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  1. Yes i think i saw you guys, small 14-16ft aluminum trolling between blind sodus and the pier? We were in the red/white Starcraft and i think we motored passed you while heading in around 12:30 How did you guys end up doing today?
  2. Got a late start today, fished from 9:30-12:30 with only 1 brown about 4lbs. Fished from the pier heads west almost to Port Bay. Water is very clear and surface temp is 44-47. The only fish came off the downrigger in 8ft of water on a goby stinger spoon. Tryed moving out to a little deeper water (30-40ft) but only found more clear and colder water. The last two trips have been slow out of Fair Haven. Anyone been doing good out of Fair Haven in the last week? Have not ever tried this time of year but what are the chances of finding steelhead and cohos out deeper(100ft+) this time of year on the eastern basin?
  3. Actually it must be this piece http://www.fish307.com/932200148-snapandinsulator.aspx shows it listed for the mag 20's but not for the older marlins. Im sure this will fix the problem though.
  4. Yes that sounds like it is the problem considering that the swivel is just tied on to the downrigger cable with a wire knot. Is this the piece you are talking about? http://www.fish307.com/332250141-termin ... kaged.aspx
  5. I just got a new to me pair of electric marlin downriggers with short stop. The short stop on one of the downriggers works fine if you are only down 5-10 feet. When you put the downrigger down any farther than that it comes up so quick that when it engages the short stop there is just enough delay that it jams the terminator into the weight retriever/ pulley. It does engage the short stop each time just not soon enough that by the time it stops it gets jammed. Any recommendations on fixing this? The downrigger at the pulley is about 30 inches from the waterline (Starcraft islander).
  6. I have been thinking about installing one on my 22ft Starcraft, my thought is that if im setting lines in the back of the boat and i have the autopilot on i could adjust my speed from the rear of the boat. Anyone ever try this? Sometimes my throttle is a little touchy to dial right into a certain speed.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Last year I fished in all four open division events and really enjoyed them, over the winter I had a chance to get my captain's license and did so. Its good to know that I can still fish in the open division.
  8. I have my captains license but do not have a charter business, will I have to register in the pro division even though i have never operated a charter business?
  9. There is a course offered by seatech starting oct. 24th in rochester. I will be attending this course.
  10. Castle 222 Marine Cleaner is a great cleaner, takes just about anything off. By far the best cleaner I have ever used. http://www.castlepackspower.com/Catalog ... arine.html
  11. Im looking for two cannon telescopic booms if anyone has some for sale. Let me know, Thanks!
  12. I would use pressure treated and then stain or paint it the color that you want, then use minwax helmsman spar urethane to coat it. The key is to let the pressure treated wood dry before painting it or else it will peel. Maple or other hardwoods would be good also but its going to cost alot to buy a thick enough and wide enough piece.
  13. Im looking to purchase new downrigger cable for my 4 cannon downriggers. When looking at fish307, i noticed you can buy cannon, scotty, walker and a couple other brands of cable, they are all 150lb test. Just wondering if there is really a difference in quality between the different brands because they are priced differently. Originally i was going to just buy the cannon stuff but if the others are the same i might as well buy the less expensive ones.
  14. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Paul Hadcock- Defiance ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):9-3 Time on Water:5:30-9:30 Weather/Temp:Sunny Wind Speed/Direction:Calm Waves: none Surface Temp: 70 Location: Northwest of Sandy LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 12 Total Boated:9 Species Breakdown: 3 Kings, 6 Steelhead Hot Lure: Green Glow, Crazy **** combo, Steelie Dan, 42 second spinny Trolling Speed: 2.6 Down Speed: ? fishhawk still not working Boat Depth: 400-530 fow Lure Depth: 85-95 260 wire diver, 450 copper ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Headed out of Sandy early today. Went straight out to 400fow trolled north . Right from the start we marked lots of fish down 70-100. Before we set the second line we had a 6lb steelhead jumping behind the boat. 87 down on the rigger. Fishing was consistent the entire morning, we had two doubles. Biggest steelhead was about 9lbs. As we were picking up lines we had a king hit a cheater, 23lbs. Had some real big marks down 180-220, dropped one rigger just to see if we could get one of those to go without any luck. Anyone out there today catch any of those deep ones? Best spoon was a dark green northern king with light green center, glow ladder. Great way to end the morning. The lake was glass calm, awesome day on the water.
  15. I am going to go over everything before i head out again then give it a try and really try to adjust the gain. If it does not work It looks like the X4 will be on my Christmas list. Thanks for the suggestions.
  16. My fishhawk in the last few weeks has not been working properly. The readings are all other the place. Even if i stop completely with no blow back it does not read consistent. No readings at all past 70feet. When i first got the unit i had this problem and adjusted the gain and got it working good. I have tried adjusting the gain, turning off all other electronics to make sure it was not getting interference, new batteries, checked all connections and use dielectric grease for all connections. Not really sure what else to try? Is there any way to figure out where the gain should be? such as turn all the way in or out and so many turns back? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  17. Headed out around 6a.m. Set up in 80fow with very little on the screen. Trolled out to 120 and caught one small laker. Decided to take a look deeper and found some bait and fish in 220fow (down 75-85). 42 second spinny and fly fired on a 270 wire dipsy. Fish ran out 800ft of line before we could turn on it. Fought the fish for almost 45mins with many impressive runs, thought this might be a real good one. Ended up being a 25lb king hooked in the dorsal fin. Nice fish but not as big as we were thought. Lake was rough this morning and it rained pretty good out there, off the water at about 10:30.
  18. Augest 19th- Headed out of keywadin state park in the morning to do some pike fishing. Decided to go past the 1000 islands bridge and fished in browns bay just off the channel past the bridge. First pike was caught in 10feet of water on a red and white daredevil, approx 23inches. Caught another pike shortly after in the same area on a yellow and orange spoon, 29 inches. Fished for a total of about 2 hours in them morning with just those two fish. Augest 20th- Decided to try to do some walleye fishing in the evening. Headed out around wellesely island. Jigged starting in 130fow and drifting in towards 40fow. Caught one nice small mouth in 120fow right away. During the next few drifts we picked up some rockbass and a few gobies suprisingly since we were using 2-3oz jigging spoons. About thirty minutes before dusk I picked up a 22 inch walleye on a black and silver 3oz jigging spoon in 75fow. Shortly after my buddy caught one that was 25inches on a 2oz blue jigging spoon in 60fow. Overall a great day to be on the water and the fishing was not bad either.
  19. I am planning on taking the course for my captains license this October. Could anyone give me a rough estimate what the liability insurance costs are for a charter captain? Also what agency i can go through to get this type of insurance, my current insurance agent does not offer this insurance.
  20. I did some research on that unit and it does not look like the unit is even available anymore. Atleast I know what it is for now, thank you.
  21. I just picked up a set of 4 electric Proos downriggers, three of them have cable with a small blue wire that runs throughout the cable, the cable then connects to the downrigger spool, and the wire to a small brass knob looking thing on the spool. Anyone know what this cable is for? Down temp or maybe short stop feature? Any info would be appreciated thank you.
  22. The Pro-Am claims they are a $110 value each so I am hoping that they are some nice rods.
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