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  1. Yep....don't trust that guy, he's a little nutty. Good luck this weekend Clarke! I'm probably not out this weekend since I'll be up the next month+ of weekends hitting the river or combat zone lake as conditions allow. Post up so I can regret my decision! I was referencing your 26# fish posted earlier but glad I could create some confusion lol.
  2. LOL, your right, it scared me straight on Lake O.....37 years later (not to date myself) I remember it like yesterday. We were close enough to be OK and when we started coming in to the state launch (I think it was) I remember is the dunes sand blasting the boat coming in and the small boat behind us bailing water. Mother nature.....
  3. That Pic takes me back to when I was 12 in a 14'er with my dad out of Fairhaven when we said to each other....thats a weird cloud. Needless to say we learned what that brings.
  4. I loved Saturday's weather and met you on the doc next to Mike's (briefly) before I left in my intent to go back out (ha ha)....sorry didn't realize who you were until I went by your boat lol. I applaud your efforts, posts and small boat game. Not long ago I was out there on days like Saturday in my 13'er. I was fortunate enough to get 4 this Saturday going out morning / evening with my wife...and actually working as a team (this time). Here's a pic of my Saturday evening with a nice dipsy fish I hooked .....with rod in hand when he hit as I was trying reel it in to a shorter length out. Its not as fantastic as your 26 of course lol
  5. All comments were reasonable, yours as well. None sour. just open talk with a few different thoughts.
  6. I agree with you and @A-Lure-A the fishery is very cyclical and I remember the 90's well. I also remember browns in 2013 or so being the same at least on the east end with big ones only and few smaller. It happens. Fishing where I do I don't expect kings until the lake sets up and even then you have to have your A game dialed. If I get a few early I'm grateful and excited. I'm really glad to see the bait resurgence of smaller bait (good recent hatch). I'm committed to this fishery (or should be committed due to my focus on this fishery). I live for the good days and still love fishing even on the bad ones. I do love that the fishery still makes you earn it.
  7. I have 2 cabelas depthmaster reels I'm selling together @ $90 shipped. - Depthmaster Gold DMG45 with 1000 ft of 30# mason 7 strand plus enough backing to make the spool full. Wire is 3 years old. The reel is lightly used, it sat in a closet for a while then was put on an extra rig and used once or twice a season the past 3 years as I prefer my braid diver rig. Reel capacity 20#/580yds 25/430 30/330 - Depthmaster II DM30a - New never used reel capacity 15#/510 20/420 25/310 I prefer to sell together. PM me if interested.
  8. That would work. When I started back trolling with a small boat and no fish hawk I had a GPS speed reference on my Ipilot that I was using as a poor mans autopilot. best you can do is have some sort of speed reference gps or water speed and use that with your best judgement on cable angle etc from there.
  9. How rough and how bad is the over correction?..asking as interested putting something like that on a fishmaster 196. I have to believe some is nature of the beast and to some extent variable turning (within reason) is goos for fishing but not if it messes with your trolling spread of course. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Courtesy on a busy ramp is an alternate merge scenario. you go....i go....in or out. Just know how to launch / pull your boat quickly. Use the unused dock/ramp when possible. If its busy, do any adjustment you want before you launch or after or after you pull. Intended speed / intention to be fast or care to be fast will be met with more patience than don't give a crap slow. Rigging at the dock is a dick move (if in the way) as is unrigging or running to the bathroom. Load your gear before you put in. Unload after you pull (if the ramp is in any way busy) Treat as you wish to be treated....simple. If you are new, learn on off hours. If you haven't run the motor in forever, an active ramp isn't the place to figure out of the boat runs. This doesn't always happen but those are the rules.
  11. I started running them last year. great reels. I wanted another pair of 40's and just barely managed to find them but i doubt I could come up with a 3rd.
  12. Probably nothing more than the fact that this fish spawned and beat herself up bad and was suffering from that. Many dont live through apawning. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I'll give you this. I had a Starweld 18 Pro and went to a Fishmaster 196. I fished for years in a 23 sportcraft with my father. It was a big boat. Time passed, I started back with aluminum but wanted bigger but knew i had a line on how much effort to deal with a glass boat in size from towing ease to launching etc. I like the extra width and higher freeboard which took me where I went and i like the aluminum lower weight and ease IMO of launching and traveling with less weight, better fuel economy etc. I fish by myself sometimes which was a factor for me. I'd rather a glass boat for displacement when fishing in rougher waters and issues of an aluminum in potential corrosion issues and inlayed wood floor "wet" issues. Alumacraft and Crestliner are top brands...Lund is too and perhaps better resale from name but I don't know if its a lot. Crestliners especially seem well thought of. I feel like Lund likes themselves a bit much (IMO) hence the price. I keep my boat dry as a bone and don't plan to keep it in the water for any length of time. I feel like their quality has deminished from their original times. If you stay aluminum, this is a layout (and admittedly price) issue again IMO. Aluminum wise I would like some full aluminum boats like west coast designs and some Crestliners but that comes with cost. If new, how will you treat it? If used, how was it treated...will you know, will you worry? No wrong answers
  14. I think the old boat was just jealous of the new boat. Some girlfriends don't go away quietly.
  15. I do the same with cable. It takes a while but it starts to cut into the hook. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. I expect they may lower it further once the Ottawa river spools up, which it looks like it is starting to do.
  17. I agree. in a post above someone said the lake has to come at least 2 to 3 ft.b last year it was 2 ft higher than it is at this same time frame based on IJC charts and people were concerned that a flood was coming again Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Not really low....true 6-8" low of normal "average" but I think we got so use to high that average is low now lol.
  19. just an oversized swivel snap from the piles of crap I have and some planer reel line. No reason to get crazy.
  20. Not often, but when I do its split shot imported from states that are less dumb than NY.
  21. Ouch! Not sure which hurt worse, the gear loss or hand lining a 24lber. I have tanglephobia for sure. I always think about it...too much. Its right up there with thatdickheadisgonnatrollovermylinephobia....another mind torture lol. Good info from both of you to set me straight!
  22. @Hachimo....I retract my prior statement in light of @Rich Dcomments. Good info and really I'm too much of a wimp to run two coppers on the same side lol.
  23. Yeah I got paid $100 each time and told each team I didn't want the money but they paid me anyway. These guys are really into it! I realized the second time I wanted to give my opinion too much and that I needed to shut up lol.... I wanted to be in my boat even more! Good luck @hookedupf7you'll like it. Of course that $100 immediately was spent on gear because its a sickness lol.
  24. @HachimoIf your running 2 copper per side, put the 400 on the outside and 300 on the inside as it will tend to avoid tangles as the outside 400' hooked fish drops back and "tends" to head toward center of the pattern and the 400 will go "over" the 300.
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