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  1. The water was 74 degrees from the mouth, upstream 1 mile or so past captains cove yesterday. Didn't see any action at the mouth.
  2. I'm prepping the boat and gear to hit Cayuga with my Dad tomorrow morning.
  3. How was the fishing? I'm headed out tomorrow morning
  4. Thanks for the update. We went out this past weekend jigging and found the same thing. Decent water color for sure. Little fishing wise for us but should get better.
  5. Very cool pics. Thanks for sharing. What site do you find those on?
  6. Thanks for the report Lily. Hopefully it continues to clear this week.
  7. Any updates on the algae bloom this weekend? Any fishing reports? Looking to head there this coming weekend.
  8. I know they have a facebook page called Conesus lake Tuesday night working man tournaments. I haven't been in years, but I believe it's just show up, pay and fish.
  9. Does anyone have any links to webcams on Cayuga lake? I would like to follow them so I can save myself the hour and half drive to the lake if it's too rough for my small boat. Thanks.
  10. There was actually two kayak events on Cayuga this past weekend. You were allowed to enter both so there was some over lap but I would guess there was 150+ kayaks out there. When we do these event it is catch photograph and release like it was stated. We use standardized measuring boards and are given a code right before the event to include in the picture. The pics are submitted to an app that keeps and real time leaderboard. There was also a boat event that day going by weight, but they weigh em on the boat and video it and release them. It turned out to be an epic event on the kayak side. Largest turn out ever for the local club (NYKBF) with 94, and the regional event (Elite kayak fishing) had 106. The winner of the NYKBF event set a new record for the largest single day bag in NYS with a 100" bag of 5 fish.
  11. I agree with what has been said, 2D is sonar is all you need. I’m relatively new to jigging for lakers, and it didn’t take long to turn it in to video game fishing. Getting your settings right is key, but not difficult. Plenty of online info about it. You can clean up you pic pretty well, and the setting that I think is most important for jigging is chart speed. I run it as fast as it will go. This is a Helix 7 GN3, and you can see fish hugging the bottom and also chasing my jig.
  12. Sorry for the delay in posting my report. We did get out Sunday to fish, but didn’t have any luck. We went out of the park, and fished around the park, AES and also the west side north of the park. Most of this was new water to me. We did mark fish and bait all day. Had tons of chasers, but only a few hits we didn’t connect with. Maybe it was as bulletbob mentioned about lakers hitting and but not eating or maybe we just didn’t have what they wanted. Like I said this was new areas of the lake for me so it was good to check out new spots. The people I talked to back at the launch all had similar results, two boats were trolling and they didn’t get any, and one other boat that was jigging said they got one. Sounds like a slow day for most. Still good to be out on the water though. Bob you mentioned that your fishing elsewhere now and waiting for the lakers to be done spawning. When does the spawn wrap up generally? I know from fishing the Niagara river the season is closed October and November to protect the spawn. I assume they would be wrapping mid-November then?
  13. Dave, I can't speak for Bob or Chowder but when I read that I took it to mean he is marking fish, bait or both on his graph. In my limited experience, I've come to realize that most of the time you catch fish your marking something. Electronics do play a big part in fishing for the lakers.
  14. Thanks alot for the start points. Yes I agree, gotta get the screen looking good before making drops. No sense in dropping to nothing. Thanks for the advice! I will post a report Monday
  15. Thanks alot for the insight. Some good info there and enough to get me on my way. Very much appreciated. I was thinking down south would be best, and you confirmed my thoughts. Thank you.
  16. I'm wondering if anyone can give me some insight to Cayuga lake fishing in the fall. This year was the first year I fished the lake, and we had some reasonable success in August and September jigging for Lakers. We picked up some bows and browns as well which was really cool. With the weather looking decent this weekend, I was thinking about making the 1.5 hour drive to get back out there. I'm wondering if it is still similar to the last few months. Find bait, find fish and then jig for them. I'm not sure how the pre-spawn or spawn effects them. Do they go deeper or real shallow? Do they migrate to one area of the lake? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
  17. If he is chasing me and my coordinates he is in for a suprise LOL. I'm just learning that lake, and honestly if he can't tell I'm jigging or use his electonics to get my coordinates with out getting close to me I got nothing to worry about.
  18. We had a 20+ foot center console pull up to us this weekend with four lines in the water (on their boat) while we were on spot lock, and ask us if we were jigging. I didn't know what to say, I thought it was pretty obvious what we were doing. Then they realized how close their lines were getting to us and did an almost 90 degree turn away from us. Definently some people out there with more money than common sense. All I could do was laugh.
  19. It really does make ya wonder why they would want to end a popular and long running sucessfully program. There is a lot of articles out there regarding it. Worth taking a look for sure. here is one I found. https://www.postregister.com/outdoors/pittman-robertson-act-is-essential-to-wildlife-agencies/article_6febe5eb-ffbc-55aa-8d5c-7ca8147a668f.html
  20. That's understandable. I hope your customers stay loyal and don't go to someone copying your rigs.
  21. Here is a link to the article Gill_T posted. https://www.outdoornews.com/2022/06/30/u-s-house-bill-would-eliminate-pittman-robertson-act/ Gambler, just curious, why don't you just factor the 10% into the cost of gambler rigs? I always assumed when buying hunting or fishing gear that these taxes we factored in or collected on what I was spending. I personally have no issue paying it. It's a long running program that is widely seen a a sucess and a postive. Not sure why either party would want to end it, much less they republicains. It will hurt the GOP votrers the most.
  22. Hit it last weekend, got a few pike and one nice small mouth. Typical stuff, outside weed edges, drop offs.
  23. There are lots of eyes in both Conesus and Honeoye. They are two totally different fish though. Conesus's eyes are bigger, but don't fare as well on the table, Honeoye may have more eyes, they run smaller, and taste great. The big difference is probably due to the fact that Conesus eyes eat a lot of Alewives. Both lakes are worth the time to fish for eyes.
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