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  1. So the OP is misguided in your opinion but your 1963 boat for $4K in this same forum is totally logical. Right. There's no need for me to post that on your ad any more than for you to post negative views here. The market will decide for both.
  2. Last week of the fish I cleaned 2 had gobies but 1 had 2 large alewife. I was pleased to see that as Mexico can be a little short on bait at times so seeing Alewives in shallow fish was nice to see.
  3. For $13 at Michaels (Craft store) I bought a photograph organizer, granted that took a sale and coupon lol. It is a clear plastic box with handle and 16 or so little clear plastic boxes that slide into slots. I put my meat rigs and flys in the boxes. I can put 2 or 3 rigs in one box, you just have to wrap them and be careful with the hooks. I found a photo on the internet of it
  4. Yeah and we were in the same area. I wouldn't say it's on fire everywhere in Mexico but there are some pockets of fish which is nice to see and one of my fish had alewives in it which was also nice to see. You just have to find them and hope they turn on. 2 weeks ago I found fish in a different spot and and a lot of blank clear water in between. After today's wind and the coming forecast....who know where they will be. Unfortunately a lot of lamprey marks which was not nice to see, although a lot of the marks were old and not fresh. Hopefully the lampreys are on a downturn and not an upswing.
  5. I have a 72" shaft trolling motor with Ipilot so basically its my autopilot which is a must have for me running solo. I use it to change direction and my outboard for the main push. Past that I use church tx-6 and tx-12 side planers for up high (instead of full planer board setups) and torepdo divers that clip to the line for the spoons. I run 2 low and 1 high or vice versa. If its rougher I run less lines. On a bigger fish I may have to clear lines by sitting the hooked fish in a pole holder while I clear. Its a challenge, but this is easier than when I run solo for kings offshore.
  6. Similar day for me. 18-20 fishing solo. Browns plus 2 8# Lakers and a drop back Steelie. Best fish was an 11# brown that tore me up. I was surpised to find fish and good marks out to 30'
  7. knew a guy a while back that had a pair of miniature Dobermans. They would watch the riggers like a hawk and bark if one popped. I always thought that was great. on the down side I know a guy through work that (as I'm told) took his lab out night fishing. The lab proceeded to knock over the lantern, breaking the glass and starting a small fire which was put out but not before the lab cut his feet on the glass with rods & gear getting tossed about in the carnage. I could see my lab turning it into a mess before she even got out of the harbor.
  8. so for you frequent diver guys. How often does a rigger fish get into the diver line if a fish goes on the rigger but not the diver next to it. I fish by myself a fair amount and usually run 2 riggers and a diver. I'm paranoid the fish on the rigger is going to go under the diver so i usally leave the hooked rigger fish in the holder after I hook it while I clear the diver.
  9. Gotcha. I was the Starweld with the black top. Pretty sure I saw you both at one time or another.
  10. I had similar results fishing the same area both yesterday and Wednesday. I think I recognize your boat and if you were in the rain you fished late. I quit before you and headed in around 5:30. I think you were the black Princecraft (if I recall correctly) that was near me late. For anyone else thinking Mexico. There is a lot of clear water...although the west winds will help with that a little and the streams are pumping full mud as of this afternoon.
  11. This depends on what you are doing for line and how you fish. If you don't care about the fleas and run 20# or less as your main, get the 30's. If you're running 30# and run deep and fish for kings it probably won't hold enough.
  12. Has the DEC ever considered putting at least one of the meetings on a weekend to encourage out of state participation?
  13. What did you tie in for the tracking feature? Did you tie into a hummingbird fish finder or do you have their separate transducer? I'm running a lowrance at the moment so I can't tie into that unfortunately.
  14. That is the primary reason I bought them. Plus the fact that I can reduce the down speed. I didn't like the idea of sending flasher rigs down @ 250fps. With the Digitroll I can reduce to half or whatever I want. This year I want to start playing with the bottom track and and jigging feature.
  15. Just made it in under the wire I guess.
  16. you don't need to fish temp this time of year. Fish where your gear will let you fish. there are fish on the beach and out to 100 + fish still not wanting to leave temp (wherever it is).
  17. since there isn't a lot to them and the gears aren't binding I'm gonna guess the motor is your issue.
  18. I've always had a hard time as soon as they are forced out of temperature. Im guessing the heavy west winds did that.
  19. Info on that kayak guy please. Pics too so I can drool. GT's are beasts!
  20. By contrast, I almost always go alone. But I understand....its a ball buster by yourself.
  21. As an engineer I can tell you its an angle thing based on design. Exactly where it pulls from when set relative to everything else results in a shallower dive angle. There could be a diameter difference too buy honestly I never measured them side by side.
  22. Problem is that joint will be right in the main area of use for when you set it and the fish takes off. If it were me I'd be more likely to toss the 300 and go with 700 or if nervous add some powerpro or even mono backing or just replace the whole thing. I've never had a fish take me to 700 so I'd probably just roll with the 700 until I had to cut more off, then replace
  23. Wow. While this isn't manners it does clog up a ramp and is entertaining to share. I was with a buddy on round valley reservoir in NJ when 2 younger guys launched a 16ft boat with usual vinyl covered wood floor & pedestal seats. I happened to be standing there while my buddy was parking the truck for our boat. I look over and caught a glimpse in this guys boat of water just poking into the bottom of a pedestal seat mount that didn't have a seat in it. Yelled at the one guy to put the bilge on and the other guy (who was still there) to back the trailer back in immediately. He said why and just yelled shut up and do it your sinking. Managed to get it back on the trailer enough to stop it from sinking lol. And the problem was.....new to them boat, first launch and they put the boat plug in the live well intake instead of the drain hole. Coincidentally my father in law has two giant stick on letters on his transom next to his livewell intake on his Lund NO. I laughed to myself when I first saw it....didn't need to ask why it was there.
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