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  1. 13 flashers - $100 shipped. PM if interested
  2. It would be real nice if once in a while they could do this on a Saturday afternoon / evening for us out of staters and others who use the resource and care to contribute but live hours away. Nope.....Tuesday @ 6:30 for Oswego.
  3. Im in Northern NJ (07821) but have a camp in the Mexico / Pulaski NY area that I go to every other weekend or so.
  4. I have the following linecounter reels for sale, new unused. Pics attached. Qty (2) Cabelas Depthmaster Gold linecounter (DMG-45). New In box, spare handle etc. Capacities: 20/580yds 25/430yds 30/330yds. $90/ea + postage which looks to be about $6-7 ea. depending on where its going. Qty (2) Roddy Hunter 191 Linecounter Capacities 18/460yds 20/335 yds 25/275yds These are spooled with what looks like 20lb. $35/ea + postage I got these as prizes but honestly have enough gear of this size. I also have (2) Cabelas 9' dipsy rods that I got with the DMG's. DM-DD-90M 9' 12-30#. If someone wants the (2) DMG reels I'll sell the rods to go with them for $5 ea.+ postage. Otherwise I'll just keep the rods as its just not worth it to try to sell / ship cheap rods. The DMG's look really nice but I never heard of the Roddy Hunters before & they are obviously low end. They came on a fiberglass downrigger combo rods that isn't worth postage to ship it. I'm just gonna keep those too and beat 'em up. PM me or email @ [email protected]. Give me a zip and I'll check on postage. Kevin
  5. Dave, I confirmed that it is model 71091. It is marked on the top of the box. It also matches with the HP rating as the 71091 is rated to 25HP and this one is marked Max 25HP. The 71090 is rated to 30. I'm leaving today for 3 days & will fishing in the Pulaski area this weekend. If you have any other questions you can post a reply...I'll try to check before I leave later today. I'll shoot you a PM with my contact info.
  6. I have an unused Garelick bracket that has been sitting for 5 years. My father apparently bought it and never used it. He has since passed away and we no longer have the boat it was intended for. Has never been mounted on a boat. Same as current model 71091. Looks just like the picture in the below listed web page. Spring assist. Hardware is still in the plastic bag. http://www.internetoutboards.com/partdetail.asp?id=565 Anyone interested? I was thinking $250 and I'll pay to ship it.
  7. Thanks for the comments. It was a great boat for us. Right now it is sold pending getting it out of storage, putting it in the water & showing the motor to run as stated.
  8. Price Reduced to $4,000. I'll also include the Lowrance LCX15MT sonar and Super Ski planer board mast and skis rigged for the boat. My father Passed away and that is the reason for the sale. The boat is in good shape but the top is a little weathered. I've fished in this boat for most of its existence and can answer any questions via phone or email. The engine has always been maintained by the same marina it currently stored at. I don't expect to put it in the water until June but would agree to have the marina prep the boat, put it in the water and run the motor as a condition of sale. I also have a slip for this year at the same marina. It isn't included, but I could look into transfering it at a discount if interested. Thanks Kevin Dishinger
  9. For Sale: 23' Sportcraft walk around - 4 Cannon Mag 10 Downriggers - Fishhawk 840 - Mercruiser 5.0L V8 - Marina maintained/winterized / stored (indoors) - Located on the Little Salmon River / Mexico NY - No Trailer - Light Use / most hours trolling - Trolls down to 1.5mph w/o bags - Tuned up & distributor cap/rotor replaced July 08 Reduced to: $5,500 Phone: 973-476-5665 email: [email protected]
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