 5&20
  7. 1 penn gimble mount 40$ best offer
  8. Fishing tomarrow morning have a 12 year old onboard want to make sure he gets something any ideas thanks
  9. 4 to 5 foot diver I have one deeper one but no luck on that one yet!
  10. Fished just to the east of I bay found good colored water picked up a couple small Browns and 1 Atlantic salmon all on bay rat natural colored stick bait I guess I'm gonna have to order some more
  11. What's wrong with it there's only a circuit board switch breaker and motor call cannon direct there tell you what to order for parts there great
  12. Very tough day 1 hit on board with stick bait 40 foot of water near Webster park fished 7 till 10 but better than work and got to hang out with friends
  13. Hi I got one I was going to put on my 13 foot whaler if your interested I'll email you a picture tomarrow when I get home. Email me [email protected]
  14. I run 30 pound to it works the best for dipseydiver divers easier to release. I've used snubbers but in my opinion I lost more fish with them maybe it's personal preference . Any questions give me a shout good luck and have fun, and maybe you'll even see a eagle
  15. On your dipsyrod you should use steel line hooked drive toy to your dipseydiver then about a 3 or 4 foot leader rule of thumb 3 times your line out to depth for lakers fish the bottom as close as possible 40 foot and deeper at about 1.8 mph good luck
  16. Anybody heard of the smelt running
  17. For sale 1960s era 13 foot Boston whaler with 50 horse Suzuki outboard 80's trailer included nice condition 2800$ thanks for looking email if interested [email protected]
  18. At work right now I'll get some pictures tomarrow for you email me so I can send you pictures [email protected]
  19. Hi I got one penn manual with a short boom I'll sell for 35 $
  20. Try Marino upholestry in Conesus great work fast fIr price
  21. I have a 10.8 meter convertible Trojan its a1988 twin 350 crusader inboards with about 750 hours email me if interested [email protected] Gmail . Com
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